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Simplify Payments with our Mobile Wallet Development

In today’s digital world, dealing with cash can often be a cumbersome and unwelcome process. With the utility of physical cash dwindling each day, people are turning towards alternative methods for handling their finances. It is no surprise then, like with every other facet of their life, they are turning towards mobile wallet app solutions.

Mobile wallets or E-wallet apps have seen a huge increase in popularity over the past few years. They provide what people want. A secure way to carry out transactions digitally with speed and accuracy, from anywhere, at any time. With the unprecedented ease of use and accessibility that mobile wallet applications provide, they are being increasingly preferred over traditional transaction methods.

With numerous years of experience in the field, we provide expert mobile wallet app development at an affordable price that can’t be matched by our competitors. With a completely in-house team of highly skilled professionals on our payroll, we are a one-stop solution for all your development needs.

Are you ready to launch a mobile wallet app that stands out from the rest? Let’s get started!

Mobile Wallet Development For all Industries

  • Retail

    We excel in digitizing the retail market with mobile payment platforms to improve their e-commerce capabilities. Simplify your business practices, bring speed and accuracy into the picture.

  • E-Commerce

    Mobile wallets are essential to the e-commerce market. The best and quickest way to update your Ecommerce company is to connect a payment wallet to it. We integrate mobile payment wallets into E-commerce businesses effortlessly.

  • Financial Establishments

    Digital wallets or e-payments are an imminent trend in the finance industry. We help financial institutions to help their customers by developing the safest mobile wallets in the market.

  • Logistics and Transportation

    The logistics and transport sectors rely mainly on electronic transactions. A mobile wallet app will make it easy for their clients to cover the prices and other expenses in a streamlined and efficient manner.

  • Tech enterprises

    IT companies and other industries providing niche services worldwide accept cryptocurrencies and multiple currencies. They can take advantage of a wireless mobile wallet solution to the fullest extent and profit tremendously.

Our Mobile Wallet App Development Solutions

We provide an extensive range of mobile wallet app development services that can meet the needs of a diverse range of sectors including retail, logistics, healthcare, finance, and more.

 mobile wallet development

Wallet App For Merchants

Our E-wallet app solution is built with merchants in mind and helps them conduct their business in the most efficient and streamlined way possible. With highly useful functionality and design, it is the perfect solution for every merchant in the market.

wallet app

Wallet App For Users

Our user-oriented mobile wallet app solution is built to make transactions extremely easy and simplified. We aim to address the main concerns that users deal with including security, speed, and ease of access with this revolutionary technology.

wallet app

Cryptocurrency Wallet

As a forward-thinking app development company, we build robust cryptocurrency wallets that utilize all the advanced features that blockchain technology has to offer.

wallet app

Mobile Wallet Design

Our mobile wallet app designs are some of the most sought after in the industry. The wireframe of our app designs is extremely attractive and easy to use without compromising on functionality or quality.

wallet app

Mobile Wallet Integration

We provide a high level of integration with our mobile wallet apps. Built to work seamlessly with third-party applications, our integrated wallet app makes the most of open-source APIs.We offer third-party wallet integrations from Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, etc.

wallet app

Custom Mobile Wallet App

Get a highly customizable mobile wallet app like no other with our services. This offering is built with the latest tech features including Face ID Unlock, Biometric Unlock, Advanced Security, Digital IT Management, Receipt Generation, and more!

Empower Your POS Payments With Our Mobile Wallet App

Our aim is to make POS (Point Of Sale) payments quick and easy by utilizing the latest technology in the mobile application market.

