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Handyman App Development Company

With ad-hoc or planned service requests for carpenters, electricians, mechanics, plumbers, and others on the rise, cater the demands with custom Uber for handyman services platform. Powered with advanced features and state-of-the-art tech, witness perfect solutions serving home service requests across the globe. Why wait? Join the party with the creatively-crafted on-demand Handyman services app designed, developed, and tested by market experts.

What We Offer
in Uber for Home Services App

We build and deliver compelling and interactive Handy clone application integrated with complete technology suite.

The smart app for customers offers an easy search of service professionals, booking, tracking, and secure payment experience hassle-free.

Sign-up/Login Service seekers sign-up with email and number and create custom profiles containing their name, address details, number, and others.

Browse & Search Customers browse (search) the app for service professionals and view details, including their name, service experience, cost, and others.

Schedule/Book-now Customers can either schedule the service for a particular time & date or request right-away as per convenience.

Real-Time Tracking Track handyman professionals post-booking via the application promptly. The feature allows the customer to guide professionals to the service location.

In-App Payments Integrated with payment gateways and methods, customers pay via the app post-service completion.

Rate & Review Customers rate the professional and provide additional feedback to help improve the experience as per discretion.

The intelligent app for professional offers navigation to location, availability to services, accept/reject service requests, payment tracking, and much more smoothly.

Manage Availability Professionals tap “Available” or “Unavailable” to service requests via the smart feature.

Accept/Reject Request The professionals either accept or reject service request via the app feature. In-app navigation activates post accepting service request.

In-App Navigation Post accepting service request, application activate navigation with end-to-end route guidance to customer’s location.

Registration Service experts register in the application with email and phone number and customize the profile with name, display pictures, contact information, experience, etc.

Service History Professionals review the past services performed by them via the app. Details including customer name, date & time, cost of service, etc. showcase promptly.

Customer Info Before or after accepting service requests, handyman views customer details, including name, address, contact number, service type, and others.

Business admins monitor and manage customers & professionals, payments, timely dispatches, queries, and much more with ease.

Manage Customers/Professionals Business admins manage customer requests, professionals availability, track payments, sign-ups, and others seamlessly.

Manage Requests With the centralized admin dashboard, view and manage all customer booking requests, the current status, and others.

Promotions and Referrals Increase the app user base with custom service offers, discounts, referral bonuses, additional categories, and others.

Manage Dispatch Monitor service requests and manage dispatch processes efficiently via the centralized admin dashboard.

Track Professionals Post dispatch (auto or manual) of professionals, track their movements and service status promptly.

Manage Payments Monitor and manage customer payments via the dashboard. Credit payments to service professionals post-commissions effectively.

Uber for Handyman

Tailored Features
Powering the Homer Services App

Social media

Customers and professional handymen login the app via social media accounts and access the features & functionalities.


Generate auto invoice after service completion and share with customers and professionals.


Generate custom reports on business performance and download for offline access — the feature designed for business admin.


Cater to global users (service seekers & service providers) with tailored user-interface as per the language of choice.


Customers book for multiple professionals via the Plumber and electrician app right-away or schedule as per discretion.

In-app chat/call

Connect customers with service experts via in-app chat and call features for discussing and exchanging critical information.


The advanced geolocation calculates and showcases estimated arrival time of service experts to customers location.

Ad integration

Boost business revenue by showcasing promotional messages and brand ads on customer & service provider app.


Notify users via push, SMS, and email regarding service request, promo offers, payment confirmation, chats & calls, etc.

Rate card

Professionals set and manage their service costs via the application. Customers view the rate card and other details before booking services.

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Offer Your Customers Seamless Repair Services With Our Handyman App Like Uber!

In the modern day era of business, the digital mode of work is the way to go. With increasing usage of smartphones and internet among all segments of the population, more people are using on-demand services than ever before. If you own a handyman business, the best way to further your growth and revenue is by launching your own on-demand application.

  • Get more customers.
  • Witness steady business growth.
  • Add multiple revenue streams to your business.
On Demand Handyman App

How Can You Benefit From Our Uber For Handyman App Solutions?

  • Complete Customization

    We will build the app exactly how you want it. Tell us your requirements, what you expect out of the project, and we’ll get it done.

  • Cost-effective

    Our services and products are priced at a very affordable price point. Get world quality products without breaking the bank.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Establishing your product in the quickest time possible is a prerequisite to success. Our quick turnaround time allows you to launch your app quickly and efficiently.

  • Easy Integrations

    The Uber For Handyman app can be easily integrated into your existing operations and other third party applications with ease.

  • Support Services

    Our dedicated team of support professionals work around the clock to ensure that your app is up and running smoothly at all times.

Handyman Services App Development - Bridging the Market Gap

The application is creatively designed and built for an unforgettable user experience. Business admins monitor and manage users and operations via the dashboard efficiently.

  • Phenomenal
    UI Designs

  • Customizable

  • Secured Cloud

  • Pre-Build

Why Choose Us?

We have successfully helped numerous businesses find growth in the market with our robust solutions.

On Demand Handyman App Development
  • Advanced Tech The app platform is integrated with next-generation tech for delightful user experience.

  • Real-Time Scaling The application is designed to scale its operations as per business requirements effectively.

  • Multi-Business Models Employ multiple business models to tailor the services as per market conditions.

  • Market Experts With the best players in the ecosystem, discover and implement new parameters to your business.

  • Quick Implementation Reduce your go-to-market time and realize success with our turbo-charged solution implementations.

  • Round-the-Clock Support A dedicated team working tirelessly to ensure uninterrupted application performance at all levels.

How Our Handyman App Like Uber Works?
  • step1

    User Sign-in
    the App

  • step2

    Browse for Service
    and Choose

  • step3

    Book Now

  • step4


  • step5

    for Service

  • step6

    & Review

Our exclusive demo showcases the features and functionalities of the groundbreaking application for home services.

On-Demand Handyman Services App

On-Demand Handyman Web and App Demo

Technology We Handle


Yes, we integrated help & support feature into the app, allowing users (customers & professionals) to contact the companies support team instantly.
Yes, we support the product after launch. We also perform customizations, updates/upgrades, bug fixing, etc.
Yes, we can integrate custom wallets for customer app and handyman app and provide management access to the dashboard (for Admin).
Business admins can monitor the service profesional fleets ratings and track the ones scoring below average. Admins can block poorly rated service professionals from accessing the platform.
You can opt for our on-demand electrician app development service that offers custom platform connecting electrician service seekers with professional service providers.

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