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Enter The Fast-Evolving Social E-commerce Space With Our Meesho Clone

E-commerce apps, in itself, are technologically advanced solutions that empower users to connect with retailers and wholesalers worldwide. A recent yet upgraded addition to this business silo is the social e-commerce apps like Meesho. These solutions encourage individuals to have their own online business by reselling products from retailers/ wholesalers to their customers.

The main selling point of such solutions is that users can share the products with their circle via various social networks. Upon successful order completion, resellers earn a profit margin, and sellers will witness a rise in their sales. Thereby, both parties profit from this reliable business model. Entering this lucrative market is proven to yield high revenue in no time. Get started on this thriving business journey fleetly with our Meesho clone. Ready-made, reliable, and robust solution!

Meesho clone app

The Origin And Growth Of Reseller Apps Like Meesho

The reseller app business Meesho was based on an idea to serve a social purpose, allowing individuals worldwide to create their own home-based businesses and earn a stable income. The idea blossomed into a pragmatic business model that connected small and medium-sized businesses with these individuals online and initiated the concept of reselling.

Upon witnessing the success of the reseller app Meesho, several businesses joined it to build a market of their own. These businesses started by listing the sought-after product categories like electronics and apparel. Upon seeing a rise in their traffic, they expanded their product listings to other segments, as mentioned below.

  • Kitchen items
  • Household items
  • Decoration
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Accessories

The reseller business is still in its nascent phase, offering opportunities for upcoming businesses to grow and emerge as the next big thing in their niche!

How Does The Meesho Clone Work?
  • Sign up Both sellers and resellers can register with the platform and verify their accounts for authenticity. After this, they can set up their profiles.

  • List products Sellers can list all their products with detailed information under various product categories with their prices for separate orders/ bulk orders.

  • Explore products Resellers can browse through the product categories and check out the wide variety of products listed. They can choose to resell the products they like.

  • Social sharing Resellers can share the products with their friends and family circle via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or other social networks.

  • Receive requests Upon receiving order requests, resellers can add a profit margin to the product and place the order for their customers.

  • Earn regularly Upon completing the order, the profit generated will be deposited into the accounts of resellers swiftly.


Vital Features Of Our Robust Reseller App

Sign up Enable a quick onboarding process to earn users’ interests to join your platform. Offer multiple sign-up options, such as email IDs, phone numbers, or social media credentials.

Reseller feed Resellers are presented with a personalized feed where a multitude of products are shown depending on their preferences, past purchases, and more.

Advanced filter Let resellers streamline their search results based on the product type, manufacturer, price, etc., via the filter option.

Compare products The comparison feature lets users compare one product with another of the same category for the price, quality, etc., helping them proceed further.

Social sharing Resellers can share the products on the platform with their friends and family circle via the social network sharing feature.

Reseller cartResellers can add the products they like to their cart with a single tap. Once they add all products, they can review their cart and proceed to checkout swiftly.

Flexible paymentsThe reseller app is packed with multiple secure payment modes, including debit/ credit cards, net banking, COD, etc.

Order trackingOnce the order is placed, resellers can track the order status periodically until it reaches the end customers. It is supported by the GPS navigation system.

Ratings & feedbackResellers can rate the quality of the product and share their reviews, helping other resellers get a better idea of the product.

Custom alertsResellers will be updated on product availability, order status, promotions, etc., via in-app push notifications.

Offers & discountsThe app houses a dedicated section where products with offers and discounts are listed for the quick reference of resellers.

In-app chatResellers can quickly interact with retailers/ wholesalers in case of any query regarding the product displayed or connect with the customer support team.

Crucial Features Of Our Seller App

Registration Sellers, both retailers and wholesalers, can get on board by registering their profiles with the platform via the instant registration process.

List productsSellers can list their products on the reseller app with elaborate details such as price, description, images, and other relevant information.

Update inventorySellers can fleetly manage their products and update their availability so that resellers can refer to them with ease.

Order requestsSellers are notified of the order requests promptly, so they can review and start processing them to ensure quick order delivery.

Push alertsSellers are updated on the order requests, status of orders out for delivery, payment details, etc., via push notifications.

View customer reviewsSellers can go through the reviews shared by the customers and respond to them as needed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Customer supportSellers can quickly attend to customers' queries, clarify them, and provide relevant answers via the customer chat support.

Real-time reportsSellers can view the performance of their products in real-time via insightful reports updated periodically. It helps them accelerate their marketing efforts if need be.

Significant Features Of The Admin Panel

DashboardThe admin can have a bird’s eye view of the activities of the reseller platform, managing everything end-to-end.

Manage sellers and resellersThe admin can view and manage the accounts of the sellers and resellers registered with the platform and verify them for authenticity.

Manage productsThe admin is responsible for managing the products listed by sellers and ensuring the relevancy of the product information.

Manage ordersThe admin possesses control over all orders processed through the platform. They can review and cancel them if need be for any valid reason.

Manage offers and discountsThe admin can manage the offers and discounts offered by sellers. They can also provide promo codes to captivate a massive user base.

Manage adsThe admin can regulate the promotional ads displayed that advertise both third-party and products listed on the platform.

Referral programThe admin can incentivize users who successfully refer their application to their circle, contributing to the rise in their user base.

Analytical reportsThe app’s performance, the number of users accessing the app, and other related details are analyzed and presented for the admin’s view to make informed business decisions.

Reasons Emphasizing The Need For An E-commerce Application

As of late, there has been an upward trend in online shopping, driving businesses to jump on the bandwagon for high ROI in a short period. Join the thriving e-commerce business segment promptly with the right application onboard. Here are some pointers that stress the importance of e-commerce apps and how it can be beneficial upon foraying into this sector.

