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Develop your Virtual Game Platform with Dream11 Clone

For the past few decades, people's reliance on smart devices is increasing, which in turn inspired entrepreneurs of various business streams to get into mobile app development. Not only applications that offer users to get their need is gaining the spotlight but also the ones that help them make money too. One such business is fantasy gaming. Unlike other apps, this gaming business will allow its users to earn money by playing their favorite sport, which is why it grabbed the attention of millions within months after its launch. Dream11, an Indian origin app, is ranking high and has almost 20 million active users as of now. This gaming platform offers multiple sports like cricket, football, hockey, and more with luxurious features and functionalities, allowing users to play more efficiently.

Since there is a growing prospect in this business, many startups are developing a similar app like Dream11 to earn profits while providing the customer-demanded sport with unique and rich experience. If you wish to start one, then this is the right time. Get our Dream11 clone app and hit the market to generate more profits. As we curate your new gaming platform from a white-label solution, rebranding, and customization will be a significant benefit. Our developers will offer a fully functional dashboard with easily navigable features that enable you to manage your entire operations like setting customer's choices, participants, performance points within a flick.

Distinguished Features of our Dream11 Clone Script

Easy Register Users can quickly sign up via email or social media profiles. Moreover, they can log in using the referral code, shared by other users.

Create Profiles Users can create and maintain their profile details, like team name, password, contact details, etc., with this feature.

Initiate Tournament With this, app users can start their own tournament by entering their game details like the required team, contest size, and other requirements.

Robust Dashboard Users will be provided with a dashboard to view sports activities, participation, and to manage and control their account activities.

Selecting Favorite Sport Users can choose their favorite sport from the list of sport categorization and can start their participation whenever required.

Create a New TeamAllows users to select their fantasy team players based on viewing other user profiles, i.e., personal preferences, knowledge, etc.

Admin Dashboard Admins can create their account by entering User ID and password to manage user profiles, sports tournaments, revenue, sports allocations, etc., using this dashboard panel.

User Management With this option, admin can manage and control the activity of users and can even delete players immediately if not satisfied with the provided information.

Category Management Admins can easily maintain the game categories as preferred by users and update the status of the contests conducted without any complications.

SMS Gateway Admins can notify about the registration verification code, referral code, contest scheduled time, and more updates via SMS.

Reward Points The admin can offer reward points to participants who are performing well in their favorite sport in the app.

Report Management Admins can oversee all the reports and can analyze it, which includes a contest report, participants report, revenue report, and ranking report, etc.

Advertising Admins can now boost their revenue quickly by allowing ad runs in the app. You can enable third parties to display relevant ads ensuring smooth game operations.

Live ScoreThis feature allows the users to view the scorecard details such as points, credits, etc., and live scores of the on-going games.

Push Notification Details regarding the tournament date, time alerts, participants' confirmation, payment approval, etc., will be notified using this feature.

Code Invite Users can share and invite other new players by distributing referral codes and earning points whenever a new player accepts the invite.

Overall Management Admins can manage and view the scheduled match details, participants' details, live match details, game histories, and earning details, etc.

Protected System Your app will be designed robustly with the password-protected anti-fraud system. So none of your users' details can be hacked by the external influence.

Advantages of Building an app like Dream11 for your Business

  • Reliable App: While betting is considered to be illegal in a few countries, it is quite different in the virtual environment. Betting apps like Dream11 are making tremendous turnovers with millions of users in countries like India. So, it is profitable if you choose it as a business. The app provides a reliable platform for users to showcase their sports knowledge in their favorite games. As the app helps the user to earn and get rewarded, this can be a significant benefit for your business. Discuss your ideas, and our developers will take care of the rest.

  • Non-Competitive Business:Unlike other on-demand service businesses, this market has comparatively fewer rivals in the industry. You can only find a few with this concept in the app stores with non-violated conditions. So, if you are planning to get into the business, then plan better to attract more customers. Moreover, our marketing specialist will give you an overview of the current demands to design your app wisely.

  • High User Engagement:As you know, this is not a service-based app, and purely based on sports tournaments, there will be no shortage in revenue-generation if you maintain good user engagement. We make sure to provide the best Dream11 clone application for your business with the necessary benefits to achieve customer engagement.

Success Strategies For Your Dream11 Clone App

Although you choose a solution like Dream11 clone application, you should be prepared to come up with new ideas to outsmart your existing rivals in the industry. Our professionals will plan the best strategies by analyzing your competitor's site and performance to keep you ahead in the market. A few of them are discussed below for your knowledge.

Integrating New GamesAs we all know that Dream11 prioritize cricket and earn an immense profit out of it, integrating new sports like basketball, volleyball, kabaddi, etc., can be a level-up. We do integrate such games as per the entrepreneur's request. Once you approach us, we are all ears to incorporate your ideas in the best form.

