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Build Your Own Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Platform

A new story is to be written in the digital era of business. Sources say by the year 2025, multi-vendor ecommerce platforms will be the most dominant business models yielding the highest ROI. Every entrepreneur with a vision of creating their own ecommerce platform is starting to stage up their development process. We are here to support you entrepreneurs and business owners to take this huge leap in comfort. Yes, our expert ecommerce developers have built a ready-to-launch eBay clone script embedded with numerous exciting features using native technologies, making it compatible with all devices. The best part of it is it can be customized exclusively with unique features and an attractive design that acts as a branding tool for your business. Write your own version of the multi-vendor ecommerce platform with our eBay clone. Give us a call to know more.

What Is An eBay Clone?

An eBay clone is a multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace solution that can be launched instantly by customizing it to your business needs. It is a robust platform with a seamless performance and exciting features for your customers. A user interface can be designed with your logo and the color palettes in it, making it completely unique. It is cost-effective and can be deployed in weeks of time.

Key Features Of An Online Ecommerce Marketplace Like eBay

Advanced Search Options

The customers can find their necessary product by filtering their search by location, price range, category, and more.

Simple Navigation And User Interface

The user can navigate through the app while checking on the various products enlisted in it without any complications.

MultiCurrency And Multilingual Support

Expand your business across borders with multi currency and multilingual support.

Quick Like And Review

The customers can rate and write reviews for the products they purchased.

Shopping Cart

The users can keep shopping while adding products to their cart, which can be checked out later once they are done shopping.


The customer can deposit money in the wallet and shop without worries. In case of any refunds, the money is deposited in the wallet instantly.

Real-Time Tracking

The orders placed by the customers can be tracked in real-time. Once the delivery person picks up the order from the vendor, the live location of the delivery person is shared with the customer.

Simple Onboarding

Our eBay clone app comes with a very facile onboarding process that allows your users to get on board with the app in very few steps.

Salient Features Of A Multi Vendor Ecommerce Platform

Social Login Enhance the sign-up process for your customers with a social login feature.

Explore Get your customers excited by enlisting numerous products in the marketplace. Let them surf through the marketplace and find products that they would need.

Search box This is for customers who are sure about what to purchase and are on the platform only for it. They can type in the name of the product in the search box and purchase them instantly.

Place Order This is the key feature and purpose of a multi-vendor ecommerce platform. The customer can choose any product from the marketplace and place an order.

Profile Management The customer is asked to manage a profile for themselves. It includes details like their name, address, work address, and more.

Order History Every order the customer ever placed via the app is recorded and is presented with details like the order number, order value, products purchased, order date, and morel for reference here.

Re-Order Every time a customer has to order the same product, they need not search for it again; instead, they can simply reorder from their past order. This saves the customer time.

Multiple Payment Options Integrate more than one mode of payment as different customers prefer different modes of payment. Let's have credit/debit cards, net banking, e-wallet, P2P transaction, and cash on delivery.

StoreFrontThe store owners can set up a storefront in your marketplace and enlist all the products they have in store, the discounts they are currently offering, and more. This can increase sales.

Product ManagementThe vendors can view, manage, and upload new products to the online marketplace efficiently.

Vendor DashboardThe vendor can have a preview of all their business proceedings in a single dashboard. This increases business efficiency.

Order ManagementEvery order placed by the customers is overlooked, packed, and dispatched by the vendors.

Inventory ManagementThe inventory stock is updated now and then so that the vendor never fails to accomplish an order placed by the customer.

Banner AdvertisementThe vendors can create banner advertisements and post them in the app to enhance their business.

User ManagementThe admin can view and manage all the users in the marketplace. In case of suspicion, the user can be removed from the platform.

Vendor ManagementThe admin has complete control over the store owners. They can reject sellers if there have been reports of bad quality products by customers. Also, the admin gets a whole report on the seller's activity in the app.

Product EnlistingWhenever a vendor wants to add a new product to their catalog, they upload the details. Only on approval from the admin do the products get enlisted in the marketplace.

Commission ManagementThe commission percentage can vary from product to product. This percentage is determined by the admin.

Analytic DashboardThe admin can have a preview of their current business proceedings and projected business at different rates of growth.

Review ManagementThe admin can view and manage all the reviews written by the customers on the platform.

Now, Get An eBay Like App Completely
Personalized For Your Customers

Safety Features Of Our eBay Clone App
  • Contactless Delivery The delivery person leaves the order at the doorstep of the customer and stays away from it to maintain a social distance.

  • Safety Badge Reward the vendors who follow all the safety guidelines, so the customers know that their purchase is safe.

