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A Robust On-Demand Grocery Delivery Clone App Script

With the world around us becoming increasingly digital, businesses have had to rapidly alter the way they conduct business to stay relevant and sustainable. Mobile application technology gave rise to the concept of “on-demand” solutions that have increasingly made life easier for people around the world.

The grocery industry, too, has had to keep up with this change. Today’s customers expect convenience, ease of use, and instant access. The increased percentage of tech-savvy users and widespread accessibility to smartphones has also further exacerbated this phenomenon.

If you’re a grocery business owner, investing in an on-demand grocery delivery app is one of the best things you can do to establish your presence. With our extensive experience in this field, we can help you reach the next level in business growth. Get ahead of your competition by partnering with us!

 Grocery clone app

Grocery Delivery App - Supply Essential Needs In The COVID-19 Outbreak Season

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, people are advised to practice social distancing and self-isolation until the situation comes under control. So, they are in need of several on-demand services that will help them stay safe in their homes. Grocery and other essentials are one of the most indispensable needs of the hour. People want them delivered safely at their doorsteps. This paves the way for all entrepreneurs who are looking to launch an on-demand grocery app this season.

At UberLikeApp, we provide high quality and user-friendly grocery delivery scripts that will help you deliver groceries efficiently across your region. The increased demand for groceries will help you gain a large customer base in a short time and thereby generate higher revenue.

The delivery app we provide comprises the ‘Contactless Delivery feature’ using which customers can buy groceries without coming in contact with delivery executives. Therefore, it would be wise to purchase the on-demand grocery delivery app from us and launch it in the market now. Our team will make sure that you launch a successful app in the market.

Our Grocery Delivery Clone App Scripts For Diverse Business Needs

We cater to customers from all walks of life. From small businesses to large conglomerates, our on-demand grocery delivery app script is a perfect fit for all.

Standalone Grocery Stores

Standalone grocery storesGrow your grocery business to the next level with this innovative on-demand grocery delivery app. Allow your customers to order from the comfort of their own home.


MarketplacesA streamlined grocery delivery service that lets customers order groceries from a collection of shops in the marketplace.

Grocery Chains

Grocery chainsStreamline your grocery chain business and increase its operational efficiency with an all-in-one on-demand grocery delivery application.

Stellar Features You Get Delivered With Our Grocery Delivery App Script

Easy Registration Users can sign up for the app in an easy and convenient way. A quick sign-up process is essential to the success of any app.

Browse products Customers can browse through all the products available in an efficient manner.

Multi-payment mode Customers can pay through a multitude of ways including cards, internet banking, UPI, and cash on delivery.

Quick search Customers can quickly search for a specific product to find what they are looking for.

Scheduled Delivery Customers can schedule a delivery at a future date and time.

Re-orderCustomers can quickly reorder an item that they have previously ordered before.

Order trackingCustomers can track their orders from the store to home in real-time.

Ratings and feedbacksCustomers can rate the delivery service and provide feedback.

Web order Store owners can offer their services through the use of a website.

Store pickupAn extra option for customers to pick up pre-ordered items

Manage profileStore managers can manage their profiles from one convenient location.

Support Store managers can contact support staff to address any queries and concerns.

Live-tracking Live-tracking

Manage stores and inventoryAdmins can manage all the stores and inventory at their disposal in an efficient and simple way.

Delivery trackingAdmins can track all the ongoing deliveries from their panel.

Manage customersAdmins can manage the profiles of their customers from their side of the application panel.

Offers and discountsAdmins can avail offers and discounts for their customers to build brand loyalty.

Manage ratings and feedbacksAdmins can review all the ratings and feedback provided by the customers.

NotificationsAdmins can notify their customers in real-time through push notifications.

Manage paymentsAdmins can manage all the pending payments as well as view payment history.

The Workflow Of Our Grocery Delivery App Clone
  • Sign in Customers are prompted to log-in to their account when they open the app.

  • Enter location Customers are asked to provide their location through location services or by manually entering the address.

  • Store locator Customers are provided with a list of stores in their locality that they could shop from.

  • Order Customers can search the store for the items that they want.

  • Add to cart All the chosen items are added to the cart.

  • Check out/ payment Customers are provided with the bill and can pay in a variety of ways.

  • Pick Up Once the order is confirmed, delivery personnel are assigned to the task. They arrive at the location and pick up the delivery.

  • Live Track Customers can track the progress of the delivery personnel from the store to their house.

