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An On-Demand Logistics App Development Company With Expertise

The on-demand sector has seen tremendous growth in recent years due to the integration of mobile application technology. Mobile apps have become a vital component of the way we transact business around the globe. From small businesses to the large conglomerates, mobile apps have made their way to every business venture.

One such industry that has been altered heavily by this influx is the logistics industry. Moving large quantities of goods around has always been a vital aspect of industrialization. Any disruptions in this supply chain can be disastrous for the enterprise.

This Lynk clone ensures a streamlined process for the efficient transportation and delivery of goods in a timely manner. Built with the future in mind, this lynk clone solution can be deployed into your existing business at any time. Customizable and scalable in every way, it is the perfect offering for a growing business.

An On-Demand Logistics App Solution

Trip Tracking

Keep a watchful eye on all trips, schedule them for your drivers and maintain the relevant records.


Make trips a fun experience for your drivers by making delivery a competition with dedicated leaderboards to reward the ones that do their job well.

Driver Behavior Tracking

Increase the efficiency of your enterprise with this behavior tracking tool that tracks useful data metrics such as time spent stationary, time spent on mobile, usual routes taken, average speed etc.

Pre-planned Routes

Save on fuel and other charges by pre-planning routes that are the shortest distance between point A and point B.

Driver Scorecard

Track the performance of your drivers via this useful tool. Design the criteria that you want your drivers to be graded upon and score them.

Gas and Service Stations In Proximity

An important feature that can be of immense help in emergency situations. Drivers are continually updated with information regarding the closest gas station and mechanic, in case of breakdowns.

Extensive Features Of Our Lynk Clone App

Our lynk clone solution comes with all the features that you need to run a successful logistics business.

Simple Sign-up Process A simple and attractive UI with a quick sign-up process. Sign-up with just a few clicks!

Select A VehicleChoose from a fleet consisting of all different types of vehicles such as tow truck, van, container truck etc. Pick one that meets your requirements.

Schedule and Manage BookingAllows you to schedule ahead and book with options for immediate and future bookings. Select the desired date, time and pick-up location and get started.

Multiple Payment OptionsOur Lynk clone supports numerous payment options, including cards, cash, net banking, and more.

Track ShipmentsOnce the goods have been dispatched, keep a watchful eye on it through the help of this useful tool. Updates in real time so you know where the shipment is at all times.

Fare EstimationNever ‘wonder’ about how much the shipment costs. This in-built fare calculator gives you an accurate estimate with the details provided.

Accept/Reject RequestDrivers are afforded the choice to accept and reject transport requests as per their schedule.

Available/Busy ModesDrivers can inform customers about their availability by updating their status as either “available” or “busy”.

Manage ProfileDrivers can update details, keep a tab on the work they’ve been doing and more from this page of the Lynk clone app.

Documents UpdationDrivers can easily update their documents to the admin. Critical documents such as insurance, license, and vehicle details can be updated here.

Customer DetailsDrivers can get in touch with the customers in case of any queries or concerns. A smooth communication system between the customer and driver is very important.

Trip HistoryDrivers can view all their past assignments from one convenient location. They can view details such as number of trips, their duration, the pay etc.

Admin DashboardThe dashboard gives a detailed look behind the functionings of the franchise. The admin can customize and prioritize what’s important to them.

Employee ManagementAdmin can manage all the employees, including drivers and other staff. Detailed reports on employees provide insights into productivity and other useful metrics.

Asset ManagementAdmins can manage all the company’s assets from this page of the Lynk Clone. Details regarding the fleet, costs incurred etc, are shown here.

Expense TrackingAdmins can keep a close tab on all the expenditure faced by the company. This is very useful in keeping costs low and increasing the profit margin.

Daily ReportsKeep a track of the day-to-day activities of your enterprise with detailed reports that are generated daily or as per your convenience.

Book for othersEnables users to book a vehicle for their friends and family.

Advance BookingUsers can plan ahead and book days or even weeks ahead.

In-app ChatEnables users, drivers and other staff to communicate with each other via in-app chat.

Manage RefundsAllows users to initiate and manage refunds when needed.

Subscription PlanRegular customers can subscribe to subscription plans for multiple trips and save costs.

The Unique Benefits Of Our Lynk App

Completely Customizable White-label

Our ready-made solutions are good to go when you need it. This white label solution can be modified and branded according to your needs.

Choice Of Servers

We offer multiple choices when it comes to hosting. Whether it be shared, hosted or cloud storage.

Multiple Payment Gateways

No matter what your preferred mode of accepting payments are, we can accommodate that. As a trusted partner of Braintree, Paypal and other premium payment services, payments stay secure.

Completely Scalable

Adapting to the ever changing marketspace is an important aspect of a thriving business. Our solutions are built to be completely scalable to your growing needs.

Fastest Turnaround Time

Our ready-made solutions are built to be deployed with a very short turnaround time. A speedy process that ticks all the right boxes.

An All-in-one Logistics Management System

Based on the concept of “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” our Lynk clone app is filled to the brim with features that when put together forms the most comprehensive on-demand logistics app on the market.

  • Increase
  • Gain insights through
    useful analytics
  • Eliminate
  • Increase operational
  • Add security and
  • Reduce operational
  • Boost the
    supply chain
  • Oversee operations
    at a bird’s eye level
  • Add transparency
    to your enterprise

That Power Our Lynk Clone App

Keeping up the latest tech is important in every business venture but it is doubly so when it comes to software development. Our lynk clone is enabled by the latest technology in the market.

Our Robust Lynk Clone App Solution

Increase the operational efficiency of your logistics enterprise with this cutting-edge clone app solution. With real-time visibility enabled by regular updates and statistics, it is a wonderful addition to your logistics app business. Our lynk clone is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing work model without disrupting operations. With compatibility being a core part of our development mantra, this on-demand logistics app solution can work in tandem with other third party software, enabling you to ramp operations with a vigor.

Get ahead of the competition with our completely customizable lynk clone application. Comprising all the features that you will need and more, it is the perfect choice for the budding entrepreneur. No matter if you’re a small time business or a large conglomerate, we’ve got a software solution that’s perfect for you.

Our Streamlined Lynk Clone App Development Process

Step 1
Feasibility Analysis Tell us your big idea and our team will do preliminary analysis and research to get a clear picture of the idea.
Step 2
Design Once the analysis process is done, our design team will come up with an attractive design and UI that we’ll get started on once you approve.
Step 3
Development Post the design process, we are ready for development. Our development process is thorough and built on the concept of quality.
Step 4
Testing Once development is done, it is time for an extensive quality analysis process. The Lynk clone app goes through a barrage of tests to ensure the product is ready for launch.
Step 5
Launch A strong launch is the first step toward the success of your app, we will ensure that this auspicious start is smooth and hassle-free!


That answer really depends on how extensive you want your app to be. A customized solution made from scratch will take longer than a white-label solution. Reach out to us to get an accurate time frame for your venture!
The cost of the solution varies from customer to customer depending on their requisites. A top-of-the-line solution that is feature-filled will cost more than a more bare-bone application. Rest assured, we have a solution that is perfect for you.
Absolutely! A clone app encompasses the best of what other successful applications have to offer. It is a smart choice for businesses that are under time or budgetary constraints.
Yes! All our solutions are global centric. We enable you to transact business around the world and offer multi-language support to help you in this journey.
Ofcourse! All our applications are made to be upgraded at any time of your choosing. Continually update your app as your business grows and reap the benefits.

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