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Rise Of Dubizzle Clone And Other Classified Ads App

Dubizzle website clone

Classified ads have been prevalent for years now. Anyone who has a service to offer or a classified product to sell post classified ads in newspapers, as the price to post a normal ad in a newspaper could cost a fortune. Today, the world has changed a lot; digitalization and mobile phones have taken over newspapers. People who sat down and had the patience to go through each and every classified ad has grown old.

The lead conversion ratio from classified ads in traditional media is insignificant. Businesses and individuals are looking for a better place to advertise their products and services where they could rely on a guaranteed lead. Online classified ads like Dubizzle have risen from the smoke of this dire need.

In an online classified marketplace like our Dubizzle clone, you get to provide users with space where they can sell, buy, or rent any of their services or products. Numerous user-friendly features accompany our Dubizzle clone app making it more electrifying and intriguing to trade. The best part is the cost-effectiveness. You will be able to provide your users to make a sale and outgrow your own business into a one-stop marketplace for all services and products. This surges your brand value in the market and not to mention the millions you would be made by the time. The classified marketplace is a highly potential market; digging deep here could yield your diamonds. So go make that call to an app development company and start working on launching the Dubizzle clone app.

What Is Dubizzle Clone Script?

Dubizzle clone app is a classified marketplace where a user gets to sell, buy, or rent any classified product or service by posting ads. The products can be a car, bike, a home appliance, a rental property, a rental car, or literally anything that anyone wants to sell or rent can be posted here and purchased by anyone who is in need of it. It is a 100% customizable solution that can be designed and developed exclusively with respect to your business idea. Have the thought of launching a classified marketplace ever crossed your mind? If so, connect with us and let's work on a futuristic classified marketplace with your ideas.

Keystone Features That Make Dubizzle Clone App The Perfect Classifieds

Dubizzle like marketplace
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Marketplace App

There are certain features that are imperative for any classified marketplace. Check out if we’ve got it right for your business and if not, give us a call, and we will get it for you.

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Preferred Location

Grant your customers the freedom to purchase or sell any product or service from the location they prefer by pinpointing it on the map or simply by typing it in the search tab.

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Product Images

Any individual wanting to buy a product will urge to have a look at it. Present your users a feature to upload the images of their products and make the marketplace a more interesting place than any classified ad page in a newspaper.

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With a wide range of products enlisted in the marketplace finding the right product may be tedious and sometimes tiring. Don’t allow your customers to endure such shortcomings. Instead, segregate the products and services into different categories and let your customers have a happy shopping.

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Interaction Between Seller And Buyer

It is a habit to negotiate the price before purchasing a product, especially when it comes to used products or ask the details of the product to the seller. Your app should pave the way for these conversations with an in-app chat solution for the sellers and buyers to chat and make deals.

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Selling Products/Services

Selling is one of the pre-eminent traits of a classified marketplace. Let your users have a smooth selling experience by posting images of the product, chatting with the buyers, making a deal, and selling it.

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Buy Products/Services

Buying is another imperative trait of a classified marketplace. Offer your customers a number of choices to buy from and let them have an amazing shopping experience.

Enlighten Yourself Extensively On The Comprehensible Features Of Dubizzle Clone

An app loaded with extensively user pleasing features and an admin panel exclusively for you to manage your business more efficiently.

Social Log-in Grant your customers the luxury to get on board with you in a few taps by social logins, email address or contact number.

Geotagging Purchasing a product from a far place and getting it back home is not an easy option. Your customers can't have a difficult option, so we geotag their location and present them with all the products in their locality.

WishlistOffer your customers the luxury to have a wishlist where they can add all the products they wish to buy in the near future.

Multiple Product ImagesGive your customers the space to upload more than one image of the product they want to sell. This can be more appealing to the buyer and thus can be sold easily.

Social Media SharingSocial media can play the role of being the best lead conversion aggregator to a business in many ways. Allowing your customers to share any product they want to sell or a friend of theirs once talked about buying via social media can result in huge sales.

Search FilterYour customer's valuable time cannot be wasted by surfing around numerous products to buy a product of their preference. So you offer them a filter option where they could enter all their preferences and get to see only the kind of product they really do want to buy.

Order HistoryProvide your customers with a record of all the buying and selling they have done using your app. This develops a sense of trust in your business for the customer. You know what trust can do in a business; it brings you more business.

Related ProductsThis is one feature that is embedded to lure your customers to do more buying. Whenever a user looks for a product on your platform, they get a suggested list of related products they should try buying. For example, they search for a shoe; you suggest they get a good sock.

User ManagementYou get to record and manage all the user data in the admin panel.

Category ManagementAs a classified marketplace, the range of products enlisted can be diverse. They should be categorized for user convenience; this action can be monitored by you.

Manage GalleryThe admin gets to cross-check if the images posted in the gallery are related to the product description; in case of any mismatch, it can be removed.

Manage PaymentsThe admin manages all the payments made by the seller for paid promotions, in-app advertising payments, and more using the admin panel.

Monitor Reviews And FeedbackKeep an eye on all the reviews and feedback to ensure there are no fraudulent activities taking place in your marketplace.

Analytic DashboardBe insightful of the numbers that matter the most to your business. Analyze and understand your user's behaviour and notify them with personalized ads.

Launch A Dubizzle Clone Groomed With Robust Features And A Seamless Performance For Your Customers Today!