  • Delivery The groceries are delivered to the specified location

  • Ratings and Feedback Customers are prompted to rate the delivery service and provide valuable feedback.

Unique Advantages Of Our Grocery Delivery Script

Grocery Delivery Script
  • 100% Customizable White Label All our app development solutions are completely customizable to the customer’s needs. We tailor solutions to fit the individual needs of every customer.

  • Scalable Cost-Efficient Solution We understand the growing needs of a fledgling enterprise. We ensure that all our solutions are priced at an affordable price and are scalable to fit the growth of your company.

  • Cutting Edge Technology Our grocery delivery app script is powered by the latest technology in the app development field, setting up for success for years to come.

  • Multi-Currency Options We know the importance of a global reach in today’s digital world. Cater to customers from around the world with multi-currency support.

  • A Dynamic Solution Whether you’re a small-time mom and pop shop or an established grocery chain, our on-demand grocery delivery app is a perfect match for your needs.

  • User-Friendly UI We craft our app solutions to be extremely user friendly, helping you boost interactions and retain customers.

Why Should You Partner-up With Us For A On-Demand Grocery Delivery App?

  • Bug SupportWe continuously work to deliver high-quality bug-free products. In case of any critical bugs, It's our pleasure to work immediately and fix the issue.

  • 100% Customizable Source CodeWe will provide you with the complete source code. This enables you to change the app how you see fit later on.

  • Native iOS & Android AppsA robust, lightweight script made in the native languages of both iOS and Android.

  • Expert Support StaffOur support team has numerous years of experience in the field and available on call to answer any queries you may have and address those concerns.

  • Free App SubmissionOnce the app development is complete and we get the green light from you, our team will roll it out to the market in the best possible way for maximum reach. We submit your application to all the major application platforms free of charge.

Grocery Clone Script

How Can We Help You Grow To The Next Level?

  • Boost Operational EfficiencyOur streamlined grocery app clone will increase the efficiency of your process significantly by automating processes and detailed reports on your business.

  • Start To FinishWith our immense experience in this field, we have the ability to take care of the entirety of the application development process, from inception to launch and beyond.

  • Analytics BackedWith our tie-ups with major data providers, we have the ability to offer you insightful analytics that helps you get ahead in the industry.

Our Streamlined Process To Application Development

Step 1
Planning We work closely with you to get a clear understanding of the app you’re looking for and the features you need. This is where you tell us about your grand plan.
Step 2
Design The first step in the process is the UX/UI design of the app. We ensure an aesthetically pleasing design that falls in line with your vision.
Step 3
Development Once the front end design is set in stone, our developers get on the job and craft the backend functionalities of the app.
Step 4
Testing Our extensive quality analysis process ensures that your app is free of any bugs and malfunctions. We test it from top to bottom to make sure it’s ready to go.
Step 5
Launch Once we get the green signal from you, it’s time for the launch! We have a carefully laid out roll-out plan that ensures maximum reach.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An On-Demand Grocery Delivery Application?

The development process of any app is a highly individualized process that varies from customer to customer. A lot of factors go into deciding the price of the app from the features you want to be included in the amount of time spent on development.

The price of the app will be based on your individual needs and requirements, but rest assured, we provide high-quality solutions at a reasonable price.

To get an accurate estimate on the price of your very own grocery delivery app script, get in touch with our team today!

On Demand Grocery Delivery App

Our Grocery Delivery App Clone Demo Links

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User Live Demo
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With the grocery business becoming increasingly digitized, customers have gotten used to the idea of availing deliveries from the comfort of their homes. Simply put, to keep up with the changing demand in the market, investing in an on-demand delivery app has become somewhat of a necessity. A on demand grocery delivery app like ours is a perfect way of doing so.
We pride ourselves on having a short turnaround time. With that being said, the exact time of development can vary from customer to customer and product to product. To get a clear timeline for your application, get in touch with our team!
The Grocery delivery app allows your customers to order groceries online at their availability and convenience. The customer gets the groceries delivered at their doorstep. It also increases the efficiency of your business and helps immensely in boosting profit.
The primary source of revenue for grocery delivery apps is the sale of products. The other sources of revenue are membership fees, delivery fees, charging commissions on store price from grocery stores, or charging grocery partners for paid listings, and sponsored ads.
Absolutely! All the big supermarket chains once started as a small business. We can help you grow to the next level with our innovative approach to app development and a strategic marketing process. With numerous years of experience in the field, we have the know-how to take your business to new heights.

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