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What Is An OnlyFans Clone? Who Uses It?

OnlyFans clone is a premium social media subscription platform where content creators and celebrities share videos / photos with their followers and get paid for their content. They can also socialize with their followers over one-on-one video calls or respond to their questions for a price.

It is almost similar to other social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. The only difference is that the content creators get paid on OnlyFans clone, unlike other platforms. Also, the site doesn’t have any restrictions on the content shared on the platform, be it clean content or erotic content.

Content creators from various segments of life can become a part of OnlyFans clone. Fitness experts, musicians, dancers, models, influencers, and all kinds of content creators can save a place for themselves and start earning money in the long run. The content created by these people can be purchased by their followers or general audience.

How Does Our OnlyFans Clone Script Work?

Take a sneak peek into the workflow of our OnlyFans clone and get a clear picture of what you’re going to get your hands on

Quick onboarding

The platform allows users to sign up or log in via any one of the multiple registration processes available.

Browse content creators

Users can use the extensive search feature to explore the creator profiles on the app and pick the one they are looking for.

Request for photos / videos / calls

Based on the profiles of content creators, users can request for videos or photos. They can also request for personal interaction over video calls.

Process payments

The requests are forwarded to the respective creators right after users pay for them. Multiple payment options are integrated into the app for user convenience.

Fulfilling requests

Once the creators are notified of the requests, they will take a specified time to create the content and share it with their followers. If it’s video call requests, it is also fulfilled within the given period.

Onlyfans Clone Script
Onlyfans Clone App

Our OnlyFans Clone Features For Users

app like onlyfans

User profiles

Users can swiftly register with the app and create their profiles with their basic / contact details

Discover creator profiles

The app lets users search for specific creator profiles. They can also browse through the available profiles and choose the one that interests them.

Private chats

Users can directly connect with their favorite creators over one-on-one private chats that are disabled from public viewing.

Buy content

Users can request for personalized content like birthday wishes / video shoutouts. They can also purchase the digital content already available on the creator profiles

Shop merchandise

Users can shop the merchandise promoted by their favorite creators or the products they like to invest in.

Custom suggestions

Based on the browsing history of users, custom recommendations can be shared to expand their areas of interest.

Pop-up alerts

Users will be notified of their request status and other associated details via in-app push alerts.

Multiple payments

Several payment options are included in the payment system of the app to make the entire process simple and efficient.
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Exclusive Features Pre-packed For The Content Creators

Creator profiles

Content creators signed up with the platform can set up their profiles with the details of the content they create.

Subscription plans

Creators can create a custom subscription plan so their followers can subscribe to their profiles and access their content limitlessly.

Share videos / photos

Apart from subscriptions, creators can share videos and photos as per users’ requests.

premium social media subscription app
Receive payments

Creators can receive payments for the completed requests after the commission deduction by the admin.

User interaction

Creators can socialize with their followers over private chats or 1-on-1 video calls. Another excellent feature to generate income!

Request status

Creators can view the completed or ongoing status of all requests received from their audience base.

Top-notch Features Of The Admin Panel

Manage user profiles

The admin can access the profiles of all users registered with the platform. They can block or delete profiles that do not comply with the app’s regulations.

Manage creator profiles

The admin can view the creators’ requests to join the platform and accept / reject them. Upon accepting, the admin can manage all their details.

Set commission percentage

The admin has the freedom to select the commission percentage for the platform, considering various parameters.

Manage payment system

The admin can integrate multiple payment gateways into the app to empower users to pay as per their convenience.

Manage merchandise

If the admin plans to set up an e-commerce store, he/she can do so effortlessly with this feature.

View payments

All payment details processed are presented here with a detailed graph for the admin's view.

Manage advertising

The admin can earn revenue by boosting other businesses. They can post their promotional ads on the platform.

Manage alerts

The pop-up notifications shared with the app users can readily be managed by the admin.

Some Premium Features Of Our OnlyFans Clone You Should Be Aware Of

Our OnlyFans clone houses not only basic features to enable its seamless functionality but also some elite features that enhance the app experience of both users and content creators.


Followers who are crazy about their favorite creators can tip them regularly or when they feel like. The amount they tip is completely their choice.

PPV messaging

Creators can share their content and set a price tag for them. They will start receiving payments based on the number of fans who pay to view the content

Post scheduling

To make the job of creators effortless, our OnlyFans clone allows them to schedule their posts based on their time zones and convenience. They can create a queue of content for a week or month as they wish.

