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GoJek Clone app Development

GoJek clone app is an all-inclusive platform that hosts a wide range of on-demand services such as taxi rides, delivery services, and others. In the era of rising on-demand services, it has become inevitable to own an app for your venture. Empower your enterprise and customers with the GoJek clone app designed and developed for entrepreneurs with the zest to make a niche in the on-demand market. Kickstart a business like GoJek with our ready-made solution to stand apart from your counterparts with ease.

Multiple Services in One Platform

A formidable app requires the best collection of features to run the GoJek clone app without any hassles. Provide your customers with instant access to the app.

ride services

Packers and movers

ride services

Car rental

ride services

Helicopter Ride

ride services

Boat Ride

ride services

Boat Rental

ride services

Moto rental

ride services

Moto ride

ride services

Taxi ride

ride services

Alcohol Delivery

ride services

Flower Delivery

ride services

Courier Delivery

ride services

Grocery Delivery

ride services

Marijuana Delivery

ride services

Food Delivery

ride services

More Deliveries

ride services

Common Deliveries

ride services


ride services


ride services


ride services


ride services

Tour Guide

ride services


ride services


ride services


ride services


ride services


ride services


ride services


ride services

Beauty Service

ride services

Fitness Coach

ride services


ride services

Insurance Agent

ride services

Home-Painting Service

ride services


ride services

Pest Control

ride services

Travel Agent

ride services


ride services


ride services


ride services


ride services

Security Guard

ride services


Our Package Includes

An amalgam of multiple on-demand services onto a single platform where users can avail numerous services. On-demand services such as beauty, dog walking, taxi rides, food delivery and many more can be added without a hitch. The GoJek clone app will ensure maximum exposure among the users and you can rake in profits with your single app. With your specifications in place, you can create the GoJek clone script as per your preference.

Android app for both User and Provider / Delivery personnel

iOS app for both User and Provider / Delivery personnel

Primary Websitee

Store / Service provider’s web panel

Delivery personnel’s web panel

User web panel

Admin panel and Dispatcher panel


Social Login

Users can log in through social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ or Instagram. This helps ease the login process for users.

Saved address

The user can save frequently used addresses to eliminate the repetitive entry of the same. Instead of typing it manually, the user can save addresses. With one click, the user can specify the location.

Schedule Bookings

If the user is regularly making use of a service at a certain time, they can schedule booking at a set time.

Category Listing

This feature compiles the list of on-demand services provided by your GoJek clone app. The list of categories and subcategories will be listed for the user to navigate from.

Multiple Languages

The app will be supporting multiple languages to cover a larger demographic of users who can switch the language to their native tongue.

Live Tracking

This feature helps customers to track the service providers and be aware of their location.

Order Confirmation

This feature displays the order confirmation for any service availed by the user along with the details of the service provider or the driver.

Ratings and Review

The user can rate the experience of the services provided by the driver/service provider and also give valuable feedback. This feature also works vice versa where the driver/service provider can rate the user.

Payment Gateway

Users can pay through various payment gateways integrated into the app to support many types of transactions. Users need not limit themselves in using a specific payment option.


This feature helps in collecting user-based data according to the services they have availed using the app to significantly improve the services being provided.


Users can view a detailed bill and can also take a look at the breakdown of the bill.

Pricing Choice

Admin can set the price for the services that best suits their business requirements. When the demand goes high, the admin can initiate surge pricing.

Push Notifications

The app will instantly alert or notify the users on booking status, status change, service cancellation, payment, service providers details and much more.

God's Eye

This feature allows the admin to view factors like earnings, the total number of users, drivers, location, the total number of services, and much more.

Availability Options

The availability toggle allows the driver/service provider to switch between being available and unavailable. They can also list the time they will be available to provide the services.

Gojek Clone Business Model


The first step of using the app involves the users to register with their basic information such as name, address and phone number or through social media logins like Facebook or Google+.

Home Screen

After completing the registration process, the user gets redirected to the home screen that contains the list of services that can be availed. Organized and easily navigable for the user to choose from.

Select a service

The user can avail any service from the lot that suits his/her requirements for the time being. Service seekers can pick from the delivery services, on-demand services or taxi services.

Pick-up and Drop

For a ride-hailing business, the drivers in the vicinity will be notified of the waiting user and the driver partner will pick up and drop them off at the specified locations.

Payment Process

The app will display an estimate of the total cost that has to be paid by the user for availing the services. They can choose to pay via various modes available like cash, credit/debit cards, digital wallet and more.

Rating and Review

The user can rate and provide insightful feedback for the service rendered by the service provider. This can help in maintaining the quality and integrity of the application and the services.

Why Our GoJek Clone App

Our GoJek clone script provides the experience of using multiple services like no other. With our easy to use clone app, users can place a request for many services using your one app. This will help you to achieve a larger customer base. Seamlessly handle customer and service providers through a powerful admin dashboard. We can help you in customizing the app including the services, features design, etc.

Technology We Handle

Gojek Clone Live Demo

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GoJek clone is a mobile application that offers multiple services under 3 relevant categories. From transportation to food delivery to babysitting, the app has it all under a single platform.
The GoJek clone app has several in-app features like geo-fencing, payment integration, separate panel for dispatcher, admin and customer. With our customization opportunity, you can also integrate several features in the app.
With Uberlikeapp, it is easy to set up your business like GoJek with the finest of features and customizations. You can design and develop the clone app within a short span.
It is easy to set up GoJek clone’s business tried and tested model and Uberlikeapp will guide you in every step in the way.
We have open doors, chat with us and talk to our customer support team and they will guide you to us. For alternate options, drop us a mail at sales@uberlikeapp.com

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Disclaimer: This is to state that Gojek Clone app is a hallmark product of Uberlikeapp.com. The company owns/develops/customizes the said product for its clients. However, there are other channel partners with whom the company collaborates to provide a similar products. One product, different brand.