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The Preferred Name In Doctor On-Demand App Development

With the technological shift we have witnessed over the past few years, every industry around the world has changed almost entirely. The arrival of mobile apps into the picture has been nothing short of a revolutionary moment.

As one of the most vital services, the medical industry has also witnessed this revolution. At the forefront of this innovative industry is on-demand doctor app development. In a digitally-driven world, there is a need for patients to consult their doctors from the comfort of their homes.

Our range of on-demand doctor apps make the process of teleconsultations extremely simple and easy to access. A highly customizable offering that comes with the latest features in the market, it is a one-stop solution for all your consultation needs.

Take your medical practice online with our help. Get started by getting in touch with our experts today!

Our On-Demand Doctor App Solutions

We provide an extensive range of services that encompass everything that both doctors and patients require in a telemedicine app.

  • Virtual VisitPatients can consult with their doctors through innovative Virtual Reality (VR) services enabled by in-app cameras.

  • Electronic Health RecordsBoth doctors and patients can store vital medical records digitally in a secure manner, making consultations safe and easy.

  • Convenient Booking ServicesWith real-time availability options, patients can book an appointment with their doctor at any time and confirm their consultations.

  • TelemedicineDoctors can remotely help patients through diagnosis and prescribe them with digital prescriptions in a totally secure and private manner.

  • Effective MatchingBy utilizing the interactive doctor on-demand mobile app, the users (patients) can search for the doctors as per their unique health requirements. The easy matching capability of the app provides better, valuable suggestions to the patients while browsing.

Uber for doctors app development

The Workflow Of our On-Demand Doctor App

Doctor app screen
Choose the type of service

Patients are prompted to choose from the list of available service options including teleconsultations, appointment fixing, or have the doctor visit their home.

Doctor app screen
Select A Specialist

Patients can choose the specialist of their choice to help them with their individualized requirements. There are diverse options available in the app based on the specialization of the doctors.

Doctor app screen
Schedule The Appointment

Users can schedule appointments easily for themselves or a family member.

Doctor app screen
Add Dependents

Users can add dependents to their account and fill in the necessary details.

Doctor app screen
Filtering Options

We provide a range of filtering options including location, type of service required, and more to help patients choose the best care possible.

Doctor app screen
Key Notes

Provide all necessary details of ailments and relevant information regarding the same.

On-Demand doctor app
Symptom Information

Give all necessary information on symptoms and also add images.

Doctor appointment booking app
Doctor List

Detailed profiles of doctors are provided such as reviews, ratings, certifications, specialization, fees, etc.,

Doctor app screen
Book a consultation

Users are also provided the available time slots to book a consultation with their preferred doctors.

Doctor app screen
Digital Prescription

The patient can view the prescription raised by the doctor after the consultation and invoice being raised.

Doctor app screen
Bookmark Doctor

Users have the option to save their favorite doctors on their profiles to easily access when they make an appointment.

Doctor app screen
Messaging Options

Our on-demand healthcare app is all about providing efficient healthcare services. Users are equipped with communication features and various payment modes.

Doctor app screen
Mode Of Payment

Select a mode of payment that has options such as cash, from the wallet, or from insurance.

Doctor app screen
Video Call With Doctor

Users can have a Telemedicine consultation with their doctors using live video facilities in the app. The entire consultation is recorded and stored as per law. This data is encrypted so that it can be viewed only by the doctor or patient.

Doctor app screen
Live Track Your Doc

Users can track their doctor while he/she is in the process of completing the appointment. This facility is useful for both doctors and patients to have information on each stage.

Doctor app screen
Consultation History

Check details of past, present, and open consultations with your healthcare professional and invoice raised.

Doctor app screen
Receipt & Rating

View the receipt of the total amount paid for the consultation. Rate your experience via feedback on various factors

A complete Doctor On-Demand App

Built on the model of our top-selling application solutions, our Doctor on-demand app comes with all the tools one needs to set up a successful consultation service online. We have ticked all the boxes when it comes to development and made the app compatible with all the premier platforms in the industry including the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

The app can be used on all devices including phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices, allowing both patients and doctors to access it from anywhere, at any time. With a sleek interface that is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and highly responsive, our Uber for doctor app is the best telemedicine software you’ll find in the market.

  • Doctor Website
  • Doctor iOS App
  • Doctor Android App
  • Doctor Web Panel
  • Patient iOS App
  • Patient Android App
  • Patient Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel with dashboard

Default Features Of Our On-Demand Doctor App

This all-inclusive healthcare solution comes with thoughtful features that are in-built to provide a seamless experience for both doctors and patients alike.

Quick login Our onboarding process is very simple and hassle-free. Patients can get started in no time.

User profile Patients are prompted to set up their profile with the necessary information.

Appointment booking Patients can book appointments according to the time slots provided by the doctors.

In-app chat Patients can quickly get in touch with doctors or app-admin using in-app chat options.

Location Patients can easily find the location of the clinic and get detailed directions via Google Maps.

In-app payment Payments can be made via multitude of ways in a secure manner.

ReviewPatients can leave a review of their experience and provide a rating for the doctor.

QueriesPatients can ask health-related questions which will be answered by professionals.

Set favorite doctorPatients can bookmark a doctor with a ‘favorite’ option for quick access.

Electronic documentsPatients can safely upload healthcare information via digital documentation for review by doctors.

Schedule for a house callPatients can choose to schedule an in-house appointment if the doctor provides.

Treatment historyThe treatment history of the app consultations is kept safe for future reference.

