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On-Demand Babysitting App Development

Working parents/guardians and part-time moms have suffered in silence trying to pursue a career while facing mounting family commitments. Children are a blessing; however, the responsibility to look after them is critically demanding. Babysitting/Childcare services have been assisting societies in pursuing their tasks, while promptly meeting domestic obligations. However, the traditional system lacked centralization and accountability, thus resulting in unorganized arrangements and zero monitoring. With the boom of application technology and smart devices, specialized services for children promises more security and efficiency. The on-demand babysitter app powered with intelligent features offers a reliable platform for service seekers to connect with experienced nannies near their location.

What We Offer in Babysitter App Like Uber

We design, develop, test, and deliver native iOS and Android apps (for service seekers and nannies) coupled with the robust dashboard (for business admin).


The application tailor built for parents and guardians looking for professional babysitters and nannies for their kids.
The smart app designed for ease of use and timely tracking of activities.

Sign-up/Sign in

Customers access the application post-signing-up with requested credentials, including email and number, and create custom profiles.

In-app chat

Parents can communicate their requirements and expectations with babysitters before or after confirming service request.


Update parents/guardians with service confirmations, service costs, special offers, in-app chat alerts, and others via Push, SMS, & Email.

Online payment

Customers pay for the babysitting services directly via the application. Integrated payment gateways ensure secured processing.

Rate & review

Post-service completion, customers rate and review the babysitter or nanny as per their discretion.

Book now/Schedule

The customers can either be book the nanny services right away or schedule at a later time & date.

View history

The smart Uber for Nannies feature lets customers view the previously availed babysitting services including date, time, cost, and others.

Live tracking

After service request acceptance, customers track the professional via the in-app feature.

Cost estimation

Before booking, users view the service cost via the exclusive application feature. The price is estimated based on babysitters experience, no. of hours, age of baby, and others.

View profiles

Customers view professional babysitters profile comprising details like name, age, address, number, experience, specialized services, and others.

The Uber for Nannies app allows authorized professionals to get hired by global service seekers.
The application offers easy sign-up, profile creation, location & payment tracking, and others.


Babysitters and nannies register into the application platform with email and phone number or log in via social media.

Manage profile

Professionals create and customize profiles with their name, age, display picture, certifications (if any), experience, specializations, and others.

View customer info

Before or after accepting service requests, babysitters view customer details, including name, address, ratings, and others.

Manage earnings

Babysitters monitor and manage their earnings via the tailored feature integrated into the app.

In-app navigation

After accepting the babysitting service request, professionals locate the location via smart navigation.

Accept/reject request

Professionals either accept or reject childcare service request via the app. Post accepting, customers details, including in-app navigation, gets activated.

Availability toggle

Babysitters via the app feature confirm their availability. The profile becomes visible to customers after professionals tap “Available.”

View service history

Nannies view their previous completed services with details including but not limited to customer name, address, service cost, and others.

Rate & review

Post-service completion, babysitters rate, and review customers as per their discretion via the app.

Business admins monitor and manage the customers and babysitting professionals via the advanced dashboard.
The admin can modify the application (customer & babysitter) features, functionalities, and others to enhance the experience as per discretion.

Secure sign-in

Business admins access the premier dashboard securely via the credentials comprising email, number, and unique security pin.

Manage customers/babysitters

Manage customers, babysitters, and bookings via the admin dashboard. Monitor requests, dispatch nannies, and others function efficiently.

Manage appointments

Monitor bookings and manage dispatch process efficiently via the admin panel. Connect babysitters with customers on time, every time.

Manage notifications

Share critical alerts for booking confirmations, offers, bills for services, advertisements, and others via Push, SMS, and Email.

Manage services

Manage services and set prices as per demand and supply. Activate surge pricing and relocate babysitter fleet to high-demand zones.

Manage payments

Optimize prices, set commissions, and smoothly manage payments received from customers and credited to babysitters.

Precise tracking

Business admins track babysitters & nannies i=on job in real-time via the robust dashboard.

Unique Features Powering Uber for Babysitters

God’s eye

Business admins track, monitor, and manage the entire childcare business functionalities effectively.

Categories & Subcategories

Customers view the professional service profiles and filter down on requirements via the smart feature.

Banner ads

Showcase custom advertisements and promotional messages to customers and babysitters via dedicated apps.

In-app wallets

Secure wallets where customers top up & pay and babysitters receive the money (post-commission).

Save payment details

The smart feature saves customers payment details, including card details and others (not the password) for future payments. The feature is optional.

In-app call

Service seekers and service professionals connect via in-app calling feature.




Post-service completion, detailed invoice automatically generated and shared with users for download.

Connect with customer care

Parents/guardians and babysitters/nannies connect with the application’s service team via the app directly.

Multi-language interface

The application caters to numerous languages seamlessly including but not limited to English, Mandarin, Italian, and others.

Referral system

Customer share application links with friends and family. Successful referrals attract offers and discounts as per service policy.

Status updates

Childcare professionals update timely status, including service acceptance, reaching location, task completion, end of service, and others.

Share babysitter details

Customers share babysitter details with friends and family by tapping the “Share detail” button.

How Does the Babysitter On-Demand App Works

  • Parents sign-in the app

  • Search for babysitter near their location

  • Review their profiles

  • Book/schedule later

  • Rate & review

  • Payment post service completion

  • Babysitter arrives at the location

  • Sitter accepts request

How do app owners earn with on-demand babysitting platform

Uber for nannies is an unrivaled money-making machine that scales up to your business requirements effectively.

  • Commision
  • Advertisement
  • Subscriptions
  • In-app purchase
  • Special services
  • Premium tag for babysitters

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Yes, the application can be customized with numerous features that cater to your business requirements.
Yes, the digital wallet feature offers easy debiting and crediting of funds. The functionality can be set via the admin dashboard.
Yes, as per delivery, post the on-demand babysitter application delivery, we handover the entire source code promptly.
Each business idea is unique. However, with extensive experience, we have mastered the skills of delivery application on-time always. Please have a chat with our experts to learn more.
Indeed you can. The admin panels offer easy tracking of customer & babysitter ratings.