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Your Dream Dunzo Clone App

Deliver all of your customers’ favorite goods straight to their doorstep with this completely customizable dunzo clone app. When it comes to the logistics and on-demand delivery business, timely delivery and effective methodology are vital in the continued growth and success of the business. With our streamlined approach to carrying out deliveries, you can take your business to the next level. This multi-service app comes loaded with the latest features in the market and can be implemented into your business in no time at all!

Get in touch with us today and take your delivery business to brand new heights.

Become An Industry Leader With This On-Demand Multi-Service Delivery App

Our tried and tested, streamlined approach to creating the perfect multi-service app led us to this innovative Dunzo clone. Armed with our latest offering in the robust on-demand sector, set yourself apart from the competition and become the industry giant you were meant to be.

The building blocks of our business model is based on:


Increase your profit margin through sales and get a great return on your investment.


Never stagnate and keep your enterprise growing with a completely scalable model.

Global presence

Become a recognizable brand around the world with our global approach to business.

Brand awareness

Increase visibility and establish yourself as an icon in your industry.

Great customer service

Get in touch with your user-base, build rapport and strengthen business relationships.

Unique Offerings Of Our Dunzo Clone App

Customer App

Our customer app for the Dunzo clone lets your users avail your service with ease and efficiency.


A quick and easy sign-up process.

Delivery Details

Fill in your delivery executive on the details of your delivery.

Pick-up Location

Enter the location from where you want your package to be picked up.

Drop-off Location

Enter the location to which you want your package to be sent to.

Pin Locations

Commonly used locations can be pinned for easier use.

Task Deadline

Set a time and date before which you want your task to be completed.

Customer Support

Customers can get in touch with the staff to address any concerns or queries.

Track Delivery

View the progress of your delivery in real-time.

Contact Delivery Executive

Get in touch with your delivery executive anytime.


Get notified of the progress through various mediums such as Email, text, and more.

Multiple Payment Modes

Allow your customers to pay hassle-free with a variety of payment modes.

Refer and Earn

Incentivize customers to spread the word with rewards for referrals.

Delivery Executive App

The Delivery Executive side of our Dunzo Clone lets your staff carry out their tasks in a streamlined manner with maximum efficiency.

View Requests

Delivery Executives can view all of the requested deliveries and tasks from here.

Accept Request

Delivery Executives can choose to accept or forgo the task request.

Start Task

Once the delivery executive accepts the task, they can get started on it right away.

Cancel Task

The Delivery Executive can cancel the task when they choose to.


The route and other navigation- related details are sent to the delivery executive.

Delivery Path

A carefully laid out path helps delivery executives in case of multiple tasks.

Customer’s Signature

The Delivery Executive receives the customer’s signature to acknowledge the delivery.

Task History

Delivery Executives can view the entirety of their delivery history from here.

Edit Profile

The delivery executive can alter any details in their profile from this edit page.

Informative Dashboard

Provides the delivery executive with all the necessary details and more.

Push Notifications

Delivery Executive receives real-time push notifications through various channels.

Customer Support

Delivery Executives can contact customer support in case of any queries or concerns they have.

Admin Dashboard

The admin side of our Dunzo clone offers an all-encompassing, bird’s eye view of the entire operation, allowing you to do business with ease.

Delivery Executives

Keep a record of existing executives and make space for new ones.

Teams and Grouping

Admins can form teams and group staff together, making it easier to manage operations.

Task Management

Admins can view the status of assigned tasks using this helpful tool.

Task History

Admins can view the history of all the tasks within a specified period.

Manage Agents

Agents are the middleman between executives and the admin. Keep track of all your agents.

Zone Specifications

Admins can be assigned to different zones and areas to make managing tasks easier.


The admin can schedule future deliveries to execute their tasks in an effective manner.


Admins can send notifications to agents, delivery executives and customers.

Route Optimization

Admins can optimize the routes of all their delivery executives for faster delivery.

Staff Performance

Staff are graded on several criterias and the results are sent to the admin.

Manage Profile

Admins can manage their own and other staff members' profiles in a simple manner.

Clients List

Admins can view and contact all their clients from here. Useful for promotions and reaching out.

Dunzo Clone Script

This Dunzo clone script encompasses all the great things that on-demand delivery services have to offer. From a dedicated website to a standalone application, we have everything covered. With all of the options that come along with this Dunzo Clone, it is an offering not to be passed on! Our customizable, whitelabel solution can be integrated into your existing business model with ease.

Here is what our complete Dunzo Clone Script package comprises of:

  • A dedicated iOS app for users/staff/admins.
  • A dedicated Android app for users/staff/admins.
  • A dedicated Web Panel for users/staff/admins.
  • A dedicated Website.
  • Admin Dashboard Tool to manage all the aspects of the business.
  • A dedicated customer support team.

Benefits Of Our Dunzo Clone App

Unlock your full potential with this next-gen multi-service app.

  • Customizable and Whitelabel

    Grow your enterprise with this completely customizable, whitelabel solution, adorned with your unique logo and branding.

  • Choice Of Servers

    We offer multiple choices when it comes to hosting whether it be shared, hosted or cloud storage.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways

    No matter what your preferred mode of accepting payments are, we can accommodate it. As a trusted partner of Braintree, Paypal and other premium payment services, all our payments stay secure.

  • Completely Scalable

    Adapting to the ever changing market space is an important aspect of a thriving business. Our solutions are built to be completely scalable to your growing needs.

  • Fastest Turnaround Time

    Our ready-made solutions are built to be deployed with a very short turnaround time. A speedy process that ticks all the right boxes.

Innovative Features Of Our Dunzo Clone App

User Friendly

Enable your users to use the application with ease. Our friendly UI is attractive and simple to use.

Multi Language and Currency Support

Our global approach to transacting business means, we specialize in multilingual and multi-currency support.

Multiple Payment Modes

Enable your customers to pay through a variety of modes including card, cash, internet bankings and more.

100% Customizable

Our Dunzo Clone can be tailored to your needs and requirements.

Real Time Tracking

Never lose track of tasks and deliveries with this dedicated feature.

Our Streamlined Design Process

Pre Production Analysis

Tell us your big idea and our team will do preliminary analysis and research to get a clear picture of the idea.

Design Process

Once the analysis process is done, our design team will come up with an attractive design and UI that we’ll get started on, once you approve.


Post the design process, we are ready for development. Our development process is thorough and built on the concept of quality.


Once development is done, it is time for an extensive quality analysis process. The Dunzo clone app goes through a barrage of tests to ensure the product is ready for launch.


A strong launch is the first step toward the success of your app. We will ensure that this auspicious start is smooth and hassle-free!

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Clone apps are a great way to enter the business with minimal investment and hassle. A clone comprises the best aspects of a standard application without needing you to break the bank.
With over 10+ years of experience in the industry, we are a trusted entity in the field of development and marketing. We have helped numerous companies before you, reach their potential. Come and be a part of our next success story.
The pricing of the app will vary depending on the features and extent of services you wish to be included in the app. But rest assured, we have a solution that fits your budget! Get in touch to find out more.
Ofcourse! All of our offerings are built on the concept of scalability and integration. Everything we equip you with can be upgraded and built upon, leaving you ample room for further growth.
Every application is different in terms of the duration of development. The more extensive you want your application to be, the more time it will take to implement. With our streamlined approach, we boast of the lowest turnaround time in the market, so get in touch with our team and let’s get started on an app that fits your timeline.

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