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Kick-Start Your Dreams With An Amazing Etsy Clone App

Walking through busy bazaars and getting amused while watching every product is now nostalgic. Today, it’s about surfing through an algorithm where you get surprised with products that just crossed your mind. It ain’t magic but logic created by tech wizards. In this world of algorithms, how are you going to enhance or scale up your business? How are you going to sweep your customers off their feet with delightful surprises? The best and befitting way is to launch an online marketplace that looks aesthetically amazing and technically rich.

Now, you may wonder where and how do you begin? The answer can be found in a call to us. We are an Etsy clone app development company. Our Etsy clone app is a ready-made solution for a stunning ecommerce platform. It even can be deployed instantly. However, your business idea will have a unique touch that none of the other competitors have. So bring us your uniqueness, and we will enhance it to a stupendously attractive ecommerce marketplace that can turn out to be an instant success. Your success in this digital world is just a call away!

Key Features Of Our Etsy Clone App

Real-Time Navigation

Keep your users informed with every movement of the products they ordered. Let them not place orders and wonder about the day their order arrives but know themself when and where the order is currently.

Easy Product Navigation

Surfing through an ocean of products to find that one product your customer wants to purchase has never been this easy.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate your app with a robust payment gateway that aids your customers in making payments to their purchases instantly.

Live Chat Support

Never keep your customers hanging in doubt; get all their queries resolved in seconds by connecting them with your support team via live chat support.


Kindle the kid in your customer to create a wishlist of all products they would love to purchase someday. This can act as a reminder to make the purchase soon.

Social Media Integration

Now, this is fun. Let your customers go out there on their social media account, announcing all the purchases they made. This can also help your brand grow in an organic way.

Features Of Our Online Marketplace Like Etsy For Better Performance

  • Onboarding

    Welcome your user aboard to your multi-vendor marketplace in just a few taps.

  • Product Categorization

    Organize your marketplace by categorizing the products for a better user experience.

  • Product Page

    Bestow an aesthetically pleasing page describing the product.

  • Shopping Cart

    A cart to add all the products to be purchased at the moment or later.

  • Order History

    Keep the buyer informed about their previous purchases. It may include details of the total value of purchase, date of delivery, and more.

  • ReOrder

    Save your buyers from the recurring process of surfing and searching to place an order for a product they have already purchased. Now, they can simply reorder it.

  • Cancel Order

    In case a user places an order by mistake, they can cancel it. The refund can be initiated instantly.

  • Multiple Payment Methods

    The user can pay for the order by credit/debit card or e-wallet or P2P transaction, online banking, or any payment method they prefer.

  • Manage Profile

    The user can manage a profile for themself in which they can add a profile picture, check their wishlist, previous orders, and more.

  • Reviews And Ratings

    Enhance user interactivity by allowing your users to write reviews on the products they purchased.

  • Registration

    Register as many stores as possible with your marketplace to enhance your marketplace and offer your customers a wide variety of options.

  • Order Management

    The store owners can view and manage the orders placed by the customers.

  • Open Hours

    The store owners can manage, edit, and set the open hours for their store at their convenience.

  • Profile Management

    An aesthetically rich profile can attract customers. The store owners have to manage their profiles in such a way it appeals to their crowd.

  • Payment Management

    The commission and the payment to be received for every order dispatched from the store can be tracked by the store owner.

  • Review Management

    The store owners get to interact with customers by writing replies to the reviews written by customers.

  • User Management

    The admin has access to all the user data in the app. In suspicion of fraudulent activities, the user account can be removed from the app.

  • Delivery Worker Management

    Every delivery worker is brought on board with the app only after a stringent verification process by the admin.

  • Vendor Management

    Keep an eye on the reviews posted by customers on the products sold by customers. If a store keeps getting negative feedback for a prolonged period, the admin can kick off the store from the marketplace.

  • Dashboard

    A single window to run all the business operations of the multi-vendor ecommerce platform.

Advanced Features Of Our Etsy Clone App

Price Comparison

Bestow your users an opportunity to compare the price of a product by different sellers before making their purchase.


Go global. Integrate multi-currency options for users from all over the world to make their payments for the orders.

