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Plumbing Services App - Smart On-Demand Services

During unfortunate pipe breakage or leaks, customers seek professional plumbers to rectify the situation. Run your plumbing business online with a creatively crafted on-demand application designed and developed from our remarkable Uber for plumber clone script. Powered with top-of-the-line features, cater to scheduled and ad-hoc service requests anytime and anywhere and scale your business to new heights. Are you interested in entering and dominating the lucrative market for waterwork related services? Partner with us today and become the most popular service provider in the digital ecosystem.

What We Offer
in Our On-Demand Plumber App Solution

With the critically-acclaimed Plumbers on-demand App Script, we build and deliver outstanding applications for global users.

The advanced application integrated with critical features offers an unparalleled user experience in finding, tracking, and rating professional plumbers.

Sign-up/Social Media Login Customers sign-up with email & phone number or login with social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Notifications Notifications via Push, SMS, and email for alerts on service request confirmation, plumber location, in-app chat/call, and others.

View Plumber Profile Clients view plumber details, including name, number, experience, the cost for service, ratings, and others.

Rate & Review After plumbing service, customers rate the professional and the overall experience — further feedback provided for service improvements (if necessary).

Book or Schedule Service Customers either book professional plumber services right-away or schedule at a later time & date.

View Service History The smart feature showcases the previously availed services by customers, including date, time, cost, plumber details, and others.

In-App Payment Post-service, clients pay directly via the application. Integrated with multi-payment gateways and methods the transaction process remains secure.

Real-Time Tracking After plumbers accept service request, customers track their movements via the in-app map.

In-App Chat/Call Users (customers and plumbers) communicate crucial information or get in touch via in-app chat/call feature.

The excellent app for plumbers connects with service seekers in real-time. Professionals navigate to the customers' location, update service status, view the payment status, and others with ease via the app.

Sign-up/Register Professional plumbers sign-up or register into the application with email and number and customize profile with name, picture, address, and others.

Customer Info During service request notification, plumbers view relevant details including client name, location, type of service request, and others.

Accept/Reject Request Professionals either accept or reject service request via the app feature. If accepted, the app showcases customer location and contact info.

In-App Navigation Post accepting customer service request, plumbers view location with end-to-end navigation guidance.

Check Availability Professional plumbers mark their availability via the in-app calendar features. Customers view the same and book as per discretion.

Availability Toggle Professionals either mark available or unavailable to serve customer requests via the toggle feature.

View Payments After service request completion, professionals view the payments credited to their accounts (post-commission).

Rate & Review Professionals rate the customers after service completion. They provide additional feedback as per discretion (if necessary).

Help & Support Application's help and support team available to connect via the unique feature integrated into the app.

Monitor and manage the online business with cutting-edge dashboard integrated with the most advanced tech and features.

Manage Bookings Manage the entire booking ecosystem via the admin dashboard. Match customers with nearby professionals seamlessly.

Manage Plumbers/Customers Manage customer bookings, plumbers availability to service, receiving payments from customers, crediting payments to plumbers post commissions and others.

Manage Notifications Share alerts on service requests, payment confirmation, promotional offers, and other updates via push, SMS, and email.

Track Plumbers Post-service request acceptance, track professional plumbers via the admin dashboard hassle-free.

Comprehensive Analytics Make informed decisions with detailed reports regarding bookings, payments, ratings & reviews, performances, and much more.

Manage Payments Handle and optimize service costs, commissions, and others via the admin panel smoothly.

Advanced Features Powering
On-Demand Plumber App

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How does the On-Demand Plumbers App Work?
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Explore how you can succeed with a custom Plumbing services app.

Please have a look at our solutions and get amazed instantaneously.

Why Partners With Us

The feature-rich application optimizes your existing infrastructure and ensures seamless matching of plumbing professionals with service seekers. We take great efforts in ensuring the application outmatches your expectations at each level.

  • Expert Developers We involve the markets best developers in your project. With an extensive experience of delivering premier app solutions, rest assured, your project will lead the market seamlessly.

  • Round the Clock Support We assign a dedicated team available for your call round the clock. You can communicate regarding all your requirements, ideas, suggestions, and other inputs with the team at any time of the day.

  • Advanced Tech & Features The application will be powered by state-of-the-art tech and next-generation features that ensure flawless performance and easy scaling of functionalities, as per business requirements.

  • Flexible Customizations Customize the uber for plumber services app as per your business requirements with ease. We integrate all your ideas and even recommend some of ours to turbocharge the performance of the application.

  • Post-launch Support We offer exclusive post-launch support for your peace of mind. The support service involves a dedicated team of experts monitoring the performance of the application remotely and rectifying any issues that may arise.

On-Demand Plumber Web and App Demo

Technology We Handle


Yes, the app for plumbing services can be integrated with popular languages such as English, Mandarin, Italian, Spanish, and others.
Yes, as per the agreement, we assist with launching your application on your servers and leading app stores.
Yes, we can integrate numerous features that match your business requirements.
Yes, the admin dashboard can be programmed for an instant download of tailored analytical reports.
The demand for plumbers fluctuate, and you may encounter a surge in requests on weekends and not on weekdays (in some cases holidays as well). The application is smartly programmed to scale its performance and auto dispatch professionals as per demand.

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