  • No Cash On Delivery Why risk cash on delivery while we can enhance the payment process by various other payment methods.

  • Knowledge Banners Place knowledge banners that educate the customers about the safety guidelines, immunity-boosting techniques, and more.

  • Driver Temperature Check The body temperature of the driver is checked on a daily basis and updated in the app for the customer's information.

  • Driver Verification The driver is asked to upload pictures before delivering every order with their masks on.

eBay Clone Script - A Complete Package For You

  • One Payment And A Lifetime's Revenue Yes, you pay only once to get the app developed. There are no hidden charges in it. Once the app is developed, it is solely yours, and all the revenue generated from it is yours.

  • Fully Customizable You can customize the app on your own terms; there are no restrictions implied to it. Imagine the way you want it to be, and we will build it exactly the way you want it.

  • Dedicated Mobile App The eBay clone app is built specifically for mobile app lovers. It performs seamlessly in both Android and iOS platforms.

  • Enhanced UI Experience Increase your website traffic with an enriched UI/UX interface. An awesome UI experience can also reduce the cart abandonment rate.

  • Smart Performance Eliminate the loading times with fast loading and integrating smart automation into the app, reducing the manual work.

  • Report Generation Get all the reports related to the business proceedings in your multi-vendor ecommerce platform generated.

Marketing And Promotion Feature Embedded With eBay Clone


Have increased web traffic and top the search results for the purchase of any product with an SEO-friendly platform.

Blogging Suite

Keep promoting your website by posting blogs that educate your customers more about your platform and the products in it.

Social Media Integration

Add some spice to your ecommerce platform by allowing your customers to share their new purchases, next purchases, and favorite products on social media.

Automated Email Marketing

Retarget your customers by sending them automated emails that inform them about all the new offers, discounts and lure them to purchase.

Monetization Model Of eBay Clone Solution

eBay Clone app
  • CommissionThe primary method of generating revenue is via multi-vendor ecommerce platform commissions. For every order assigned to a vendor, the vendor has to pay a commission to the marketplace.

  • Banner AdvertisingThe vendors can promote their business via banner advertisements, but they will have to pay a fee for it.

  • Featured ListingThe vendors can top the search results by paying a fee to get featured on the listings.

  • Third-Party AdsAs a multi-vendor ecommerce platform, you are susceptible to having a huge customer base. Leverage them and allow other third parties businesses to post ads to attract them. And don't forget that you don't give anything for free.

Leverage The Advanced Technologies And Enhance Your Multi-Vendor Marketplace Business With A Stunning eBay Like App

Why Choose Us For Your eBay Clone App Development?

  • Expert TeamWe have a team of expert developers exclusively for the development of multi-vendor ecommerce platforms.

  • Complete CustomizationYou can tell us your requirements. We would build you an app that fits all your needs.

  • Free Server InstallationThe fully-developed app can be installed on a server of your choice for free. In case you don't have one, we install it on our server for you.

  • Round The Clock SupportWe have a dedicated support team who are always available for you. Any queries you can call them, and they will resolve them for you instantly.

  • On-Time DeliveryWe work with a definitive plan. Once we share a delivery time, we never take a minute over it. You get it deployed on time.

  • Native AppsWe use native technologies to develop your app; this ensures compatibility on all devices.

Development Process Of Our eBay Clone App

Requirement Analysis

Our core team meets you, understands your business objectives, and thus enlists the pertinent requirements for the app.


An extensive plan is laid to develop a robust multi-vendor app with extraordinary features that can make your customers fall in love with the app.


Our team of creative designers starts creating a unique design for your eBay clone app that will appeal to your niche in a great manner.

Back-End Development

The experienced ecommerce app developers simultaneously start developing the app integrating unique features that will make your app stand out.


Our testing team runs various tests in all steps of the development process to ensure a bug-free app.


We present you the app for an overview, and on your approval, we deploy it on the Android and iOS platforms.

Ebay Clone Demo

Web Panel Demo

User Live Demo
Admin Live Demo
Merchant Live Demo

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An eBay clone app is a multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace that is hoarded with numerous products from various vendors for the customers to choose from.
The cost of developing an eBay clone depends on various factors. So, give us a call, share with us your business and customization requirements, and get a quote in a short time.
Yes, we provide a 100% customization facility. You name them, and we get them done for you. We do not compromise when it comes to customization.
Yes, of course, we provide free support even after the launch of the app for a specific period of time and later for a nominal price.
We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you to ensure that your idea is safe with us. Your idea never leaves our doors.

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