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Features of Our Gojek Clone App

Registration with mobile number or email

Both users and drivers can register in the application through either mobile number or email.

City/Country specific services

The services can be added based on a particular city or a country. Multiple services can also be added to a single city and country.

City-based commission

Admin can set the commission for each service. The commission or tax will be deducted based on the services provided and amount specified.

City enable/disable option

Admin has an option to enable or disable service in the menu option. If any of the services enabled, it will be displayed as notification and if disabled, it won’t be reflected.

Source code

We provide complete source code which can be optimized and customized as per your business requirements.

App rejection

If your app gets rejected in the process of launching, we will help you republish it and we ensure that it is not because of technical reasons.


Admin can send information to both users and drivers who have registered on the application. Users and drivers can receive the information in their respective notification panels.

Manage users

Admin can manage the details of all the users who have registered on the application.

Manage drivers

Admin can manage the details of all the drivers who have registered on the application.

Document management

Admin verifies all the documents uploaded by the driver and manages the documents. After the approval from admin, drivers can start taking rides.

Vehicle management

Admin can add and manage multiple vehicles.

Manage tariff

Admin can add specific pricing logic for each type of service where the calculation will be based on the admin’s specifications.

Manage address

Users can manage their profile by adding multiple addresses. They have the liberty to add or delete addresses.


Users and drivers can get support by using call/mail option

Database backup

We provide a secure database which you can download from the admin panel

Dispute management

Users and drivers who are not satisfied with the ride can raise complaints about their past trips and admin should resolve the complaint.

Ride cancellation

Users and drivers can cancel their request by providing a proper reason for cancellation from the list of options uploaded by the admin.

Lost item

Users can raise queries and request for lost items from past trips and if found admin should return it to the user post proper enquiry.

Dynamic payment

Admin handles all sorts of payments that are integrated on the application and if any of the payment is turned off it won’t be reflected in the application

Child seat preference

It helps families traveling with children. This feature assists them in booking a ride with a separate child seat.

Book for a friend

This feature helps users to book ride for their friends or relatives and they can also easily share the details of the ride

Addon Features of Our Gojek Clone App

Corporate rides

User can prefer organizational trip and the invoice will be sent to the specific organization with relevant employee code

VOIP call

Users and drivers can make calls to each other without disclosing their private phone numbers. It helps both the users and drivers to hide their numbers.

Scan credit card for payment

This feature helps the user to tap and pay with their card


Admin can set location in admin panel where users can send request and drivers can receive requests based on the geolocation added.

Restrict area in Geo fencing

To boost security, admins can restrict services at particular/unsafe locations via geo-fencing. The application avoids/rejects pick-up and drop service requests in the marked areas.

Airport rides

The admin can geofence the area nearer to the airport and the drivers nearer to the location will receive request

Dynamic currency

We will help you launch your application in different places with dynamic currency change, this helps you to enhance the business

Kiosk booking

We will help you enhance revenue in business by allowing tourists and travelers to book a ride with the kiosk placed in the hotel

Hotel/Tourist office booking

This feature helps the user to book rides from the hotel reception

Subscription plan

Drivers/service providers are offered with numerous subscription plans comprising trip/order conditions and amounts accordingly. The driver opts for the plan and performs the set parameters. Upon successful completion, drivers/service providers get the cost credited to their wallets.

Multiple Outlets for Restaurant

Restaurant branches can be added under the respective brand with separate panels. Users can choose the nearest outlet to add food items while placing order and can do checkout.

Video Streaming Solution

Offer a wide catalog of TV shows and movies to your customers with an add-on feature-rich video streaming service in your Gojek like app. Entertain your customers with a competitive service that caters to all the needs of an average cinephile.

Rental and Outstation

This feature allows users to book a rental car for their personal use. They can also book rides for outstation trips. The invoice will be generated at the end of ride.

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