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Deliveroo Clone - Your Instant Food Delivery App Solution

Deliveroo clone is not like any other food delivery app. It is an app crafted with all the best features that can exist in a food delivery app to make the user experience more comfortable. It is a robust app built with high-end technologies to be on par with other globally acclaimed food delivery apps. It is completely customizable in terms of design and the back-end development side. You can add or remove any features.

As it is a ready-to-launch script, all you need to do is the customization and launch it, and plunge into the food delivery business instantly. The food delivery sector is now one of the highest revenue-generating on-demand businesses with good marketing and an efficient app success in this sector is a cakewalk. Launch a food delivery app like Deliveroo with us now and thank us later.

An Easy-To-Understand Work Flow Of Deliveroo Clone App

The workflow of the Deliveroo clone is designed in such a way that it is easy to use and understood by all, thereby assisting to increase the user base.

  • STEP 01 : The user downloads the Deliveroo clone app from the Play Store and signs up in it.

  • STEP 02 : Now, the user is showcased with numerous restaurants in their location. The user can surf through the menu of any restaurant and place an order.

  • STEP 03 : Payments can be either made online or by cash.

  • STEP 04 : Now, the restaurant is notified of the order placed by the user. The restaurant accepts the order and starts preparing it.

  • STEP 05 : In the meanwhile, a delivery person is assigned for this particular delivery by the admin. Now, the delivery person reaches the restaurant to pick up the order.

  • STEP 06 : The delivery person now heads to the user’s location with the food. Once the delivery person reaches the user’s location, they hand over the food to the user or place it at their doorstep and leave to maintain a contactless delivery.

Delightful Features Of Our Deliveroo Clone Script

  • Register To The App

    All users can register to the app easily by using their social credentials, contact number or email address.

  • Instant Search Tab

    Let your user find their favourite dish with numerous filters on budget, type of cuisine, and more other options.

  • Explore Feed

    This is where the users scroll around, getting lured by restaurants and the delicious dishes they offer for the users.

  • Place Orders

    The users can make orders of their favourite dish from their favourite restaurant and get it delivered to their homes.

  • Track Orders

    The customers are given updates on the status of their order often, so they get themselves ready to taste the delicacies they ordered.

  • Multiple Payment Option

    It is always better to let your customers do it the way they are comfortable with. So, you offer them multiple options to pay for their order, like debit/credit card,P2P transaction app, e-wallet, or cash.

  • Takeaway Option

    The user can place their order using the app and collect the food themselves from the store. This saves them from the waiting time in a restaurant.

  • Review and Rating

    The user is given the privilege to rate and write a review on the quality of the food and the delivery experience.

  • Order Dashboard

    A central screen to keep intimated of all the incoming and delivered orders. It helps the restaurant owner manage their orders.

  • Manage Menu

    The Restaurant owner can update their menu with new dishes and also change their price whenever they wish to.

  • Manage Business Details

    The business info like the location of the restaurant, the working hours, photos of the place, and more can be managed by the restaurant owner.

  • Payment Tracking

    The payments received, and the pending payments for the orders the restaurant has delivered can be tracked here.

  • Manage Reviews

    The restaurants can reply to the customers' reviews directly. This builds trust for the user in the restaurant.

  • Manage Banner Ads

    Banner ads can be posted in the app by the restaurant owners. These ads can aggregate their business.

  • Manage Profile

    The delivery person gets to manage their profile details in an effortless manner.

  • Real-Time Requests

    The orders placed by users are assigned to the nearby delivery person and are notified to them in the app.

  • Accept/Reject Orders

    The delivery person has the privilege to accept or reject the order based on their availability, distance, or any other reasons.

  • Order Information

    All the details regarding the order placed by the user are showcased to the delivery person in their app, so they don't miss collecting any dish.

  • Availability Status

    The delivery person is offered a toggle switch to easily switch between available and unavailable status.

  • Payments Tracking

    The payments earned for each delivery by the delivery person is enlisted here and paid to their bank accounts.

  • Restaurant Management

    Keep adding new restaurants to your app and also keep track of the quality of the food they supply by user reviews. In case of numerous negative reviews,you can remove the restaurants from the app.

  • User Management

    Admins can keep track of all of the user details and their order details. In case of any shortcomings in the user's order, the admin can resolve them for them.

  • Order Management

    A tab with the list of all the pending orders, delivered ones, and ready for delivery orders.

  • Offer Management

    Keep creating new discounts, offers, and cashback regularly with the permission of restaurants in order to attract users and make them use the app often.

  • Notifications Management

    The admin can send notifications to the user, delivery person, and restaurants using the admin panel on discounts, order details, payment details, app updates, and more.

  • Analytic Dashboard

    With an analytic dashboard, avail yourself of stats on your business and scale it up with data-driven strategies.

A Resilient Deliveroo Clone Solution Packed With COVID-19 Safety Features

Contactless Delivery

Let your customers feel safe while your delivery person leaves their order on their doorsteps and maintain a contactless delivery.

