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Video Streaming App Clone

Netflix Clone App Development Solution

Entertainment industry is on a complete rollover from it’s traditional methods into a digital makeover. People get to watch their favourite shows and movies while snuggling themselves into their beds all night long. The pandemic also demands people to stay indoors making them look out for entertainment within their bedroom walls. The on-demand video streaming apps have turned out to be their best friends who keep them entertained wherever they go. This industry is on a definitive surge and is growing wide and vast, bestowing enormous potential for the newbies to leverage.

If you are another dreamer roaming this world with entrepreneurial desires burning in your heart it is time to add some gasoline to your desire by taking up Netflix clone as your ride into your dream.

Next-generation features of Netflix Clone

User App/Web

  • Social media login
    Sign-up/Social media login

    Users can sign-up in the app with requested credentials such as email ID or mobile number and password. They can even login directly via their social media accounts.

  • Subscription plan
    Subscription plan

    Post successful sign-up users can avail any one of the offered subscription plan to access the app features.

  • Genre selection
    Genre selection

    The smart feature showcases the concerned genres for motion pictures, including but not limited to romance, comedy, horror, documentary, talk show, and others.

  • Video Search

    Users search for the concerned film or series by typing into the search bar the name. Based on the provided keywords, the application presents relevant results.

  • Manage profile
    Manage profile

    Users can create a profile for themselves and others via the smart feature. Further customizations such as display picture, name, access to contents, and others can be selected accordingly.

  • Rate and review
    Rate & review

    Users can view ratings & reviews of showcased films and series. They can also rate & review the motion picture as per their discretion.

  • Watchlist

    Users can add or remove videos from their watchlist. Once added, users, visit the watchlist section under the menu and view the saved content.

  • payment gateways
    Payment gateways

    The video-streaming application integrated with numerous popular payment gateways for secure transaction experience.

  • Video player

    After tapping the “Play” button, the in-built video player will activate, showing the concerned video (film or series).

  • Video description
    Video description

    Each video will have a short description comprising info on the film or series, cast, year of release, and others.

  • Video download
    Video download

    Users can download the video and view them during offline mode. With a reliable Wi-Fi connection, users can tap “Download video” and watch later.

  • Picture in picture
    Picture in picture

    The unique feature lets users access other apps while watching the video streaming app.

  • Notifications

    Viewers get notified of the latest updates regarding new videos, subscription reminders, offers, and others via push notifications, SMS, and email.

  • Subtitles & alternate audio
    Subtitles & alternate audio

    Users can activate the subtitles while watching videos and opt for alternative audio for an enhanced experience.

  • Share video
    Share video

    By tapping the “Share” button, users can share the video link via social media and email with ease.

  • Video Recommendations

    In-app homepage, users will view video recommendations based upon user search patterns and video history.

  • Recover password
    Recover password

    Subscribers can recover forgotten passwords by tapping the “Forgot password” text on the sign-in screen. They will receive the concerned steps via email.

  • Help center
    Help center

    Users can contact the service provider’s help center team directly via the in-app chat and call feature.

Admin Panel

admins sign in


Business admins sign-in the application with the requested credentials that may include email address, phone number, and unique password. The sign-in parameters set as per the client’s business requirements.

admin dashboard


Business admins get a bird’s eye view of the entire application functionality, business operations, user behavior, video streaming, and much more

Manage videos

Manage videos

Business admins via the powerful panel can upload/remove videos (films & series), banner videos, trailer videos, and much more.

Manage users

Manage users

Monitor and manage app subscribers seamlessly. From user sign-up requests, business admins can track their behavior, search pattern, watchlist selection, and much more as per discretion.

Manage digital content

Manage digital content

Business admins via the panel can manage all app-related Digi-contents including but not limited to subtitles, privacy policy, video description, notifications, and others.

Manage subscriptions

Manage subscriptions

Business admins can monitor and manage the subscriptions and Pay per view costs via the robust panel.

Manage film

Manage film/series category

With the smart admin panel, manage films and series categories and list them under international, action, independent, thriller, European, Asian, Drama and others.

Manage ads

Showcase custom advertisements to subscribers. The strategically placed ad-spaces on the user app boosts maximum viewership.

Data analytics

View and download custom reports related to subscriptions, ad reach, ratings, and much more via the admin panel to analyze business performance.

Why You Should Invest In A Video Streaming App Like Netflix?

High Quality Videos

The video streaming apps offer the users high quality video contents that were not possible in the TVs. Video streaming platforms are looked upon as the successors of televisions. They offer an experience that television couldn’t, in all these years.