QR Codes
QR technology is quite often referred to as an alternative to NFC. Payments enabled by scanning the QR codes are extremely quick and simple to do. A proven way to increase the sales of any enterprise.
NFC (Near Field Communication)
Near Field Communication (or NFC) is the ideal tool for safe wireless transfers between NFC-enabled smartphones and POS-enabled transmitters. Our aim is to provide alternative methods of transactions to boost your chances of making a sale.
Bluetooth and iBeacon
iBeacon is a Bluetooth wireless system where consumers can allow payment easily during check-out without the need for card swipes.
Payment Apps
We excel in creating payment services like PayPal, Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet. Our solutions incorporate innovative technology that will make online purchases simpler and more efficient.

How Our E-wallet App Payment System Works

With years of experience crafting robust mobile wallet applications, we have perfected the process to create the most streamlined method for digital transactions.

mobile wallet development
  • Simplified Registration Process

    The first step for users is to get themselves registered with the e-wallet application and then connect it with their respective bank accounts that they will use for transactions.

  • Easy Funds Transfer

    Once the connection is established, the process of sending and receiving money anytime, anywhere will take only a few seconds without any hassle or lengthy formalities.

  • Bill Payments and Recharges

    The mobile wallet app is not restricted to fund transfers but will also assist the users to make the bill payments and recharge their phones, televisions, etc.

  • Push Notifications For Offers

    The application also has the setting options for notifications where you can allow it to send you push notifications about the latest updates and offers.

  • Shopping The Easy Way

    Now, shopping is made easy with this smart e-wallet payment solution that enables users to make payments with just a few clicks on their smartphones.

Types of Wallets We Specialize In

Closed Wallet

Such wallets are distributed by various firms, so the money deposited in them can only be used to work with the businesses that provided them. They are close to online accounts where the money is paid in the case of any cancelation or reimbursement.

Semi-closed Wallet

These wallets may be used to make electronic or offline purchases, such as paying for food, purchasing clothing online, charging for services such as water bills, energy bills, etc. Payment for mobile phone accounts, metro cards, bus cards, etc.


Such wallets can either be provided by banks or in collaboration with banks. These may be used as semi-wallets and ATM withdrawals, banks or exchanges of money.

Essential Features Of Our Mobile Wallet App

  • User Registration

    Users can create their own profile where they can store all personal details like mobile numbers, addresses, bank details, transaction details, etc.

  • Transfer To Account

    Users can seamlessly transfer money to and from bank accounts.

  • Money Transfer

    Users can instantly transfer money to mobile wallets of payee wallets allowing funds immediately available.

  • Invite Friends

    Users can invite their friends through referral code and earn cashback.

  • POS Integration

    NFC technology i.e., the contactless technology lets users pay by tapping their smartphone against a POS terminal.

  • Split Bills

    Enables the customers to split expenses with friends.

  • Authorize Bank Account

    Users can add multiple bank accounts for transactions and get them authorized from the banks.

  • Cash Pickup

    Mobile wallet users can make an ATM cash withdrawal without using a physical credit card.

  • Add Balance

    Users can add balance to mobile wallet from their bank accounts in just a few clicks

  • Offers Reminders

    The mobile wallet sends reminders like when users are close to exceeding their budget, sends reminders when the bills are due, etc.

  • Balance Status

    Users can check the current status of their account or account balance

  • Budgeting Tools

    Enables users to plan their finances, easily create budgets, and make plans for wise spending smartly on the go.

  • Pay Bills

    Users can pay bills for utilities, mortgages, loans, rents to name a few.

  • Transaction History

    Users can check their entire transaction history date wise and month wise.

  • Default Admin Panel

    Admin has full control to manage and update the app data. Admin can add new sub-admins to access the app, as well.

  • Dashboard

    Admin can see all the number of active users, ongoing transactions, balance, and more on the dashboard.

  • Users Data Control

    Admin can keep all the transactions related records in safe mode and access data in a more reliable and robust way.

  • Usage Analytics

    Admin can see the user engagement, their behavior to the adoption of specific features, and more.

  • New Offers

    Admin can add new discount coupons, rewards, cashback offers, etc. from the admin panel.