Know How Dubizzle Clone App Can Enhance Your Business

The development of a mobile application can empower your business in countless ways. There is a famous saying by Bill Gates,” If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business” This has turned out to be the truth in this contemporary world. Just keep yourself informed on some of the rewards you could be susceptible to by launching an app.

Increased Accessibility

When you start a business, you probably look for a place that can be more accessible to your target customers. The same goes here; today, your customers are on their mobile devices and on the Internet, so go catch them there. Make yourself accessible to them wherever they are work, home, park, movies, etc. Just stay in their pockets and keep notifying them of all products and services they would love to buy, so they cling on to you forever.

Brand Image

“Hey, you can now purchase our products online using our app. You can download it from the Android and iOS store” is how you boast off to people that your business is doing great. Developing an app for a business is more than just a necessity but a privilege now. Having an app can add up a lot to your branding. Why don’t you get one and start building your brand image?

Spike In Sales

Developing an app opens up the door for numerous opportunities for your user to buy products from your app. Especially for a classified marketplace business, an app can do wonders. It allows your users to be in their comfort zone and click pictures of anything they want to sell and post it, and then suddenly, another user who likes it chats with them and buys it. Selling and buying are made effortless with an app, and that’s the inevitable reason for the spike in sales.

Stretching Your Brand Visibility

Enlisting yourself in the Android store or iOS store makes you visible to anyone with a mobile device. You could have just started building your business in a small town while a user from a faraway city gets to know about you, your brand, the products or services you trade, simply anything that could convince him to start shopping with you. So, get on top of the race by deploying a Dubizzle clone app.

Customer Interaction

An app like Dubizzle gifts you splendid opportunities to interact with your customers. It can include notifying them of offers, app updates, a new product enlisted in the marketplace that your customer was looking for, and more. Personalized notifications can be a game-changer in customer interaction. So, don’t miss out on these opportunities. Get your own app today.


A classified marketplace is all about trading. In that case, having an app can make trading more facile for your users. The more comfortable you make them, the more they trade and the more you earn. Give them what they need, an app in global standards and seamless performance. Dubizzle clone app is all yours.

How Can Dubizzle Clone Amplify Your Treasury?

We all launch apps with a motive or a cause, but all motives and causes need revenue to sustain. So, know what the ways to generate revenue by launching a classified marketplace are.

Paid Campaigns

This is one of the prominent methods to fatten your wallets by launching a Dubizzle clone app. Allow your sellers to promote their products by geo-tagging the location and charge them for it.

Advert Selling

By launching a classified marketplace app, the traffic you are susceptible to generate is potentially high. Leverage this traffic by allowing third party businesses to post ads in your marketplace and charge them for it.

Commission On Sales

All the sellers in your marketplace are able to post ads and reach their target customers. Here, your marketplace serves as a tool for a hike in their business. So, collect a commission from the sellers on every sale made by them via your marketplace.

Factors That Makes Us Your Indubitable Choice To Develop Dubizzle Clone App

It is pivotal to know about an app development firm and why you should choose them before partnering up with them to develop your dream app. Now, keep yourself informed about what we have for you.

Free Server Installation

Yes, once the app is developed and is ready for deployment, we install it on a server of your choice for free.

Free App Submission

Again it is absolutely free! You get your app submitted in the Android and iOS store without any charges.

Free Support

Once we are partnered up for a project, you are accessible for free support throughout the process. Even after the deployment, our support comes for free for a specific period of time.

Choice to develop Dubizzle clone

Native iOS & Android Apps

Our Dubizzle clone script is crafted in the native languages of iOS and Android so that your users experience a congenial experience.

100% Customization

Your app will resonate with your business motives and ideologies. It will look exactly like an app built from scratch. Do you ask for whatever customization you want? We do it for you.

Scale With Ease

We wish all our clients to grow and flourish their business. With this in mind, we develop an app with numerous possibilities to scale up your business, so however big your customer base grows, your app works completely fine.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Dubizzle?

Firstly, the cost of developing an app is not a one-word answer; it depends on numerous factors and your business requirements—just insight yourself with the factors you have to consider before coming to a conclusion.

  • App Development Platform

    Android and iOS are the most popular platforms. Android can help you reach a wider range of audience, while iOS can help you earn more even at the beginning stages. Developing an app for both platforms can cost high, so decide what you want and whom you want to target.

  • App Design

    The design and user interface of an app is what makes your app stand out from the crowd. The more imperative it is for your success, the more costly it is. If you are planning for a complex design, then the cost may skyrocket, so plan accordingly.

  • App Size

    Every app has its own roles to accomplish. And for these, certain features are to be embedded mandatorily and some others as an add-on. The more complex features you integrate into your app, the cost for development increases. So come up with a plan with the best features you want in your app.

Focus on

Technology We Handle


The Dubizzle clone app is a classified marketplace in which a user can sell or buy any product or service they have in store effortlessly.
Definitely an affordable and nominal price. The cost of an app depends solely on the customizations you require. So give us a call and tell us your requirements to get a quote in your mail the next minute.
Our Dubbizzle clone app is a ready-to-launch script. Once you are on board with us, the customizations you require are done and delivered to you in no time.
We know how much a business idea matters to an entrepreneur. So we sign a non-disclosure agreement with you ensuring your idea does not leave our doors.
Of course. We provide free support even after the deployment of the app for a certain period of time. Later our service comes with a small fee.