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Grofers Clone App

With every business moving seemingly to the digital model of work, it was only natural that the grocery industry followed suit. The advent of mobile applications and the ever-decreasing cost of the internet has led to a perfect storm for the arrival of “on-demand” solutions.

Today’s customers have become accustomed to this convenient phenomenon, and businesses around the world are changing their game plans to cater to them.

Give your customers the ability to shop from the convenience of their homes with this robust Grofers clone app. Designed with care by an experienced group of developers, our Gofers clone is complete with all the tools you need to be successful in this competitive industry.

Our Grofers Clone Script Covers Various Types Of Business Models

Local grocery stores

For small vendors that own a stand-alone grocery shop, having an on-demand grocery delivery script can be the big difference that they are looking for. Our Grofers clone app lets you compete with bigger competitors by gifting your customers convenience and ease of use. Grow to the next level with this robust offering.

stand-alone grocery shop
 local marketplace


Our Grofer clone app lets customers order from a collection of stores at the local marketplace. Customers can pick and choose from multiple stores, all the items will be consolidated and sent to the user’s location. A convenient way to shop will bring more clients on board for sure.

Grocery chain stores

Streamline your grocery chain with this customizable Grofers clone app. Designed to increase the operational efficiency of your business, this innovative solution will enable to bring all your stores under your complete control from one convenient location. This will in turn, enable you to improve your business and increase your profits.

grocery chain

Grow Your Business With a Grofers Clone App Solution

With today’s users spending more time than ever on their smartphones, many industries are catering to the digital market than ever before. Especially when it comes to household chores grocery shopping, people nowadays prefer to get it done online from the convenience of their homes.

This trend is not going anywhere anytime soon, with industry projections indicating a healthy growth over the next few years. The time has never been better to invest in this bustling sector. By doing so, you can ensure that you are not swept away by the tides of time and that your grocery business can continue to grow and be successful.

Grofers Clone App Solution

Useful Features Of Our On-Demand Grocery App

  • Sign Up

    Customers are prompted to sign-up the first time they enter the app.

  • Log in

    Once they have registered, customers are asked to log-in to the application.

  • Enter location

    Users are asked to enter their address either manually or through location services.

  • Browse products

    Once they have entered their location, shops in their locality are listed, and they can begin browsing for products.

  • Quick search

    An option for the customers to quickly search for a specific product.

  • Add to cart

    Customers can add the items they want into their cart.

  • Multi-payment

    When it’s time to pay, customers can do so through a variety of payment options.

  • Schedule delivery

    Customers can choose the time of delivery that’s most convenient for them.

  • Re-order

    Customers can quickly reorder an item that they’ve previously ordered.

  • Track order

    Customers can track their delivery in real-time from store to home.

  • Ratings and feedback

    Once the products have been delivered, customers can rate the experience and provide feedback.

  • Accept/Decline

    The delivery personnel can accept or decline a delivery request.

  • Navigation

    The delivery personnel can see the navigate to and fro with the help of GPS navigation.

  • Push notifications

    The delivery personnel can be notified of any requests or instructions through push notifications.

  • Multiple delivers

    The delivery personnel can cater to multiple customers at once by picking up more than one delivery.

  • Tracking

    Customers and admin can track the delivery personnel in real-time.

  • Register / Login

    Vendors are prompted to login once they finish their registration process.

  • Manage business

    Vendors can manage their business information such as name, logo, etc from this useful widget.

  • Inventory management

    Vendors can manage the entirety of their inventory from one convenient location.

  • Order alerts

    Vendors are alerted when a new order is placed, and they can begin prepping it for the delivery personnel.

  • Manage orders

    Vendors can accept, decline or manage an order how they see fit.

  • Payment tracking

    Vendors can see the payment status of all the orders.

  • Tracking

    Vendors can track the delivery personnel to ensure a safe delivery.

  • Customer contact

    The vendors can contact the customer for any queries or clarifications.

  • Order tracking

    Admins can track the order from start to finish to ensure a satisfactory delivery.

  • Manage stores

    Admins can manage multiple stores from one convenient location.

  • Manage listings

    Admins can manage all the listings on their app. Details such as products, prices, etc, can be altered.

  • Manage offers and discounts

    Admins can avail customers offers and discounts as they see fit to help grow the business.

  • Payment and commissions

    Admins can manage all the payments going through the app and get a detailed breakdown of the same.

  • Feedback and Ratings

    Admins can view the ratings and feedback dished out by customers, store vendors, and the delivery personnel.

  • Reports

    Admins can view helpful analytical reports that provide more insight into the runnings of their business.