Loyalty Programs

Reward your customers with several offers when they accomplish a milestone journey with you. These rewards can motivate them to stay loyal to your app for a long time.

Inventory Management

Optimize the management of inventory for vendors so that no orders turn unconfirmed.

CRM Integration

Build a rapport with your customers by integrating a robust customer relationship management tool.

Artificial intelligence

Elevate the user experience in your app with artificial intelligence. Also, it can help you predict user behavior to target them with ads that can most effectively turn into sales.

Unravel A Plethora Of Benefits With Our Etsy Clone Script

Competitive Price

Make your way into the world of ecommerce by launching an Etsy clone app for a nominal price. This gives you the advantage of reaching your break-even sooner.

Multiple Revenue Modelsy

The Etsy clone app is built with multiple revenue streams in it. Grow big in a short period of time.


Say goodbye to paperwork. All the data regarding your business operations are optimized and stored.

SEO Efficient

Get listed on top of all search results with an SEO-effective website. This can help you reach a wider audience.

Smart Performance

With Etsy clone, loading time is never ponderous. Your users get what they want from the app in seconds.

Reporting And Analytics

All the data on the performance of your business is now at your fingertips. Analyze them and strategize for better performance.

WorkFlow Of Our Etsy Clone App

Revenue Model Of Etsy Clone

  • Commission Model : Deduct a specific percentage of the total value of every order placed by the customer via the platform.

  • Subscription Model : Layout some premium benefits to customers who join your membership program by paying a subscription. Offer them perks like free delivery, fast delivery, and more.

  • Product Listing Fee : By listing a product in your marketplace, the vendor is signing up for an increased sale. Therefore charge them a product listing fee.

  • Sponsored Products : Enable the vendors to feature list their products on the top of the search list with sponsored ads. This can elevate their sales.

  • Advertisements : Let third-party businesses promote their business in your marketplace and charge them for it.

Why Choose Us For Your Etsy Clone App Development?

Powerful Integration

You name the features, and we get them integrated for you. We embed your Etsy clone app with sturdy features that enhance the user experience.

Scale With Ease

In today's world, going viral can happen any second. We develop your multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace with scalability options so that your app works fine in any scenario.

Customization And Branding

We offer a complete customization option to our Etsy clone app. Personalize it the way you need it with splash screens, logo, and usage of the color palettes in your logo throughout the app.

Multiple Business Models

We build an Etsy clone app for multiple business models. It can be an app for a single store, a marketplace, or a chain of stores.

Dedicated Support

We have a team of dedicated support associates who are always available for you, irrespective of the time of the day. You get your queries resolved in a short time.

Our Etsy Clone App Development Process

Proof Of Concept

We validate your business idea of launching a multi-vendor marketplace by creating a proof of concept, minimum viable product, testing your target audience and market size.

Requirement Analysis

Our team of business developers creates a wireframe, SRS, and SOW diagram to present visual data of the requirements to develop a robust Etsy clone app in accordance with your idea.

Sleek Design

Our design team lends their ears to your vision and creates a design that can be appealing to your target audience and also act as a branding tool.


The development process depends on your requirements. An agile development methodology is practiced to build your Etsy clone app.

Quality Assurance

We run various tests on the fully-developed app. It may include unit testing, integration, regression testing, speed testing, security testing, load testing, stress testing, server loading balancing, and more.


We walk you through the deployment process. The app can be launched on the server of your choice; it can either be in your place or in a target location from where you expect high traffic.

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You are susceptible to a sustainable revenue stream by launching an Etsy clone app. Also, it operates with less ownership.
Simple. Give us a call and tell us your requirements for your multi-vendor marketplace. We send you a quote and also present you with a demo version. To your satisfaction, the development process begins.
The cost of developing an Etsy clone app depends on the customizations your business requires. So, don't wait but give us a call and get a quote for free.
Yes, the Etsy clone app has all the features similar to the Etsy app. Add-on features you believe that can make a great difference can also be integrated.
With us, you don't have to worry about security issues wondering why because we sign an NDA with you. Your ideas are never leaving anywhere but turned into an amazing app.

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