Set search radiusThe search radius can be set to effectively find doctors in the vicinity.

Doctor informationPatients can view details regarding the doctors such as their photo, degree, and specialization details.

Doctor profile Doctors can create and update their profiles with relevant details and update information.

Availability status Doctors can set their status as available or unavailable at any time as per their convenience

Booking slots Doctors can set the time slots of their availability depending on their schedule.

Accept/reject a booking Doctors can accept or reject a booking request from the patient.

In-app chatDoctors can chat with the patients or the app admin at any time.

Digital prescription Doctors can prescribe medication to their patients digitally during consultations.

Social Media login Doctors can integrate their social media account with the app for quick login and increased exposure.

View patient detailsDoctors can view the profile details of the patients for reference.

Secure login Admins can quickly login to their accounts to oversee operations.

Manage Bookings Admins can manage the way bookings are listed and edit them at them anytime.

Manage patientsAdmins can manage the patient profiles from one easy to access location.

Manage Doctors Admins can manage doctor profiles in a streamlined fashion.

Forums Admins can post relevant information articles, blogs, and forums on the app for patient view.

App settingsAdmins can modify the app and change any setting options at any time.

Detailed Reports Admins are provided with periodic reports that are highly detailed and helpful.

Create sub-admins Admins can delegate sub-admins that can help run the app.

Treatment history Admins can view the treatment history of both doctors and patients.

Service Updates The app is updated periodically to ensure smooth operation.

Profile Approval Admins can review and approve doctor profiles when a new doctor joins the app.

Manage adsAdmins can manage all the in-app advertisements and edit them according to their wishes.

How To Make Money Using An On-Demand Doctor App

  • Share video
    Doctors Commission Fee

    The app owner can get a commission on every successful consultation .

  • Video Recommendations
    Doctors Registration Fee

    The app owner can collect a registration fee for the doctor sign up process.

  • Recover password
    Patients Commission Fee

    Patients can be charged a commission for every consultation in the doctor app.

  • Help center
    Premium Listings

    The app owner can charge an extra commission for listing doctors under the premium listings option.

  • Help center
    Image/Video Banner Ads

    The app owners can charge advertisers for displaying in-app ads in the form of videos and images.

Features Of Our Uber For Doctors App

There are several factors that make the doctor booking app the right choice to offer healthcare services to users. A few influencing factors include:

  • Instant Notifications and AlertsBoth users and doctors can send instant messages, alerts, and notifications to each other. Admin can send promotional messages, offers etc.

  • Information CachingThe safe handling of information that helps make the future interactions easier and more streamlined.

  • Ratings and ReviewsPatients can leave helpful reviews and rate their experiences to help continuously improve the service provided.

  • Easy SchedulingWe make the process of booking appointments super easy for the patient. An appointment can be booked and scheduled with a few taps.

  • Multi Payment We provide a litany of ways through which patients can pay for the services incurred including online payments, credit/debit cards, and many more.

  • AnalyticsAdmins can improve their processes with detailed, in-depth analysis reports that are generated periodically with all the necessary information.

Benefits Of Our Doctor On-Demand App Development

Ease of Use

We ensure that all our offerings are easy to use with a highly interactive user interface built on simplicity.

Secure Payments

All the payments going through our app are assured to be entirely secure with multiple levels of security.

Live Video Feature

Patients can connect with their doctor at any time virtually, with the help of our live video feature.

Personalized Healthcare

With our Uber for doctor app, patients can get the best personizlied care possible. One-on-one treatment has never been easier.

Easy Scheduling

For doctors, we provide a host of scheduling options that are highly customizable. They can pick and choose when they want to be available for consultations according to their schedule.

Industries That Can Benefit From Our Uber for doctors app


Our application is a great way for hospitals to expand their operations beyond their traditional practices. Patients can also book appointments for hospital visits.


We help doctors stay in touch with their patients and provide their services from a remote location in an easy and efficient manner.


With the help of the quick, innovative messaging solutions, the doctors and patients are able to exchange vital patient-doctor medical records and reports.

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Doctor Live Demo
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Technology We Handle


An on-demand doctors app is a software application that enables doctors and patients to connect remotely. With a host of useful features that make telemedicine easier, it is a great way for doctors to provide services from a remote location. We provide on-demand doctor app development that is highly effective, forward thinking, and really affordable.
In today’s digital world, application solutions have taken over the market in many regards. Businesses need to adapt themselves to make consumer’s lives easier and to stay successful. For staying relevant in this instant gratification market, our on-demand doctor app is the best solution for doctors and healthcare professionals.
Yes, provided that you choose the appropriate package, we do provide the source code for the app. You can modify and customize it according to your needs. Get in touch with us to know more details.
The exact pricing for the Uber for doctors app is dependent on the individual requirements of the client. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding the pricing of the app such as the time of development, features availed, extent of customization and more. To get an accurate quote of the pricing details, get in touch with our team and they’ll be happy to help you out.
The duration of development is also dependent on the needs of the client. It can change on the extent of work to be done. However, our basic on-demand doctors app can be launched in a matter of weeks. No matter what your time constraints are, we can surely meet them and provide you with a quality product. Get in touch and provide us the details.
Apart from development, we have an in-house team full of specialists including marketing analysts, content creators, SEO analysts and more. We pride ourselves on being a completely stand-alone company that can take care of everything without the need for third party help. We also provide expert customer service and maintenance support for all our products. All our services are priced at an affordable price for the benefit of our clients.

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