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Highly Customized Grocery App Development Services

With the arrival of on-demand services across all sectors of the business world, there has been an unprecedented level of ease and convenience afforded to customers around the world. This has furthered their desire for on-demand services. People can get services rendered to them from the comfort of their homes at any time.

The factors behind this explosion in demand are numerous. The increased affordability of smartphones, along with cheaper internet in many countries, has afforded people the ability to avail these services. These same factors lend credibility to the idea that this trend will only get stronger in the next few years.

As we all know, Groceries are one of the most critical goods one needs to survive. The recent COVID-19 outbreak has only reinforced this notion. With people around the world confined to the safety of their homes, the demand for grocery delivery applications has gone through the roof.

There has never been a better time for a smart investment in Grocery app development. With our HappyFresh Clone app, you’ll get the most advanced grocery delivery app in the market at an extremely affordable price and within a short time frame.

This can be the best opportunity to grow your grocery business to greater heights. Come partner with us and take that next step towards success.

A HappyFresh Clone Script That’s
A Perfect Fit For All Types Of Grocers

No matter what kind of grocery business you own, our HappyFresh clone can fit into your existing enterprise with ease and help it grow.

Standalone StoresIf you’re a standalone grocery store owner, this HappyFresh clone is the perfect opportunity for you to expand your business to the next level. Enabling your customers to order from the comfort of their homes can bring in an added revenue source for your business and help build brand recognition.

Grocery MarketplaceFor Grocery marketplaces, the consolidation that our HappyFresh clone provides can be a huge factor that propels them forward. Marketplaces can allow customers to order from all the stores in the marketplace in one convenient location. With detailed tracking of orders, the payouts are simple to calculate and benefit all those involved.

Grocery ChainsFor those that have established themselves in the scene already, the HappyFresh clone can help them scale their business even further. Efficiency and redundancies are a major challenge for many grocery chains out there. With this innovative solution, you can streamline your process, increase your operational efficiency, and reduce redundancies, hence making your operation much more efficient and profitable.

How our HappyFresh Clone Works?

Ordering Process

  • Step 1
    Enter Location
  • Step 2
    View Stores in the Locality
  • Step 3
    Search Items
  • Step 4
    Add to Cart
  • Step 5
    Confirm Order
  • Step 6

Store Process

  • Step 1
    Incoming Order
  • Step 2
    View Order Details
  • Step 3
    Check Inventory
  • Step 5
    Prep for Delivery

Delivery Process

  • Step 1
    Incoming Request
  • Step 3
    Accept / Decline
  • Step 4
    Pick Up Order
  • Step 5
    Deliver Order

What We Include In Our HappyFresh Clone Script?

We provide you with all the different tools you need to make your HappyFresh clone application successful across many platforms.

  • Main website
  • Customer iOS App
  • Customer Android App
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Delivery Personnel iOS App
  • Delivery Personnel Android App
  • Delivery Personnel Web Panel
  • Store iOS App
  • Store Android App
  • Store Web Panel with full admin capabilities

Features Of Our HappyFresh Clone Application

Sign Up Customers are prompted to sign-up the first time they enter the app.

Log in Once they have registered, customers are asked to log-in to the application.

Enter Location Users are asked to enter their address either manually or through location services.

Browse Products Once they have entered their location, shops in their locality are listed, and they can begin browsing for products.

Quick Search An option for the customers to quickly search for a specific product.

Add to CartCustomers can add the items they want into their cart.

Multi-paymentWhen it’s time to pay, customers can do so through a variety of payment options.

Schedule DeliveryCustomers can choose the time of delivery that’s most convenient for them.

Re-orderCustomers can quickly re-order an item that they’ve previously ordered.

Track OrderCustomers can track their delivery in real-time from store to home.

Ratings and FeedbackOnce the products have been delivered, customers can rate the experience and provide feedback.

Accept/Decline The delivery personnel can accept or decline a delivery request.

NavigationThe delivery personnel can see the navigate to and fro with the help of GPS navigation.

Push NotificationsThe delivery personnel can be notified of any requests or instructions through push notifications.

Multiple DeliversThe delivery personnel can cater to multiple customers at once by picking up more than one delivery.

TrackingCustomers and admin can track the delivery personnel in real-time.

Register / LoginVendors are prompted to log in once they finish their registration process.

Manage Business Vendors can manage their business information such as name, logo, etc., from this useful widget.

Inventory ManagementVendors can manage the entirety of their inventory from one convenient location.

Order AlertsVendors are alerted when a new order is placed, and they can begin prepping it for the delivery personnel.

Manage Orders Vendors can accept, decline, or manage an order how they see fit.

Payment TrackingVendors can see the payment status of all the orders.

TrackingVendors can track the delivery personnel to ensure safe and timely delivery.

Customer ContactVendors can contact the customer for any queries or clarifications.

