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On-Demand Flower Delivery App Development

With flower delivery services witnessing robust growth, enter the market with a custom on-demand Uber-like Florist App. Powered with creatively-crafted features and advanced tech, witness business scalability instantaneously. With undying etiquette, cater to global users with a dedicated app for both customers and florists coupled with a powerful admin dashboard to monitor and manage the business functionalities. So why wait? Begin your success story with applications designed and developed for popular mobile (iOS and Android) and web platforms.

On-Demand Flower and Bouquet Delivery App - Business App Models Served

We build and deliver tailored applications that suit all flower delivery business app models hassle-free.

  • Store Owners

    With the systematic dashboard, store owners keep track of their inventory, flower & bouquet deliveries, payments, and much more with ease.

  • Flower Vendor Aggregator

    Our app solutions assist flower and bouquet marketplace owners to scale their businesses seamlessly.

  • Multi-Store Flower and Bouquet Chain

    Connect all your stores and centralize operations via the smart app and dashboard. Get critical insights for better decision making.

What We Provide

  • Sign-up/Sign-in

    Customers sign-up in the on-demand flower delivery app with requested credentials, including email and phone number. They can log in directly via their social media as well.

  • Browse Flowers

    The application showcases numerous flowers and stores with comprehensive details such as name, cost, quantity, short description, and others. Customers browse and choose as per discretion.

  • Search & Filter

    Users search for flowers or bouquets via the in-app search. To further enhance results, users apply filters.

  • Book Now

    Service seekers post selecting the flower, quantity, address and payment options tap “Book Now” for instant delivery.

  • Schedule Delivery

    Customers schedule the delivery by selecting the flower or bouquet, date & time, destination, and payment before tapping “Schedule delivery.”

  • Re-Order

    To save on time, customers view previous order and tap “re-order” for instant or scheduled booking with ease.

  • View Florist Details

    Before placing an order, service seekers view flower store details including but not limited to name, experience, address, offerings, and others.

  • Order History

    Customers via the app view the previously booked flower delivery details including date & time, flower type, quantity, cost of service, and others.

  • In-app Payment

    The app integrated with popular payment gateways and methods offers a secured payment experience for customers during checkout.

  • Rate & Review

    Post flower delivery, customers rate and review the product and the experience via the app feature.

  • Offers, Promos and Coupons

    Customer use promo codes, offers, and coupons that offer discounts, exclusive services, or other benefits as per business discretion.

  • Help & Support

    Customers get in touch with the applications help & support team via the in-app chat or call feature hassle-free.

  • Registration/Sign-in

    Store owners register into the application platform with requested credentials and create custom profiles with name, display picture, expertise, and other details.

  • Manage Store Information

    Professional florists manage store details, including name, address, flowers and bouquet types, specialized services, and other information. Customers view the updated store information while browsing.

  • Manage Flower Listings

    With the dedicated app, flower shop owners list the flowers based upon their inventory, the bouquet designs, and others.

  • Availability Toggle

    Professionals confirm the availability to serve customer requests via the feature. If “available” opted, florists would receive customer service requests.

  • Accept/Reject Request

    Flower store owners can either accept or reject customer service request as per their discretion. If taken, they view the service details, including flower type, quantity, cost, and others.

  • Notifications

    The dedicated app for flower shop share alerts with regards to service requests, offers, in-app chat message, assigned driver info, and others via push, SMS, or email.

  • Track Delivery

    After accepting service requests, florists view delivery person details and track flower deliveries post collection.

  • View Customer Details

    During service request notification, florists view customer details including but not limited to nake, address, previous orders (if any), flower type, quantity, and others.

  • View Analytics & Reports

    The unique feature showcases the florists business reports with data such as deliveries, flowers sold, earnings, ratings, and much more.

  • Help & Support

    Flower professionals connect with the application platform’s help and support team directly via the app.

  • Registration/Log in

    Delivery agents register into the dedicated flower delivery application with email & phone number and create a custom profile with necessary details.

  • Notifications

    Drivers get alerts with regards to service requests, navigation, in-app messages & call, payment confirmation, and others via push, SMS, and email.

