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HungerStation Clone - Your Train To The Food Delivery Sector

Food delivery is no longer a luxury; it is a basic necessity today. With the pandemic, the fear of getting affected, and following safety guidelines like social distance, people now prefer indoors to roaming in the outdoors. Weekends are now staying indoors, ordering the best food and chilling in bed binge-watching a web series. Yeah! This is the new weekend fun. And as an entrepreneur or a business owner, it is pertinent to know and adapt your businesses to fulfil the needs of the customers.

Food delivery apps are more like a part of people’s lives; one with an attractive user interface, exciting features, alluring offers, and seamless performance is definitely a pie every customer out there would love to have. Partner up with us to build one such amazing food delivery app with our readymade HungerStation clone script.

Facile Workflow Of Our HungerStation Clone App

Hungerstation clone app

Easy Onboarding

The user gets on board with the app by using any of their social credentials.


The user witnesses various restaurants and menus with cuisines from all over the world in a single platform. They can surf through them to choose the meal for the moment.

Place Order

The order for the dish is placed by the user effortlessly.


The payment is either done instantly using any of the online payment options available in the app or can be paid once the order is delivered using the cash on delivery option.

Order Confirmation

The restaurant is notified of the order placed by the customer, and the restaurant confirms the order.

Assign Delivery Person

While the food is being prepared, a delivery person is assigned for the order. The delivery person reaches the restaurant to collect the food.

Food Delivery

Once the food is prepared, the delivery person picks up the order and heads to the user’s place to knock on their door with the dish they are craving for at the moment.

Launch Your On-Demand Food Delivery With A Stellar HungerStation Clone

app like Hungerstation

What Do We Offer With Our HungerStation Clone App

When we say HungerStation clone app, it means you are getting a package of apps and web panels to run your food delivery business efficiently with no constraints. You get everything from an attractive user app to an admin panel to manage your business in a single window.

A User Android/iOS App

Delivery Person Android/iOS App

Restaurant Web Panel

Admin Panel

Salient Features Of Our HungerStation Clone App

  • Sign-Up

    The user registers with the app using any of their social credentials in just a few taps.

  • Geo-Tagging

    Tag your user’s location and serve them with various restaurants in and around their location.

  • Explore Feature

    Treat the eyes of your customers with cuisines from different parts of the world, all enlisted one after another. Let them scroll through the app before deciding what they want to order.

  • Advanced Filter

    Give your users exactly what they need with advanced filter options. Let them feed their requirements like their preferred price limit, type of cuisine, and more to get a search result of dishes that tempt them to order.

  • Add Favorites

    Allow your users to create a favourite list of dishes and restaurants so that they can go back and place orders now and then effortlessly.

  • Add To Cart

    Offer your users the ability to add their purchases to the cart and check out all of them in a single tap.

  • Order History

    The user can revisit the orders they have placed anytime in the future to reorder the same food or recommend it to their friends.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    The payments can be accomplished using any of the multiple payment options like credit/debit card, net banking, P2P transactions, cash on delivery, or e-wallets.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    The customers can track the live location of the delivery personnel once the order is picked up from the restaurant.

  • Ratings And Review

    The users can rate and write a review about the food they ordered.

  • Registration

    The delivery personnel are expected to upload documents of their license, vehicle registration, and other government authorised IDs for the admin to verify before getting on onboard.

  • Navigation

    Delivery personnel cannot be familiar with all the routes in a city. A navigation map can assist them in heading to the restaurants, and the users place without any confusion resulting in on-time delivery.

  • Accept/Reject Order

    The orders assigned to a delivery person can be either accepted or rejected. If a delivery person rejects an order, it is automatically assigned to another delivery person.

  • Availability Toggle

    The delivery person can toggle between being online and offline in a swift manner. This promotes flexibility at work, allowing more drivers to partner up with you.

  • Order History

    The orders delivered by the delivery person and the amount earned for each order can be checked here.

  • In-App Calls

    The delivery person can call the user in case of any hindrance in finding their place.

  • Payment Tracking

    The payment for the deliveries accomplished by the delivery person can be tracked here.

  • Rating And Review

    The delivery personnel also can write a review on the user in case of any misconduct.

  • Registration

    The restaurateur submits the documents that authenticate their restaurant to the admin in order to get onboard.

  • Manage Menu

    The restaurateurs can update their menu without any constraints using this feature.

  • Manage Orders

    The orders placed by the customers are viewed and managed by the restaurateur here.

  • Manage Profile

    The restaurateur can edit and manage a profile for their restaurant with exclusive pictures of the dishes they serve, the location of their restaurant, and more.

  • Reply To Review

    The restaurants can build a relationship with the customers by replying to their reviews.

  • Order History

    The orders dispatched by the restaurant and the payment for those orders can be tracked in a single window.

  • User Management

    The admin can manage all the user-profiles and the data on their order history using this window.

  • Delivery Person Management

    The admin keeps a record of all the documents submitted by the delivery person. This can be used as a safety in case of any emergencies.