Order TrackingAdmins can track the order from start to finish to ensure a satisfactory delivery.

Manage StoresAdmins can manage multiple stores from one convenient location.

Manage ListingsAdmins can manage all the listings on their app. Details such as products, prices, etc., can be altered.

Manage Offers and DiscountsAdmins can avail customers offers and discounts as they see fit to help grow the business.

Payment and CommissionsAdmins can manage all the payments going through the app and get a detailed breakdown of the same.

Feedback and RatingsAdmins can view the ratings and feedback dished out by customers, store vendors, and the delivery personnel.

ReportsAdmins can view helpful analytical reports that provide more insight into the runnings of their business.

Shopping ListCustomers can create a list of the items they want, and they will automatically be consolidated and delivered on time.

Track SpendingCustomers can track the amount of money they spend from month to month.

Barcode ScanningCustomers can view if a certain item is available and view its price by simply scanning the barcode of the same item.

Third-Party IntegrationsVendors can easily integrate third-party apps seamlessly to help with logistics.

Benefits Of Our Grocery Delivery App Script

  • White-label and CustomizableWe provide robust white label solutions that provide a high level of customization capabilities. With this flexible approach, we can modify your grocery delivery app to fit your individual needs and requirements.

  • Global ApproachWith our global centric model to create application solutions, you will be able to cater to customers around the world. We provide multi-language and currency support, enabling you to expand the reaches of your business.

  • Highly CompatibleBeing compatible with third-party integrations is a must in today’s application software. We ensure that you can seamlessly integrate the HappyFresh clone with third-party software and applications.

  • Seamless PaymentsWe provide seamless payments through a multitude of ways, including credit/debit cards, internet banking/payment gateways, and cash on delivery when possible.

  • Cost-efficient with Quick Turnaround TimeWe provide high-quality solutions at a breakneck speed and at a highly cost-effective price. Our solutions are priced at a very affordable price point, and we can work within your budget to craft an effective solution for you.

Why Choose Us As Your HappyFresh Clone Provider?

Server Installation

Our job doesn’t end with the development of the application. We will also go above and beyond to install your HappyFresh clone in the allocated server. You can be up and running in no time at all.

App Submission

Our launching process is highly streamlined and ensures maximum reach. We will upload your apps in all the leading platforms, such as the iOS App store and the android apps Play Store. You will be able to cast a wide net and attract customers from around the globe.

Bug Support

Post-development, you will still need periodic assessments of the application to ensure that it’s running smoothly without any malfunctions and bug-free. We will ensure that this is done at a very nominal cost and have your app running smoothly at all times.

Fast Turnaround Time

Having your app launch ready as soon as possible is critical in cornering the market. We boast of the fastest turnaround time in the market and make sure your app is good to go in no time at all.

Technical Support

With an experienced technical support team on standby, you can get all your queries and concerns addressed with just a call. Reach out to us, and we will do the rest.

Branded White Labeling

To help you grow the brand image of your fledgling enterprise, our whitelabel solutions offer numerous customization options that will help your app stand out from the rest and be truly unique.

Why Invest In On-Demand Grocery Delivery?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in an on-demand grocery delivery application

  • Growth ProjectionsThe online grocery industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 20% by 2022, as customers move away from traditional grocery stores.

  • DigitizationThe world is increasingly moving towards a more digital way of doing business. This trend has already happened in many sectors and continues to grow exponentially, year by year.

  • EfficiencyStreamlined solutions like the HappyFresh clone provide great benefits to franchises by streamlining processes, reducing redundancies, and improving the overall efficiency of the business.

How Much Does It Cost
To Develop a HappyFresh Clone?

The cost of the HappyFresh clone is highly dependent on the individual needs and requirements of our customers. Factors such as the features you want to be included in the app, the level of customization that goes into the app, the intricacy of design provided, the manpower and time spent on development, etc., all decide the pricing of the app.

We, however, have robust solutions at various price points that can offer you exceptional functionality within your budget plan. Come get in touch with us, and we can build you a HappyFresh clone that matches your needs.

HappyFresh Clone Demo

Technology We Handle


With on-demand business models being more profitable than ever, it is high time that you invest in this blooming practice. The future of the grocery business is the digitized offerings of the on-demand applications.
The development process can vary from project to project and is dependent on factors such as the extent of the features you want to be included, the level of design you wish to avail, and more. With that being said, we offer quality products with short turnaround time and continuously strive to meet our customers' timelines. Get in touch to get an accurate estimate.
Absolutely. We give you full control of the code along with your application. You can modify it how you see fit and make your application a truly unique experience.
We offer a complete package with all our software solutions. Apart from development, we also offer marketing and support services, as well as post-launch maintenance. All of these services can be availed at a very nominal cost.
A HappyFresh clone app streamlines the entire process of grocery delivery. It enables customers to order groceries from the comfort of their homes while enabling vendors to cater to this demand in an efficient manner. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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