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Uber for
Tow trucks app

Secure, Scalable, and White labeled on-demand roadside assistance app to connect vehicle owners with tow truck service professionals/providers seamlessly.

Uber for Tow Trucks App Development

Are you looking to build a custom roadside assistance platform for the global market? Partner with us and get your hands on the most advanced and feature-rich Uber for tow trucks app. Reinvent earlier roadside assistance involving tiring phone calls and unreliable services. With on-demand convenient solutions taking the market by storm, enter and thrive with a tow truck booking app designed, developed, built, and tested by market experts. Why wait? Offer an unforgettable experience to both service seekers and tow truck drivers with a single mobile app platform integrated with all the bells and whistles.

Uber for towing services platform - What you get?

Customer app

The app built for stranded travelers ensures interactive user-interface and super-fast connection to nearest tow-truck service provider. Powered with stellar features, the dedicated app performs beyond the call of duty.

Sign-up/Social media login

New customers/service seekers sign-up with email and phone number or log in directly via social media accounts.

In-app chat & call

Customers get in touch with tow-truck drivers/service providers via the in-app chat & call feature.


Notify customers regarding service request acceptance, payment confirmation, in-app chat & call alert, and others via push, SMS, and email.

Rate & review

Customers rate and review the tow-truck service and overall application experience as per their discretion.

Search & filter

Customers search for the service type including but not limited to vehicle type, breakdown issue, location, and others. Filter activation enhances search results further.

Book now/Schedule

Customers either book the tow-truck service right-away or Schedule at a later date and time.

Driver tracking

Post-booking confirmation, customers view and track drivers location via the unique in-app feature.

In-app payment

Customers pay for the availed services online via the app. With Integrated multi-payment gateways and methods, the payment process remains secure.


Before confirming or during service, customers view the tentative cost via the application.

Tow-truck driver app

Individual contractors or towing companies receive real-time towing requests via the advanced application. Provide reliable on-demand assistance to stranded passengers and expand your business ten-folds.


Tow truck drivers register into the application with requested credentials and create custom profiles comprising name, number, picture, and others.


Roadside assistance providers get notified of service requests, payment confirmations, in-app chat or call alerts, and others via push, SMS, and email.

Availability toggle

Drivers mark their availability to serve roadside assistance for stranded customers. Once marked as “available,” drivers receive service requests.

Accept/reject request

Based on discretion and availability, drivers can either accept or reject to-truck service request via the app.

Customer information

Post accepting service request, drivers view customer details, including name, contact number, location, vehicle type, and others.


Post-service completion, drivers receive payments from business admin after commission deduction.

In-app navigation

Drivers view customers location post accepting service request. The screen showcases details like customer name, vehicle type, and others.

Help & support

Tow-truck professionals get in touch with the application’s help & support team via the in-app feature.

Job history

The smart feature showcases previously catered services, including details of customers, payments, and others.

Admin Panel

The cutting-edge panel for admin is built to manage the entire platform’s functionality and operations seamlessly. The comprehensive admin panel offers easy customizing of customer & driver app as per business requirements.

Secure login

Business admin access the dedicated dashboard hassle-free via unique secured credentials.

Analytics and reportsl

The Uber for Tow trucks admin panel offers comprehensive analytics report to assist in critical business decisions.

Notification management

Business admins via the panel share important alerts to both customers and drivers via push notifications, SMS, and email.

Driver management

The panel offers easy driver management including but not limited to adding/removing drivers, crediting payments (post-commission), and much more.

Customer management

Business admins monitor and manage customer sign-ups, service requests, payment process, ratings & reviews, and others with ease.

Real-time tracking

During service, business admins track and monitor drivers movements via the advanced dashboard.

Payment management

Manage payment gateway activations, customer payments, driver payouts post commission, and others hassle-free. .

Promotion management

Business admins showcase custom advertisements and promotions to customers and drivers via dedicated applications.

Rate & price management

Manage service prices by activating surge, update cost based on service requirements, set driver commission and others.

How does the roadside assistance services app work?

Customer sign-up/sign in to the app
Turn on location
Search for nearest tow trucks
Book now/Schedule service
Drivers receive service request (real-time)
Customer tracks drivers location
Vehicle towed and taken to the destination
Customer pays online via app
Customer rates and review service
Driver receives payment post-commission
Driver rates and reviews experience

Advanced features powering your premier tow truck dispatch business

Real-time tracking
Multi-language support
Security compliance
Manage earnings
Third-party integration
SOS button
OTP for access and service
In-app camera
Dynamic pricing
Auto/manual dispatch
Cost waivers
Update service status
Save card details/payment method

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Why choose our groundbreaking development
solution for your business?

Our solutions, apart from delivering robust custom-built features, offer numerous advantages that ensure instant business scaling.

Customizable and branded apps

To highly the business brand and ensure an unforgettable experience, we design and develop branded interfaces for users (customers & drivers).

Easy third-party integrations

The smart application platform supports third-party software that enhances service offerings.

Rich user experience

The stellar interface designed after extensive research and analysis to ensure user-friendly and convenient experience.

Scalable performance

The robust application is built to scale up or down as per your real-time service bookings glitch-free.

Support team

We offer round the clock support to integrate and deploy the on-demand uber for tow truck software with your existing business infrastructure and workflows.

Secured payments

We integrate numerous popular payment gateways and methods like credit/debit card, net banking, digital wallets, and others for secure payment experience.

Technology We Handle


Yes, the application is highly customizable and cater to any language speaking users with ease.
Indeed your team can track each driver promptly post they accept the service request. The admin panel can be customized to showcase tracking screen for drivers in real-time.
Yes, we will integrate your existing infrastructure into the custom application platform. Thus ensuring your fleet performs efficiently always.
Yes, the admin panel is designed specifically for user convenience. You can toggle between auto and manual dispatch as per your discretion.
Each business requirements are unique, and we analyze the market before revealing the timeline. However, with extensive experience of delivering stellar apps, we ensure your app gets developed and launched within a short timeframe.

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