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Clubhouse Clone
Lead the Audio-based Social media Industry from the Front

Social media has been evolving with its updating features and abundant audience that paves the way for boundless opportunities. Clubhouse clone is the audio-chat social network that allows the users to communicate in real-time audio format. The users communicate in public or closed rooms by spontaneously entering into a conversation in a voice chat.

The audio-based mode of communication is the key thing that elevates Clubhouse clone App from other social media platforms. The application allows users to share interesting content via audio that introduces a new way to interact that can be more spontaneous, casual, and frequent than a video call.

Uberlikeapp’s significance in developing clone apps and scripts enables the entrepreneurs to enter the industry efficiently by aiding immediate traffic and revenue generation. Clubhouse clone app development is a revenue-generating platform to bloom your business with instant profits.

Features Of Clubhouse Clone


The Clubhouse clone will prompt the user to enter their real name and provide a photo. They can begin by joining any room they like. By default, all new users are muted, but they can unmute themselves at any time.


Feeds allow users to see several threads called rooms. They can see the name of each room and all the people who are in it.


The room is where discussions take place. Users can browse rooms, join existing rooms, and create their own room. In a room, they can raise a hand to politely interrupt the speaker or ask to speak. They can announce their exit or press the “Leave quietly” button to leave the group.

User profiles

User profiles consist of a picture, a name, and a short description. This enables them to see who is talking at the moment and check the person’s account. They can also see the clubs they are a member of and see who invited the user to discussions.


The club’s function is similar to Facebook groups. Users can join clubs that interest them and easily find people with the same interests. They can view and add members, suggest topics for discussion in the clubs they joined.


Search is an important feature for any social media app with live content. In Clubhouse clone, users can search for chat topics and people they want to subscribe to.


In this section, you can view upcoming discussions. The upcoming lists the schedule of events with conversation titles, start times, speakers, and short descriptions of topics. Users can set reminders by clicking the bell icon.


Users can be able to see the history of interactions with their accounts, including those who followed them. It allows the users to find out the recent joiners of the app, which clubs, and scheduled events.

Privacy and Security

Providing consumer data with an increased degree of privacy and protection is important to ensure the success of the social media application. This guarantees that the app can be safely accessed by users and that their personal data is safe.

Like and Comments

The whole purpose of making social network software is to empower users to create posts. Only if users engage with the website would the social network app thrive, whether by liking the post or commenting on the posts created by the people inside their network.

Live Streaming

Ever since its creation, live streaming has taken the social network world by storm. Using your app, users can stream live content via their network to celebrate an event and share ideas. They will also be able to create joyful memories and spend meaningful time with their online families.


Like any other social media app, Clubhouse clone uses push notifications to improve the user experience and keep customers informed about events and activities of the person they follow.

How Clubhouse Clone App Works?



Set-up Profile on the app.


The feeds are the place the users will cherish with other users.


The Member Search feature allows the users to search members through user name, biofields, and name.


Users can invite other members and grow a connection.


The Calendar schedules upcoming rooms or events


Notifications will show a list of actions involving clubs and rooms they are following as well as activities performed by their friends.


Rooms are the hub where everything happens in the Clubhouse app.

Creating Rooms


Open Public rooms that allow anyone to join or view.


Social Rooms: Social rooms are joinable and viewable only by the followers.


Closed: closed rooms are the private rooms that can be seen and joined only by the invited users


Club: Rooms hosted by a club that is not listed in the calendar.


Listeners, Speakers, and Moderators are the three roles played by the users in a room

The key participants


The founder is the head of the virtual cloud who can edit the description, invite members and modify rules


The Admin is assigned by the founder of the club to the members who have the authority to remove and confirm the member to the club and manage their privacy.


Members can create private rooms and also can participate in public and private rooms.


A followers are only allowed to follow public club activities. They cannot create a separate room.

Clubhouse Clone App

Scale up your business with the new voice chat social media app solutions.

Benefits of Investing in Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse

Valuable Customer Insight

Social apps like clubhouse provide insights about the customers. The activities and interests of the customers are tracked for the insights to provide organizations useful, actionable consumer feedback from social media.

Increased Web Traffic

The social networking presence is the key factor for SEO optimization, which attracts more traffic to the website and also increases the ranking. If the members in these networks discover anything important in the culture, they hit the source website.