Take Away Restaurants

Offer your customers a takeaway option so they could place the order in the app, and once the food is ready, they can stop by and get it collected.

Disable Cash On Delivery

Avail your customers with multiple online payment options disable the cash on delivery option for safety reasons.

Delivery Person Temperature Checkup

The temperature of the delivery person is checked every day in the morning and is updated in the app. This allows the user to be informed about the delivery person’s temperature and feel safe.

Safety Badge

Offer safety badges to the restaurants and delivery personnel who follow all the safety guidelines.

Knowledge Banners

Showcase informative blogs, videos, infographics, and other contents related to health and safety to your users.

Bypass Your Food Delivery Business To The Top

Find your way to the top by following some additional steps.

Effective Marketing Campaigns

Highly effective ROI-driven marketing campaigns can put you on the map of food-delivery apps in no time.

Elite Voice Instructions

Offer your users an elite feature to add voice notes to the delivery partner or restaurants on details they want to share about their address.

Low Delivery Fee

Make yourself more user-centric by charging low delivery charges and offering that to your users by using route optimization and guide your delivery agents with the shortest routes.

Futuristic Analytics System

Embed your app with an advanced analytics system to track customer behaviour and enhance the user experience.

In-App Chat Support

Be available for your customer's assistance anytime by in-app chat support. Resolve their queries instantly and be their favourite food delivery app.

Powerful Plug-Ins

Integrate your app with numerous plug-ins that extend the functionalities of your Deliveroo clone app.

Revenue Model Of Our Leading-edge App Like Deliveroo

The revenue model of the Deliveroo clone app is promising and can add up huge value in the longer run. Have a glance at some basic methods to generate revenue using a food delivery app.

Commission Fee

This is the most prominent method to generate revenue. A commission fee is charged on every delivery placed by the user to the restaurant. This commission is charged as your app acts as a digital marketplace that aggregates the business of the restaurant.

Delivery Charges

One of the easiest ways to earn for a food delivery business is by charging for delivery. As an app, you take the responsibility to deliver the user’s food to their hands and for this, the user is charged.

Surge Pricing

Surge pricing is the concept of charging the users a high fee for delivery during times of high demand or unfavourable conditions like rainy days.


Third-party businesses can be allowed to post ads in the app considering the user traffic in the app. They can be charged an advertisement fee for this.

Paid Promos

The restaurants can add exclusive promo offers for the customers by posting ads and banners in the app. This helps them receive more orders than usual. A promo fee is charged to the restaurants for this.

Why You Should Choose Us For Deliveroo Clone App Development?

Free Server Installation

Once the development process of the app is completed, we install it on your server for free. We get your app to go live in a very short span of time.

Free Deployment

The fully-developed robust app is deployed in the Android and iOS platforms for free on your approval.

Free Support

We offer you free support even after the deployment of the app for a specific period of time. Even after that, our service continues but with a small service charge.

100% Customization

Customization is what makes the app truly yours and different from others. So we don’t compromise there. We offer you a 100% customization service.

Native Android and iOS Apps

Our team of expert developers build your app using the native languages of Android and iOS to offer a compatible service, so your app works fine on all types of technologies.

Round The Clock Assistance

Our support team is always happy to help you with your issues and doubts. They work with no time constraints. You can call them at any time and get all your issues resolved.

A Step-by-Step Guide For Your Food Delivery App Development Process

Business Requirements

As a first step, we have a meeting with you to understand your business motives in order to craft an app that is well received by your audience.


Now that we know your requirements, we make a plan to develop an app for your requirements in a short span of time, so you could go live soon.

Front-End Design

Our team of front-end developers and designers get their creative hands-on to create a design that resonates with your brand and attracts your audience.

Back-End Development

Our team of experienced food delivery app developers get on to the customized features you asked for and gets it ready for launch.

Testing & QA

Quality is the trait that makes your app stand tall to your customers. So we make sure of it by running numerous tests on every stage of the development process.


Your app is all set to go live now. We present it to you, and with your approval, it goes live and scales your business.

How Much Does The Deliveroo Clone App Development Cost?

This is a question that rises on every entrepreneur or business owner’s mind the moment they think of launching one. But what you have to understand is the answer to this question is not a single word answer. The cost of an app depends on various factors. It depends on the platforms you want to launch it, the technology stack you want to use to develop it, the customizations you want to make in it, the time duration you have before you have to launch it, and many more. So first, before asking the question of what is the cost ask yourself what the kind of app you are going to develop is, what are the features you are going to embed in it, what kind of a design you are looking for, and then give us a call and just confess all this to us and once you disconnect the call the pricing to develop your app will be on the top of the inbox of your mail.

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A Deliveroo clone is a food delivery app that allows users to order their favourite foods and get them delivered to their doorsteps in a few taps. It comes along with the exciting features and seamless performance of the Deliveroo app, and it can be customized for your business needs.
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You get it for free. After the deployment, we offer free assistance for a certain period of time, and later we make minimal charges for it.
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