  • Restaurant Management

    Every restaurant on board with the app can be viewed and managed by the admin effortlessly in a single window.

  • Payout Management

    The payments to be made to the restaurants and the delivery person can be managed by the admin in a single window.

  • Review Management

    The admin can keep track of the reviews posted by the users on the restaurants and delivery person.

  • Ad Management

    The admin verifies and approves the ads posted by the restaurants.

  • Web App

    Allow your customers to add from their PCs/laptops with the web app feature.

  • In-app chat

    Enable your customer to get in touch with you via instant messaging.

  • Third-Party APIs

    Easy integrations with any existing or new third party APIs.

  • Rewards Program

    Customized rewards and loyalty programs to build a fan following.

  • Order Scheduling

    Give your customers the ability to order days in advance with a scheduled order feature.

Covid-Proof Measures You Can Take As A Responsible Entrepreneur

Contactless Delivery

Practice a contactless delivery feature by which your delivery person can leave the parcel at the user’s door.

Cancel Cash On Delivery Feature

Promote online payments as cash on delivery can aid the risk of the spread of the virus, something you, as a responsible business owner, must not permit.

Safety Badges

Reward safety badges to restaurants that practice all the Covid-19 safety protocols. This way, your user can feel secure about the orders they place.

TakeAway Services

Allow users to place orders from restaurants and drop by the restaurants directly and pick up the orders themselves.

Verify Driver Profile

Update the profile of the delivery person with their body temperature, so the customer feels confident about their safety.

Knowledge Banners

Ensure that your customers know you care for them-post knowledge banners on how they can cope with these tough times.

Build A Safe Ecosystem For The Food Lovers To Order And Get Their Favourite Foods Home

Hungerstation like app

Unique Features We Offer For HungerStation Like App Development


By partnering with us, you are enrolling yourself to top the search results for food delivery in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Multi-Vendor Features

Allow the restaurateurs to sign up with you to manage a profile for their restaurants so they can attract more business resulting in increased revenue for your business.

Responsive Design

Our design team come up with an intuitive design that attracts your users and is also compatible with all devices.

Customer Reviews

The feature of allowing customers to write reviews about their orders can increase the credibility of the app.

Social Media Sharing

The act of sharing everyday events on social media is a common notion today. Allow your customers to boast about the cuisine they have ordered with social media sharing options. This can also result in brand recognition and new customers.


Gift your users a small referral bonus for every new user they refer to sign-up with you. This promotes your app and also widens your user base.

Insight Yourself On Why You Should Launch An On-Demand Food Delivery App

Customer Relationship

Today every customer looks into their mobile phones for all their needs. So making a presence there can help you build strong customer relationships.


Food delivery apps make life easier for users as they do not have to worry about roaming in streets to have some food. They can simply order using their mobile devices and get their food delivered to their door.

New Business Opportunities

Launching a food delivery app like HungerStation can lead you to attract your niche effortlessly, thereby increasing business opportunities.

Attract Investors

On-demand delivery apps are the talk of the town, considering the business success rate and their needs today. Launching an on-demand food delivery app can help you find your investors effortlessly.

Expand User Base

By launching an exemplary app like HungerStation in Android and iOS stores, you are allowing yourself to be visible to a large audience. This can help you expand your customer base.

Revenue Model Of HungerStation Clone App

Why Choose Us For Your HungerStation Clone Script Development?

Free Server Installation

We install the fully developed, seamlessly performing food delivery app of yours in a server of your choice for free.

Free Deployment

Deploying the apps on Android and iOS stores can be a tedious task at times. We do that for you free of cost.

Free Support

Our support team is always available for you throughout the development process, free of charge.

100% Customization

Your app is supposed to be unique, and to attain that uniqueness; we offer 100% customization services. Your app is built your way.

Native Apps

Our developers build your HungerStation clone app using native technologies, making them compatible with all devices.

Scalability Options

We always want our clients to grow big. Keeping this in mind, our developers write code that has various scalability options so that your app functions great even with a sudden increase in customer base.

The Cost For HungerStation Clone App Development Solution

The cost to build a HungerStation clone app is undoubtedly way lesser when compared to developing one from scratch. It can act as a major cost-cutting method to start with. Although putting in the actual numbers to develop an app is not possible as it depends on various factors. As we customize apps exclusively for your business, the cost keeps varying, depending on your vision. The technology also used matters. Native technologies may cost a little bit higher compared to other technologies. There are many other factors like these. So why don’t you give us a call and list out your requirements and we would send you a quote with the exact numbers. Call us right away!

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Of course, are you dreaming of growing big? Then getting into the digital world is the right choice. Launch a food delivery app and expand your customer base instantly.
We sign an NDA with you to ensure your business idea is safe with us and it is never leaving our doors.
Once we are on board, we offer you eternal support. Our support is free even after the deployment of the app for a specific time, and later it comes with a nominal price.
No. We never include any hidden charges. We quote you at first, and that is all we expect you to pay.
Of course not. Our solution is scalable, and there are no restrictions on the number of users. In case you want only a limited number of users, then we can do that for you.

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