Purchasing Power

Social networks support shoppers to research products online through ads. These ads are the revenue generators of social application development that stimulate the global environment towards the organization.

Improved Customer Experience

Social media for customer support benefits enterprises from increased brand image, more references, and loyal customers with social media applications.

CRM Opportunity

Mobile applications capture and evaluate the aggregate consumer activity of mobile apps that enables them to gain useful information for business enterprises. Corporate companies are able to offer better services to their respective customers and enhance CRM functionalities.


The development of active users results in heavy traffic loads when creating a social network application from scratch. The use of the latest technologies can scale your business without any adjustments.

Wide Business Reach

The presence of consumers broadens the market reach and customer engagement for organizations. The niche community manages pages or networks in social media to get reviews from the customers to improve their products that also helps to build community.

Reasons Why Launching an Audio-Based Social Media is a sure-shot success

Clubhouse being a voice-only social media app, which helps users maintain secrecy. This encompasses the social networking community and pitches the users’ traffic from the day of launch.

People can use the Clubhouse as an audio-chat social media app and also as a live podcasting app. This enables comfortability in professional communications and meetings.

Clubhouse app has made the short-form video app concept that provides a platform for people to meet, talk, and share ideas comfortably.

The users are segregated into three roles for participants in the conversation: moderators, speakers, and listeners to reduce the interruption and communication complexities.

The “raise hand” function is implemented for the users to participate in the discussion until it should be approved by the moderator – The user will be able to speak only after the approval.

The audio-only and removal of the camera environment is a very special medium that allows users to convey their thoughts, emotions, and views on particular things with your voice.

Clubhouse like app

Revenue Model of our Clubhouse Clone App


Advertisements are the high revenue-generating sources used by several existing platforms such as Instagram and Youtube. This builds the attraction of customers as well as organizations to invest in your platform.

Premium Subscriptions

When your content has value, people will be ready to pay for it. By offering good content for free, your app can have a provision to give exclusive, high-quality content with a subscription.

Physical Merchandise

As your community grows, the users make it trend by using the product with your brand image which increases your brand value

In-App Purchases

Creating a provision and offers for your community members to purchase digital products such as e-books or podcasts related to your niche is a good monetization strategy.

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Why Choose Us ?


UberLikeApp enables you to customize each feature, functionality, & communication medium and design to build a chat application that best fits your business collaborations

Sound Design

Our developers focus on offering a customer-friendly user experience that engages the user every time. API integration will be embedded with the app to connect with multiple social media platforms


Privacy and security are in the air we breathe in the Uber-Like App. Clubhouse Clone app is built on privacy and security and allows users to gain full control over their profiles and chats.

Choosing The Right Platform

We develop platform-independent applications and also enable cross-platform development solutions to cherish unlimited users.

App Screens

Clubhouse clone app screens

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an app like Clubhouse?

The budget of the product is decided by the product features and its design. The technology we choose to develop interactive UI and with a heavy framework may cost you time and money. Third-party wallet integrations and API integrations may require subscription charges. The hourly charge of developers depends on their experience and expertise in the domain.

The project’s size and complexity also result in the budget of your product. The time frame of the projects is also valued in the budget, agile development, a model with frequent updates and changes may cost you time and money.

Development costs in regions like North America, Western Europe are comparatively higher than in the regions of Asia and Eastern Europe. The project cost also depends upon your geographical location.

Technology We Handle


Audio-based social Apps are trending for their voice-over interaction services that assist for privacy and security. Meetings such as zoom and other video calling apps impact people's comfort in professional meetings.
Clone apps are trending for their cost efficiency and customization. The clone apps also feature multiple profile usage in the same application and support older versions of app usage.
Social media like clubhouse Clones have the potential to trend anything in society. This huge community offers many business opportunities like social media marketing, digital marketing, Search engine optimization, Ad promotions, etc.
Yes. Once the free-of-charge maintenance support service is over, you can avail of our paid services offered at an affordable price.
Every gargantuan business begins with a small idea, and these ideas are the brainchild of entrepreneurs. We understand how important it is to keep your business secure, so we sign a Non-disclosure agreement with our clients to assure them their idea is safe with us.