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Kick-start Your Pragmatic Buy-Sell
Marketplace App Business With Our Letgo Clone

Letgo Clone Script

Looking to build a top-tier buy-sell marketplace that lets users connect with sellers in their locality? Then our Letgo app clone is your best shot. Our local buy-sell marketplace bridges the gap between local buyers and sellers that exist for a long time now. A few taps and a couple of swipes is all it takes for users to discover the best-priced products nearby. Cool, isn’t it?

The solution is laden with features that enable local sellers to list their products on your classifieds marketplace and users to explore the products available for sale near their locations and interact with the respective sellers right away. Being a white-label solution, you can readily rebrand the app with the branding elements of your business and launch it in your niche in no time. Connect with us to get started with your buy and sell app development at an affordable price!


The Detailed Workflow Of Our Letgo Clone Script

Product listings

Sellers can list their used products on the Letgo clone with their detailed information for users' reference.

Promote via ads

Sellers can promote their products to list on the top of users' search results to increase their visibility and thereby reach.

User feed

Buyers can skim through their feed to view the products sold near their locations.

View products

Buyers can view the product with their details and the sellers who listed the products.

Negotiate prices

Buyers can submit their deals with the respective sellers for the products they are interested in.

Chat instantly

Buyers can interact with the sellers through the in-app chat to clarify their doubts regarding the products.

Pay flexibly

Once sellers confirm the orders, buyers can pay for the products via the multiple payment options in the app.

Track orders

Once the orders are processed for delivery, sellers can track them via the real-time GPS tracking feature.

Rate sellers/ products

After receiving the product, buyers can rate the products and sellers who sold them on a scale of 1 to 5.

Crucial Factors To Focus Before Developing A Local Marketplace App Like Letgo

Niche market

Possess a clear idea about the niche market you should focus on before deciding to build a local buy and sell app like Letgo. Only then you can plan the features and functionalities of the app in a way that captivates the attention of your target audience. Hence, research the niche thoroughly before jumpstarting the development for a surefire hit.

UI and UX

The user interface is the online front of your business, and it has to be intuitive and easy-to-access to offer a top-notch user experience. We employ skilled UI designers to drive in more users for your local classifieds marketplace. A stunning interface coupled with a cutting-edge feature set - the perfect formula for a massive user base!

User privacy

The primary concern for users while shopping online is the privacy of their personal and contact information. Eliminate this constraint with our end-to-end protected Letgo clone app. No data can be accessed without your permission, safeguarding your user data with the highest level of security.

Perks Of Launching A Local Buy-sell Marketplace App

  • Reliable business model
    Our Letgo clone does not require your business to invest a large sum of money as your app is just an intermediary between the sellers and the buyers. Thus, it is tried and proven to be risk-free, making it a reliable business opportunity.

  • Highly scalable
    The local buy-sell marketplace app can be scaled as per changing business environment in the future. Its scalable nature offers a significant advantage, helping you stay on top of the business trends.

  • Monetization
    The revenue from the Letgo clone can be generated from multiple sources like subscriptions, commissions, advertising, and more. This way, you can continuously generate substantial revenue in one way or another.

  • Operational efficiency
    Both sellers and buyers are updated on the status promptly, ensuring all transactions are processed without a hitch. Thus, our Letgo clone ensures that the operations are efficient by all means possible.

  • Customer satisfaction
    The solution is loaded with features like customer support, ratings and reviews, etc., to ensure customers can reach out to you to resolve their queries and get an enhanced customer experience. Achieving maximum customer satisfaction has been made effortless!

  • Insights
    The data-driven reports generated periodically will help you track the sales and revenue of your business effectively. Also, you can track your performance and ensure you do not lack in any aspect.

Features Laden In Our Robust Letgo-like Application

Sign up Users can promptly sign up with the buy-sell marketplace with their email IDs, phone numbers, or even social media credentials.

User feed The feed section of the user panel is packed with links to all products listed for sale. Users can readily discover the various sections of the app right from their feed.

User account The order details, billing info, and other account information are present in the user account for their quick overview.

Explore products The advanced search, filter, and sort options let users personalize their feed, thereby finding the various products listed on the local buy and sell marketplace effortlessly.

View product info Upon liking a product, users can check its detailed information, like its price, images, location, seller details, and more, on the respective product page.

View seller info Users can skim through the details of sellers to ensure they are verified. They can also view the products they sell, feedback from other users, and contact details.

Instant chat Users can directly interact with sellers through the instant chat feature. This way, they can negotiate the prices of the products they like or clarify their queries.

My favorites The products that users wish to buy on a later date can be added to the favorites list. This way, they can have quick access to the products.

Push alerts Users are updated on the status of their orders, app updates, special offers, and more via in-app push notifications.

Ratings and reviews Users can rate the products and sellers and share their feedback to help other users review them to make informed choices.

Seller ID login Sellers can get on board by registering with the platform. By signing up, they will be provided with a seller ID, which they can use for logging in.

Seller profile Sellers can set up their profiles with their necessary information, like name, contact details, location, and more.

Link bank account Sellers can integrate their bank account to their seller profiles, so they can receive payments from buyers with ease.

List products Sellers can post the products available for sale on the buy-sell platform, along with their images, price, description, hashtags, etc.

Promote products Sellers can boost their products’ visibility by promoting them to appear on the top listings for a price. The plans can be chosen as per their feasibility.