  • Intercom Support

    Through this feature, admin can quickly and easily offer customer support, engage with users, and use it for lead generation.

  • Manage Users

    Admin can manage and update users by activating/deactivating, message them.

  • Cash Report

    Users will get cash reports of the total amount in all the users’ wallets.

  • Manage Contacts

    Admin can manage all the contacts.

  • Add/Block Features

    Admin can block the users in case of any unauthorized payments.

  • Secured Database

    We provide a robust database that minimizes the risk of any data threats and make the transactions safe and secured.

  • Reporting

    Admin will get the reports of new users registered, number of transactions, app usability, etc.

Our Add-On Features

Back-Up Facility

We design a digital wallet app with auto-backup which allows users to restore their settings and important information for future references.

Fully Protected

PCI Compliant well secured mobile payment application to protect your mobile app against vulnerabilities and threats.

Push Notifications

Send real-time push notifications to remind your audience of the in-wallet coupons and offers.


Highly portable mobile wallet app to let users add money and make payments online/offline

Secured Transactions

Password protected app with Digital Signature that adds an extra layer of protection, keeping your money safe.


Organize your cards by categorizing them and sorting them as per different categories to personalize the look and usability.

Digital Receipt

Generate and send a digital receipt on the email, in-app, or the phone number after every transaction.

Rewards & Points

Keep your users engaged by offering reward points, loyalty points, and referral points, and cash redemption options.

Refer A Friend

Give your users reward points on each successful referral. This way you can expand your customer base.

Benefits of Our Mobile Wallet Apps

Ease of Use

Our mobile wallet app is designed to be extremely user friendly. Ease of use is the main selling point of any successful application.

Readily Discoverable

As an assurance of transparency, all the transactions within the app are linked to a single source that makes it readily identifiable.

Accurate Payments

Our Ewallet app ensures the accuracy of payments by a great deal.

Effective Time Management

Virtual wallets that we build facilitate efficient time control by allowing consumers to be informed of due dates for bill payments and recharges.

Secure Payments

The digital wallet built and developed by our team of software developers is highly safe and insensible.

User-friendly Interface

The interactive eWallet app that we are developing comes with a user-friendly interface to enhance end-user experience.

What Can You Achieve With Our Mobile Wallet app?

Our mobile wallet app gives you all the tools necessary to enjoy fruitful business growth enabled by the latest features in the market.

  • CustomizabilityReady-made solution with an option to add-on customized features.

  • ScalabilityAchieve faster scalability and pay-off with cloud-ready architecture.

  • ConfigurabilityConfigure services, business rules, and features as per your business needs.

  • Cost-effectiveCut costs with centralized, streamlined, and automated processes.

  • Multi-channel accessAccess solution on any screen, device, browser, Android, and iOS.

  • MarketabilityAchieve rapid marketing with a ready-made digital wallet solution.

Technology We Handle


Mobile wallet apps are a method of payment services operated under financial regulation and performed from or via a mobile device. Instead of paying with cash, cheque, or credit cards, a consumer can use a mobile to pay for a wide range of services and digital or physical goods.
The cost of a mobile wallet app can vary depending on the requirements of the clients. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding the pricing of the app including the work and time spent on it as well the features you wish to implement. To get an accurate estimate, get in touch with our team and they’ll be able to help you out.
The most common ways are through advertising revenue, premium features, and venture capital. However, the sky's the limit when it comes to the revenue streams you can make use of. We will provide you with all the tools you need to put your innovation to test and boost your profit margin.
Yes! With the success that eWallet apps have witnessed in recent years, combined with the fact that the market is still growing at a tremendous pace, it is a great time for budding entrepreneurs to launch a mobile wallet app.
As an experienced developer in the market, we have an in-house team that can do it all. Apart from development, we offer marketing, business analysis and development, SEO services, and post-launch maintenance and support. All of these services are priced at a very affordable price and can be availed as part of a package. Get in touch to learn more!

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