  • Mobile reach Connect with your audience instantly through their smartphones, making their online shopping experience effortless.

  • Personalized experience Based on the interests and past purchase history of your users, you can readily offer them a personalized app/ shopping experience.

  • Maximum conversions The right promotional efforts can get you a high conversion rate, leading to an increased user base and skyrocketing sales.

  • Increased ROI Unlike conventional commerce businesses, you can generate revenue from your reseller app via multiple income sources, leading to high returns.

  • Multi-device compatibility A single reseller application can be widely accessed on multiple devices, ranging from laptops, tablets to smartphones.

  • Customer retention Hold back your user base by leveraging the loyalty program readily integrated into your robust reseller application.

How Social Commerce Profit The Resellers On Your Platform

Social media has changed the way people shop for needed products. With just a few taps, they could interact with the sellers and get the shopping done instantly. Thus, social commerce is highly beneficial, especially for resellers, for whom social networks are online storefronts.

  • Increased visibilitySocial media is a place where a large audience base interacts regularly. Selling the products in such a sought-after space is sure to bring in more visitors for the resellers.

  • Enhanced customer experienceWho wouldn’t love shopping online with just a few taps? Social commerce lets users buy products promptly without redirecting to a website or app, offering next-level customer satisfaction.

  • Maximized customer satisfactionResellers can readily attend to user queries and clarify them without delay when they connect with customers over social networks, boosting the customer satisfaction rate.

  • Build trust The reviews of the products sold by resellers will instill trust in their potential customers, driving them to buy from resellers on a regular basis.

  • Increased opportunityWhen resellers share products on social media, it opens gates for their audience to recommend the products listed to their known circle. An excellent way to boost sales!

  • Go globalWith social media on board, location is never a constraint. Resellers can interact and sell products to customers present worldwide.

Meesho like app

Monetization Models Of Our Meesho App Clone

  • Subscription-based model Enable users to access your reseller platform by subscribing to it on a monthly or annual basis, generating a substantial income.

  • Commission-based modelCharge commission from sellers for every order received and processed through the reseller platform. A great option to earn constant revenue.

  • Sponsored listingsEarn a stable revenue by listing products of sellers in the sponsored listings section, increasing their visibility among the app users, thereby their sales.

  • Promotional advertising Boost the promotion of third-party businesses by displaying their adverts on your platform for a certain price. Assures steady income!

Why Choose Our Meesho Clone Script?

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Customizable solution

Our Meesho clone is 100% customizable, offering room for end-to-end personalization of the solution limitlessly.

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Highly scalable

The reseller app we develop offers high scalability, letting you alter its features or functionalities in the future with varying user preferences.

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Spellbinding UI

The user interface of our Meesho clone is simple and sleek, leaving its users awe-struck. Undoubtedly offers an immersive experience!

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Secure solution

The app is encrypted to ensure the user data stored is protected from unauthorized access or tampering.

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Global reach

To help you scale your business globally, our reseller app solution is loaded with multilingual and multi-currency features.

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SEO friendly solution

We apprehend the importance of SEO in the app visibility and reach, driving us to develop a solution that is optimized to rank on top of search results.

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Buyer-Seller shift

Users can readily shift between the seller and buyer profile with the advanced toggle button available in the app.

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Third-party integration

The app allows the integration of third-party APIs like chatbot integration to extend its functionality to enhance the customer experience.

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Regulatory compliance

We ensure that our application abides by the regulatory requirements of the local authority, so you won't face any issue in the future.

Our 5-Step Meesho Clone App Development

Step 1
Project study In the initial stage, we scrutinize the goals and requirements of your business and come up with a plan that helps us develop and launch your reseller application on time and within budget.
Step 2
Requirement listing Based on the business model and its needs, we jot down the feature set and technology stack to integrate into your solution. This way, we ensure your app includes everything that a user will look for.
Step 3
Customization The user interface of the app is white-labeled to align with the branding elements of your business. Also, the back-end is personalized, and its storage and security capabilities are updated if need be.
Step 4
Quality assurance It is vital for your app to exhibit a seamless performance without any glitch throughout its operation. Hence, we run the app through a litany of tests to ensure that the app is free from bugs and other discrepancies.
Step 5
Reseller app launch The fully customized reseller app free from bugs and errors is deployed on all major app and web platforms in the quickest time possible.

The Cost Involved In The Social Commerce App Development

The development cost of an app like Meesho is influenced by various factors involved during the development phase. Based on these factors, the cost varies from project to project.

The factors that determine the reseller app development cost comprise:
  • The feature set used
  • The technology stack deployed
  • The time needed
  • The development team
  • The region of development

At Uber Like App, we provide exact cost estimates upon sharing your business goals and requirements.

Meesho clone script

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Meesho clone is a reseller app where users can share the products listed by sellers with their close circle, add a profit margin, and sell it to them effortlessly. It empowers individuals to work seamlessly in the comfort of their homes and earn a steady income and sellers to maximize their product sales. Along with this, the reseller app business gets to achieve high ROI via multiple revenue streams.
Our Meesho clone is a robust solution that allows several users to access the app concurrently. It functions hassle-free with zero downtime.
Absolutely. Reseller apps like Meesho show that the reseller app business is a highly profitable business idea that can help you earn a high return on investment in a short period.
Yes. Our Meesho app clone is loaded with a robust feature set and resilient technology stack that renders seamless functionality. You never have to worry about its performance now and in the future, making it a reliable app solution.
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