In-app chat Sellers can connect with users who show interest in their products or users who raise queries.

View reviews Sellers can view the ratings and reviews shared by buyers for their profiles or products they post in this section.

Analytics A report on the products sold, products added to favorites, products to be sold, etc., is presented to help sellers gain insights into their products’ performance.

Dashboard The admin can fleetly look into the various activities taking place in the buy-sell marketplace and manage them efficiently.

Manage users The admin can manage the profiles of all users registered with the platform, along with their detailed information.

Manage sellers The admin can verify the profiles of sellers who wish to join the marketplace. Only after confirmation sellers can start posting their products.

Manage categories The admin can list various categories under which sellers can post their products, making it effortless for users to find them readily.

Manage payments The admin can deduct the commission for products sold through their platform and transfer the remaining amount to respective sellers.

Insightful reports The admin is provided with data-driven reports periodically to help them evaluate the app’s functioning.

Advanced Features Of Our Letgo Clone Solution

  • Order tracking

    Users can check the status of their ordered products and track them in real-time once they are processed for delivery.

  • Product comparison

    Let users compare similar products from different sellers together with this outstanding feature, helping them look for the products with the best price points.

  • Refer and earn

    Increase your user base by rewarding users who invite their friends and family circle to install and use your app successfully.

  • Coupon code

    Users can be provided with coupon codes on special occasions to encourage them to shop on your buy-sell marketplace frequently.

  • In-built camera

    The app can be integrated with an in-built camera that enables sellers to take pictures of products directly to share on the respective product pages.

  • Customer support

    The admin team can fleetly address the concerns of both buyers and sellers who face issues with their orders or product listings.

  • Multi-currency support

    The local buy and sell app can be loaded with the multi-currency feature, empowering users to pay with the currency type of their choice.

  • Multilingual support

    Enable users to access the app’s content in their local languages. An excellent feature to scale your business on a global level.

Revenue Model Of Our Buy-sell Marketplace App Like Letgo

Delivery charges

Charge delivery fee for processing deliveries from the location of sellers to users. It can be your stable income source and vary based on the distance covered and the vehicle type used.

Membership fee

Let users access your buy-sell marketplace app by paying a certain amount as membership fees. These charges can be collected on a monthly or yearly basis.

Seller fee

Collect seller fees from sellers for listing their products on your platform. They can be charged with a fixed one-time fee or a seller fee that they have to renew periodically.

Transaction fee

You can earn commission from sellers for every successful selling transaction processed through your Letgo clone app. A part of the product’s cost can be collected as commission.

Advertisement fee

Promote the products and services of third-party businesses on your application by displaying their ads on the ad banners. You can collect ad fees for the same based on various factors like views, clicks, etc.


Why Choose Us?

Native apps

Our backend developers employ the most recent tools and technologies to build native Android and iOS applications that are leading-edge in every aspect possible.

Modifiable source codes

Our Letgo clone script is 100% customizable, empowering your business to make any changes effortlessly to make it go in line with your business model.

White-label solution

The branding elements of the app can be readily white-labeled with the logo, color scheme, brand name, and more of your business.

In-house development team

Our Letgo clone app development team comprises business analysts, proficient UI designers, backend developers, quality assurance engineers, and a project manager.

Timely delivery

Having operated in the app development industry for several years, our team possesses the capability to deliver fully developed solutions on time.


Our white-label apps are cost-effective solutions that help you launch your local buy-sell marketplace business within your budget.

Free app submission support

We offer end-to-end app development solutions, including getting your app up and running on major app platforms - Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Free app rejection support

Not only do we offer app submission assistance, but we also offer app rejection support, where we help you resubmit your app in case it gets rejected by the app stores due to any reasons.

Free technical support

Serving you is our top priority. Hence, we extend our technical assistance to ensure you run your business smoothly. This is free of cost for a limited time. After this, you can readily avail our cost-effective paid services.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Robust App Like Letgo?

Developing a cutting-edge local buy-sell marketplace app like Letgo is not going cost a bomb, as you think. Though the development of the solution from scratch is expensive, it is not the same case with the customization of a white-label solution. The latter is exceptionally cost-effective and helps you plan your app development budget with ease. However, we can’t give you an exact cost estimate without analyzing your business model and its requirements.

There are a few factors that influence the Letgo clone app development cost, including the feature set, the technology stack, the development team size, and more. Once after evaluating these parameters, we can share the cost estimation. Connect with our team right away to get a free quotation!

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Letgo clone is a local buy-sell marketplace application that is packed with all functionalities similar to the existing business Letgo. The clone solution comes with a robust feature set and the latest technology stack that ensures you launch a pragmatic solution in your target market in the shortest possible turnaround time.
If you are an emerging entrepreneur, you can reach out to our team right away. Our business analysts specialize in developing your business idea into a full-fledged, profitable solution. Connect with us now!
Absolutely. It is your app, and it is our sole responsibility to build a solution that meets your business needs. We take every detail you share into consideration while developing your Letgo clone.
Our Letgo clone is a resilient solution that allows several buyers/ sellers to access the app at a time. It functions seamlessly with zero downtime.
Yes, we do offer free-of-cost maintenance services for a limited time. After this, you can avail our paid maintenance services at a reasonable price.
Kindly connect with us over email - [email protected] or the live chat available on our website.