Launch on Different PlatformsThis is one of the essential strategies that you shouldn't neglect. To grab a handful of customers, your app must be available on highly-preferred mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Our Dream11 clone script will come with that facility to launch on different platforms without any extra cost. Moreover, with our solution, you can make your app live in just two days.

Create a WebpageRemember that having a webpage is always leverage as it displays your business as a standard one. Even many people view websites to know the company before installing the application. Thus, having a web page for your new venture will be beneficial. Our developers will design the best-suit for you with an alluring interface and impressive features. If you have your well-functional plan, we can provide the desired.

The Robust Business Model Of The Dream11 Clone Script

  • App users can log in for free using email id, name, and other personal information. If the user login using a referral code, he/she will be rewarded with bonus points.

  • Users who invite new players with a referral code will get bonus points and perks based on the admin's choice.

  • Users who are about to conduct a tournament can choose their players based on specific rules and can form their desired ones for their sports activities.

  • Users can add players to his/her teams based on choice by spending some initial money. Also, users can see the credits of participants to include in the group before selecting them.

  • The game platform will decide the winning teams among the groups involved and distribute the reward amount.

  • The platform will announce a lock-in period before the sporting event starts, and no new team can be formed during the period.

  • App users can declare the team after finalizing the captain and vice-captain for the team and can join any other contest with an entry fee. This is one of the hot deals to generate high revenue using Dream11 clone.

  • Every game conducted will be rewarded with a winning amount, and also there is a restriction on the number of teams to be created. Users should make sure to form their desired team before the deadline, and they have to join at least one match to become a part of the fantasy culture.

Things To Know Before Starting On A Dream11 Clone Script
  • Proper Research Before getting into the business, it is essential to conduct thorough research on how the app functions and where the demand for this is high. Only then can you succeed after the launch. Our team will help you with marketing trends to help you achieve your business goals.

  • Planning This is a vital one, as this decides your business growth. While planning, you should be precise on every list that you make, which includes sports, audience, budget, team members, etc.

  • Choosing Platforms If you are targeting mobile users, it is essential to launch your app on commonly-used platforms like Android and iOS. You can even create a webpage for a better user reach.

  • Terms and Conditions Since you are the one who is going to handle the business, setting rules for games and other conditions solely depends on you. Make sure to list them to retain engagement accordingly. Dream11 has a set of rules and formats which you can adopt if you are not sure.

  • Marketing This is a crucial one to scale your business to new heights. Try fusing both online and offline marketing techniques to get a handful of users. Our marketing professionals will incorporate the best marketing strategies to reach each target customer.

Why Choose Our Standout Dream11 Clone App?

With 10+ years of expertise in the app development field, all we focus on is to provide the best-curated solution to help businesses excel in a short span with less investment. This Dream11 clone app is one such solution that is skillfully designed for entrepreneurs to start their fantasy sports gaming business with ease. Since we develop it with a white-labeled solution, customization will be of great benefit for you to modify and integrate features when needed.

Other than this, our Dream11 clone app comes with rich features and uncompromising performance to keep you ahead in the market. If you have ideas to display your business uniquely among the crowd, you can approach our developers at any time, and they help you to design it at its best version.

Below are the advantages of choosing our clone solution,

Mesmerizing UI Design and Interface

Budget-Friendly Features

Open Customization

On-Time Deployment

Round-the-Clock Support and Maintenance

Marketing Consultation

What Sets Our Dream11 Clone App Apart?

  • Plan and ImplementA customized model will be planned according to business requirements (both for startups and enterprise), helping ventures to start without much struggle.

  • Incorporating IdeasYour business app will be built on your ideas and requirements. Engage with our developers and discuss your plans to get the desired output.

  • Payment ModulesWe incorporate the best suit for your business to keep your transactions secure.

  • Notification Setup To maintain user engagement, we incorporate notification setups through SMS alerts, push notification, email, etc.

  • Analytics ReportsTo keep track of your performance and to plan the business accordingly, we integrate analytics platforms.

  • Deployment OptionBased on your business requirements, your app will be deployed either through the cloud or on-premise.

  • Security ComplianceComplete protection will be given to data based on current IT standards and regulations.

  • App Store SubmissionsBased on your demand, the app will be launched on Google or Apple stores.

  • SupportBoth pre- and post-launch support will be offered with technical guidance.

Technology We Handle


Of course. This is one of the significant benefits that you get along the readymade package. If you're not technically strong and in need to do integrations, you can approach our developers at any time.
Yes, we will. We understand that your users may prefer different modules and so we have incorporated most commonly used gateways to increase user-friendliness. If you require any new method, we integrate it too.
Certainly! We care for your business to maintain it smooth and steady. You can contact our support team to get the right technical guidance whenever required.
A maximum of 48 hours is enough to begin your venture. But this time range can change if you demand to modify or add new features to maintain your business unique among the crowd.
Yes, indeed. All our applications are scalable. So, there won't be any technical issues in the future.

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