Freedom To Watch Contents

In a video streaming platform, the user has the freedom to choose the content they want to watch at the moment which is not possible on a cable or satellite TV.

Accessibility And Portability

Most of the users watch videos today on their smartphone devices and the video streaming platforms are the major reason for it. The users can now watch a video from anywhere or anytime.

No Data Storage Issues

When it comes to a video streaming platform the user most probably watches the video online which means the user does not worry about the storage data available in the devices which were considered to be a huge problem in the previous years.

Social Sharing

A user can share the content they have watched with their friends and family easily in just a few taps. The sense of sharing the content a user loved with another user is priceless and video streaming platforms like Netflix make way for it.

Future-Friendly Investment

The video streaming platform is the future of the entertainment industry. With users leaning over video streaming platforms to rewatch movies, or sports clips, or any random video the future is definitely on the sides of the video streaming apps.

Advanced Features Of A Netflix Clone App

Offline Videos

No more worries if there is a good internet connection every time. The user can download the contents when they have access to a great internet connection and watch it later offline.

Subtitle Settings

The subtitles can be either On or Off, depending on the choice of the users. Apart from this, the user can select the subtitle language, the font, and many more.

Screenshots Not Allowed

The contents in a video streaming platform are protected using copyrights. The blocking of screenshots stops the user from sharing them.

Add Friends

The users can add their friends to their accounts to share their playlist, or recommend their favourite contents to their friends.

Live Streaming

Live streaming of TV shows, sports, events, and more can add more FOMO to the users compelling them to watch those live streams.

Choose Resolution

The user gets to decide the resolution in which they want to experience the particular content. It also may depend on the internet connection they have at the moment.

What Do We Offer?

Image placeholder

Native App

We build the Netflix clone app using native Android and iOS technologies so that the app performs seamlessly on all devices.

Admin Panel

A dynamic admin panel that allows you to manage the business efficiently.

Payment Gateways

The pertinent revenue for a video streaming platform is the subscription. We integrate multiple payment options in the app, so all your users can subscribe.

Web App

A robust website that can function seamlessly irrespective of the device it is viewed. A web app with a similar experience as a mobile app.


A 100% customizable solution, a unique app reciprocating your business ideology in every window.

Attractive Design

The Netflix clone app comes along with an attractive design that will be pleasing to your audience nourishing the user experience.

How Does a video-streaming app like Netflix generate revenue?

The remarkable on-demand video-streaming Netflix like App is integrated with popular revenue models for seamless business performance.

Subscription Plans

The major source of revenue for a video streaming platform like Netflix is the subscription plans. More than one subscription plan can be presented to the user with different privileges, the user can choose the subscription plan that well suits them.

Rent Videos

The users can rent a video for a nominal price for a specific period of time until which they will be able to watch it.

Download Content

The users can be charged for downloading the content. This can add up some revenue to your pockets.


Third party businesses can be allowed to post advertisements on the platform and a handsome amount can be charged as an advertisement fee.


Why Choose us for your video-streaming app development solutions?

Expert developers

We employ only the best developers for your project who are equipped with delivering smart app and web development solutions all over the globe.

Project confidentiality

We value your project and sign the concerned NDA agreements to safeguard your idea always. During the final delivery, we hand over the entire video-streaming application source code.

Advanced tech

We ensure your on-demand Netflix like App is integrated with the most advanced technology and features to turbocharge platform performance always.

Round-the-clock support

Your dedicated project team remains available 24*7 for any additional app development requests, enhancements, and clarifications.

End-to-end customizations

Your idea is unique; we analyze and combine our fantastic Netflix clone script with your additional business requirements hassle-free.

Post-launch maintenance

Our amazing post-launch support packages offer support services post your application goes live. So any customization requests can be fulfilled with ease.

Netflix Clone App Screens

Netflix clone App
App Screen
App Screen
App Screen
App Screen
App Screen
App Screen
App Screen

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Technology We Handle



Yes, monitor and manage suspicious users with the powerful admin panel, and restrict their access as per service policy.
Indeed, our team will remain in touch with you during the entire development phase. Any customization requests will be implemented almost instantly.
Yes, we can customize the app as per your business requirements. We can integrate the subscription, ad, and Pay Per View revenue model into the app.
Indeed, you can custom create a referral program and set the regulations as per your discretion. You can notify existing users/subscribers via the notification feature.
An idea is all it takes to realize a business. Our experts will discuss your plan, analyze your requirements, and recommend smart solutions to get started.