  • Shopping list

    Customers can create a list of the items they want and they will automatically be consolidated and delivered on time.

  • Track spending

    Customers can track the amount of money they spend from month to month.

  • Barcode scanning

    Customers can view if a certain item is available and view its price by simply scanning the barcode of the same item.

  • Third-party integrations

    Vendors can easily integrate third-party apps seamlessly to help with logistics.

How Our Grofers Clone App Works - A Step By Step Breakdown

Step 1

A list of stores is provided according to the user’ s locality.

App screen

Step 2

Customers can browse these stores for the products they want.

App screen

Step 3

All the chosen products are compiled and added to the cart.

App screen

Step 4

Customers can pay through a multitude of ways and set the time of delivery.

App screen

Step 5

The delivery personnel is alerted of the order and provided the store location.

App screen

Step 6

The delivery personnel reaches the store and the vendor is notified.

App screen

Step 7

The order is dispatched.

App screen

Step 8

The status of the order can be tracked in real-time by all the parties involved.

App screen

Step 9

The items are delivered to the customer’s location.

App screen

Step 10

Customers can verify the delivery and complete the order.

App screen

Step 11

They are then prompted to provide ratings and feedback for the service.

App screen

Key Benefits Of Our Grofers Clone App Script

Completely customizable and Whitelabel

We provide a completely customizable whitelabel solution that is designed to bring more visibility and brand recognition to your enterprise.

Cloud-based data storage

We ensure that all your data is safe, secure and readily accessible by storing it in the cloud. Access it from anywhere and anytime.

Single and Multi-Store Model

We offer custom grocery apps for a single store and multi grocery store solution for efficient control.

Cutting edge technology

All our solutions are made with the latest in application development technology, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve for years to come.

Why UberLikeApp Is The Right Choice For You

UI friendly development

All our software solutions are designed to be highly user friendly and intuitive.

Multi-platform compatibility

Our solutions are compatible across multiple platforms, allowing you and your customers to switch through them seamlessly.


We provide high quality solutions at a very cost-effective price. No matter what your requirements are, we have a solution that fits those needs.

Feature rich

Our Grofers clone, like all our offerings, is highly robust with numerous features that provide you with all the tools you need to succeed.


We understand that every customer is unique in their own way. We strive to help them preserve this uniqueness with completely customizable software solutions that can be tweaked to their needs.

Our Step By Step Development Process

  • Planning : An initial session with our customers to fully understand what their goals and expectations are. We will make a detailed plan that falls in line with the same.

  • UI Design : The first step of the development process is the design of the UI. Our UI design is centered around being highly attractive and easy to use.

  • Development : Simultaneously, our development team works on the back-end design of the app to ensure maximum functionality.

  • Testing : The final step of the development process is the testing phase. We run the application through a barrage of quality analysis to ensure that it’s ready for the market.

  • Launch : Once we’ve got the customer’s approval, the app is now ready to launch! A carefully laid out launch is carried out meticulously for maximum reach and user interaction.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Grofers Clone App?

The price of an app is highly variable and depends on the individual needs and expectations of the customer. Factors such as the extent of features you want to be included, the design you choose, and most importantly, the time spent on developing, all contribute to the final price.

Rest assured, no matter what your budget is, we have a solution that fits your needs.

Contact us to get an accurate quote for your very own Grofers clone app.

On-Demand Grocery Delivery Industry Overview


With the demand for on-demand grocery delivery services going through the roof, it is high time that you digitize your business to cater to this influx, it is a highly important factor in the continued growth and expansion of your business.


In any business, if you’re not actively trying to grow, you risk becoming stagnant. By investing in an on-demand Grocery delivery business, you can take advantage of what technology has to offer and grow to the next level.

Boost efficiency

Our Grofers clone script will enable you to streamline your business practices, cover weak points, glean valuable insights and gather a deeper understanding of your enterprise.

Grofers Clone Demo


With on-demand business models being more profitable than ever, it is high time that you invest in this blooming practice. Simply put, it is the future of the grocery business.
The development process can vary from project to project and is dependent on factors such as the extent of the features you want to be included, the level of design you wish you to avail and more. With that being said, we offer quality products with short turnaround time and continuously strive to meet our customers' timelines. Get in touch to get an accurate estimate.
Absolutely. We give you full control of the code along with your application. You can modify it how you see fit and make your application a truly unique experience.
We offer a complete package with all our software solutions. Apart from development, we also offer marketing and support services, as well as post-launch maintenance. All of these services can be availed at a very nominal cost.
A Grofers clone app streamlines the entire process of grocery delivery. It enables customers to order groceries from the comfort of their homes while enabling vendors to cater to this demand in an efficient manner. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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