  • Availability Toggle

    Driver's confirm their availability to serve flower delivery requests via the app feature. They receive service alerts postmarking as "Available to serve."

  • Accept/Reject Request

    Post accepting service request, a delivery person view the customer details, product pickup, and final delivery location. Also, if service request rejected, drivers required to furnish a reason for the action.

  • In-App Navigation

    Post accepting a delivery request, drivers view the flower pickup location and customer delivery location via in-app navigation.

  • Rate & Review

    Post-delivery completion, drivers rate the customer and florists via the application. They share feedback as per their discretion (if required).

  • Help & Support

    Delivery agents get in touch with the service provider's help and support tea directly via the application.

  • Delivery History

    Drivers view the previous deliveries with details including but not limited to customer destination, flower store location, product, quantity, and others.

  • Order Details

    Post accepting service request, delivery executives view order details including customer name, flower shop location, flower type, quantity, special instructions, and others.

  • Registration & Log in

    Business admins register into the application and log in with requested credentials or unique ID & password as per owner’s discretion.

  • Manage Orders

    Admins via the powerful dashboard monitor and manage customer order requests by matching with available florists and drivers nearby.

  • Manage Florists

    Manage florists and their details, monitor their inventory, payments (post-commission) hassle-free via the panel.

  • Manage Delivery Persons

    Monitor delivery agents and track their movements promptly. Manage their details, payments (post-commission), add or remove from the delivery fleet, and more.

  • Manage Ratings & Reviews

    Admins view customer, delivery executive, and florists ratings and feedback via the panel. Take necessary steps (if significant, as per feedback) to improve or enhance service.

  • Manage Payments

    Business admins track customer payments and share auto invoices: Post-Payment, credit to florists and delivery persons after commissions.

  • Dispatch Drivers

    As per florists location and delivery destination, dispatch drivers via the panel. Business admins can either dispatch delivery agents manually or set as auto.

  • Manage Notifications

    Share alerts and critical information with customers, drivers, and florists via push, SMS, and email.

  • Manage Descriptions

    View and approve florists, product, services, and driver description via the admin panel seamlessly.

  • Manage Ads

    Ad spaces strategically placed on the customer, delivery person, and florists applications for maximum viewership. Showcase ads with ease.

  • Analytics & Reports

    View and download customized reports on business performance. Make informed decisions with the smart feature.

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Additional High-Performance Features
Powering the On-demand Flower Delivery App


Social Media Login

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Auto Invoice


Multi-Delivery Stops

Multi-Language & Currency

Referral System

Multi-Payment Gateways

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Product Customization

In-App Chat & Call

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Why Choose Our Unique Solutions?

Smart Delivery Management Software
The robust dashboard is built to administer and enhance all the critical aspects of on-demand flower delivery business operations.

Optimization of Routes
The smart algorithm automates the in-build route planner and provides precise and optimized navigations for on-time deliveries.

Business Analytics
Get access to business reports for data-originated insights for sound decision making. The incorporated business analytics tool offers easy report customizations.

Reliable Marketing Campaigns
Run promotional campaigns, and seasonal discount offers to generate or boost customer and florists loyalty.

Supply Chain Management
Keep track of the inventory and manage demand and supply of flowers via the smart dashboard.

In-app Communication (Real-Time)
The integrated in-app chat feature offers secure communication between customers, delivery agents, and flower store owners.

Uber for florist app
uber like app for flower delivery


We believe in transparent and straightforward development and delivery processes. Check out the exclusive demo that portrays our premier on-demand flower delivery app features and performance.

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Yes, the white-labeled Uber for flower delivery app can be customized with numerous features that best meet your business requirements.
Indeed you can. By linking all the dedicated apps with the powerful admin dashboard, you can track flower shop inventories with ease.
Yes, we program the app to adapt to any language requests and perform glitch-free practically.
Indeed it can. You can set the dispatch functionality to auto via the powerful admin dashboard.
We believe in end-to-end transparency right from the ideation stage to launch. Our team will remain in constant touch and update you on the progress.

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