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Uber For Courier App - Bring Into Existence
A Remarkable On-demand Courier Service!

On-demand courier service is a rapidly elevating business model in recent times. The traditional courier service business is now an old tram with rust engulfed all over it and numerous cavities. The Uber for X program has come up with the solution for all these cavities.

In the earlier days, the end-user never knew where their parcel was or when they would get it in their hands. There were other shortcomings where the parcels were subjugated to get missed on the way, this could turn out to be a loss for both the sender and the receiver. But now with Uber for courier services app all these shortcomings can be resolved. The user is rewarded with an app by which they can track their parcel’s real-time location, call the driver and ask for updates, and also have a clear picture of the date of arrival. The on-demand courier app renovated the whole courier service business in a more user-friendly manner.

Imperative Features Of Our On-Demand Courier Service App

For an on-demand courier service app there are certain features that are imperative and integral to make it a robust app offering the customers a seamless experience.

Optimized Dispatching

The customer gets to be fully aware of the live-location of their parcel and the admin can monitor and manage every step of the process using the admin panel resulting in an optimized dispatching by the inclusion of an app into this sector.

Customization Possibilities

As a newbie to the digital world of apps it is imperative to be unique from the already existing crowd here. For that, there must be no limit to customizations which is why we offer 100% customization facilities.

Revenue Generation

Every business needs an undisrupted flow of revenue to stay in the show for a long time or they may tend to run dry. So we structurise more than one revenue stream that includes the delivery fee, premium subscriptions, and more.

Financial Report

As a business, it is necessary to keep a record of the financial status in order to be aware of the spendings and the revenue so wise decisions can be made to scale up the business. The admin panel comes with a dashboard that keeps track of all the financial data.

Verification Process

As an on-demand courier service, you can get to deliver different kinds of parcels to different regions. Complete verification of the parcel along with a digital signature of the customer can make your services more secure and safe.

Vehicle Types

The size of the consignment can vary from customer to customer, so including different types of vehicles for your services can help you reach a wider audience and thereby help you scale up your business.

How Does On-Demand Courier Delivery Apps Work?

The Workflow of Courier On-Demand App is as follows:

Users can register by entering their basic details or sign-in with social media and create their custom profiles.

Customers choose the mode of transportation to deliver the package depending on its size and the distance.

They enter the pick-up and destination locations and confirm the request for delivery of the package.

Delivery personnel in the vicinity will accept the request and arrive at the pick-up location to collect the package.

The delivery personnel will deliver the package at the destination within the specified ETA.

Upon completion of the job, the customer will pay for the services rendered and provide a review.

How Can An On-Demand App Lighten Up A Traditional Courier Business

Today, every new-gen business model that sees light comes along with an app. An app is now imperative for any business considering the digitisation of the world and the user comfort it provides. On-demand businesses are now on a surge coming up with new apps for diverse services on a daily basis. The courier service is one of the prominent on-demand services the users require.

As a traditional courier business, you may be doing well but the main objective of any business is to offer its customers the best service. Today, every customer out there prefers to have an app in which they can place orders in a few taps and get their parcel picked up at their doors and delivered at the door of the intended person. They also want to be aware of the status of their parcel and the real-time location of it. These are certain services that may be tedious in a traditional business approach but with an app it is a cakewalk.

Also by launching an app the chances to scale up your business and widen your customer base is highly possible. If we don’t cope up with the fast pace of the world we may lose the race. But that’s not an option with an app in your hand. So let’s join and build an app for your traditional courier business and turn it into a conglomerate of logistics tomorrow.

CornerStone Features Of Uber For Courier

Insight yourself with the pertinent features of Uber for courier app.

Sign Up

Let us get your users on board within a minute with our social login options.

Live Tracking

Offer the users the luxury to know the exact location of their courier with GPS enabled live tracking feature.

Order Placement

The customer pins the pick-up location, destination, and the parcel details and places the order effortlessly.

Multiple Payment Options

Every customer out there uses a different payment method so we ensure to cater all their needs with multiple payment options from credit/debit cards, net banking, P2P transactions, to COD.

Electronic Signature

On receiving the parcel, the customer's electronic signature is also received to avoid invoice errors.

Order History

The customers are free to check the details on the parcel, the payment made, the current status and more at their convenience.

Notification Alerts

Keep your customer notified on every new updated status of their parcel via SMS, email, or WhatsApp.

Rate And Review Service

Allow your customers to share their experiences on your exemplary courier service in the app so other users could benefit from it.

On Boarding

The driver is brought on board after verifying details like vehicle registration documents, driving licenses, IDs, and more.

Trip Details

The driver is provided with the trip details that include the pick-up and drop location along with a map to navigate.

Order Details

A complete list of all the commodities in the parcel is provided to the driver so that he/she doesn’t miss to deliver any of them.

Update Parcel Status

Once the parcel is picked up or delivered, the driver is to update the status in the app, so that the user and the admin get notified.

Track Earnings

The driver can keep track of his/her earnings made on accomplishing each order and the past ones, this motivates them to deliver many more parcels, so they could earn more.

Order History

A data on all the orders accomplished by the driver that includes the order number, the details of the parcel, the pick-up time, delivery time, and more can be rechecked here.

Manage User Data

The admin gets to keep a record of all the users in the app, the orders they have placed, and more.

Manage Driver Data

A complete record with all the details of the driver is managed by the admin. In case of any misconduct, this data can be useful.

Track All Orders

The admin has the privilege to track all the orders. In case of any shortcoming, the admin themself can resolve the issue.


The admin sends notifications to the users and the drivers on new updates in the app.

Tracking Drivers

The admin can keep track of all drivers and their current location once they are available for the job.

Analytic Dashboard

The analytic dashboard presents you with data on your previous performance and the predicted scalability of your business in the future.

Must-Have Features For An Uber For Courier App

Easy Tracking

The users must be able to track their parcel effortlessly, this makes your business feel reliable. It can be done by inbuilt GPS navigation features.

Digital Signature

A signature proves the authenticity and responsibility for an order. A digital signature aids in avoiding errors in invoices.

An Efficient Management System

An efficient management system is an imperative feature to run any business. We build our admin panel with features that aids in managing the business effortlessly.

Push Notifications

Push notifications is more of a pertinent feature for an on-demand courier service app today. The users need to be notified often at every stage of the parcel being couriered. This makes them feel secure and reliable on your app.

Online Payment Options

The everyday life of people has witnessed a magnificent change with the pandemic in store. People rely more online than in real life today, payments are no exception to this. Avail your users with net banking, credit/debit cards, P2P transactions, e-wallets, and more.


Transparency is an essential trait in any business, for a courier business, it is imperative these days. We built our Uber for courier app keeping this in mind. The services would be completely transparent with the push notifications and live tracking features making the users feel secure.

Benefits Of Building An On-Demand Courier Service App With Us

  • Free Server Installation
    On building the Uber for courier app with us, we install it in the server of your choice for free.
  • Free Support
    We offer free bug support throughout the development process and also extend to a specific period after the deployment of the app.
  • Native languages
    Our developers build the app on the native languages of Android and iOS making it compatible with all devices.
  • Free API Integration
    If you require any third-party plugins to be integrated into the app we do that for free.
  • White Label Solutions
    We offer 100% customization facilities making your app completely white-label resonating with your business in every inch.
  • On-Time Delivery
    Once we give you a date of delivery after structuring the road map, we never divert but gift you a robust app on or before the date we promised you.s
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