Live streaming

Content creators can go on live calls to interact with their subscribers or specific followers. These live-streamed videos can be recorded and shared on their profiles as well.

Linking social media

Creators can connect their accounts from other social media platforms to their profiles. It is a great way to increase followers and site traffic.

Scale Big By Integrating Multiple Revenue Streams Into Your OnlyFans Clone

There are several ways to generate revenue from the leading-edge OnlyFans clone. You can include one stream or multiple income streams concurrently to earn high profits in a short span. Below are the revenue streams worth considering to include in your application.

Subscription fee

Set a range of subscription packages for users to choose from. The subscriptions can be made available for a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. You can also allow content creators to set up subscriptions individually for their profiles. In the latter, creators can share part of their income with your business.

PPV Model

Users can send messages to their idols for free. However, they can view the replies from them only after paying a certain amount. This revenue stream is based on the Pay Per View (PPV) model.

Commission fee

Creators can generate income for every photo or video shared with the followers via your social media subscription platform. Of the entire amount, a part of the payment can be redirected to your account as a commission for using your platform.

White-Label OnlyFans Clone
Completely Customizable Solution

At Uber Like App, we offer 100% customizable OnlyFans clone script to allow seamless app personalization. You can connect with us, name your demands, and take a backseat and rest in comfort. Our experts will white-label the app with your branding elements, make needed modifications, add or remove features, and integrate third-party APIs. Once everything is completed, we will deliver you the fully functional app that is ready to soar high in your niche.

Our vision is to help businesses integrate apps into their ecosystem in the shortest possible turnaround time. The OnlyFans clone solution is built precisely to achieve our goal, maximizing their operational efficiency. It can be availed by content creators who wish to earn regular income by developing and sharing their content. Also, it is a great choice for startups willing to launch a premium social media platform.

If you have a similar business idea and look forward to collaborating with a reliable app development partner, we are here to help. Come, grow with us!

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Do Adult Business Apps Like OnlyFans Clone Offer Lucrative Business Opportunity?

Unlike regular social networking sites, premium social media subscription platforms have always been in an uptrend. They never failed to interest their users with their exclusive content. Especially, adult content apps like OnlyFans are seeing a rising adulation in the market. Users are lining up to purchase photo and video content, irrespective of the pricing factor.

Though the market is growing, it is still in its nascent stage. Not many businesses offer such a lucrative business opportunity like OnlyFans. Entering this segment at the earliest is sure to reap maximum benefits. Our OnlyFans clone helps entrepreneurs to launch such a business that drives their revenue growth positively. Contact us to get into this prolific business segment in the quickest time possible!

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Why Choose Our Premium
Social Media Platform Development?

Modifiable source codes

If you choose our advanced app development package, you will be provided with readily customizable source codes.


We white-label your social media subscription app end-to-end, i.e., modify its branding elements to match your business identities.

High scalability

Our OnlyFans clone is a readily scalable solution that allows hassle-free future app modifications.

Native apps

We employ skilled developers to build native Android, iOS, and web apps as per your business requirements.

Domain expertise

Your app is built by seasoned experts who have served in the app development field for several years.

Server installation

Once the app is fully developed, the needed functionalities will be installed on the server of choice for free of charge.

App submission support

The app, upon completion of the development, is submitted for approval on major app platforms. We extend this support for free.

App rejection support

If the app submitted for verification gets rejected, we immediately look into the issue, tweak it, and resubmit it.

Free technical help

We are committed to keeping your business function seamlessly. Hence, we offer free maintenance support for a limited time after your app’s launch.

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Definitely. Apps like OnlyFans and ManyVids are seeing a rising surge in their growth ever since their onset. Launching a similar solution is sure to keep you on top of business, gaining a massive audience base and increased profits.
Sure. Why not? It is your app, and it is our sole responsibility to develop a solution that meets your needs. We take every detail that you share into consideration while personalizing the OnlyFans clone.
Yes, you can merge your ecommerce store with the OnlyFans clone effortlessly. By doing so, you can boost your site sales by redirecting your app users to purchase your merchandise.
Our OnlyFans clone is a readily customizable and highly scalable solution. You can integrate third-party APIs swiftly without any interruption.
If you are a budding businessperson, you can right away reach out to us. Our business analysts specialize in developing your startup idea into a full-fledged, profitable business. We are awaiting your call!
Yes. We do offer maintenance support after your app launch to ensure you run your business smoothly. It is free for a specified time, and once it ends, you can avail of our paid services.

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