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Why do you need an OYO clone script?

With the evolution of on-demand applications, the way we do business in the modern world has been changed dramatically. They have digitized and streamlined the age-old method of hotel booking by utilizing technology to its fullest extent. Customers of today prefer the ease of access and simplicity provided by hotel booking apps over the cumbersome process of booking through an agent or calling the hotel up and speaking with the receptionist.

With the option to book hotels from anywhere and at any time, complete with useful information such as photos, a list of amenities, price comparison, locality, and more, hotel booking scripts are the way to go from any guest’s point of view.

We at Uber Like App provide you with the best Oyo clone app in the market to keep up with this growing trend and enrich the viability of your hotel business. Give your customer what they want with our innovative, on-demand solution.

Why choose us as your OYO clone developer?

  • Server InstallationAmong the list of services we provide, server installation of the app in the server of your choice is one of them. Get your OYO clone online without any hassle.

  • App SubmissionWe take care of everything from start to finish. Once your ideal Oyo clone app has been made, we will deploy it to all the relevant platforms with a roll-out plan made for success.

  • Bug SupportUnlike other developers, we don’t consider our job finished once the app is online. In fact, we take the initiative to continuously monitor for bugs and any discrepancies. Any such shortcomings will be swiftly resolved.

  • Responsive SupportWe are always there for clients to assist them with any questions or concerns they may have. You can contact our support team for assistance at any time.

  • 100% Source CodeWe We offer our customers the complete source code of the OYO clone with our higher-end packages. With the source code in hand, you can modify the app at any time and keep yourself updated to changing market trends.

  • Native iOS & Android AppsOur expert developers work with the native languages of both iOS & Android to provide your users with a flawless experience that is highly intuitive and keeps them coming back for more.

Why should you invest in a Hotel Booking Script for your business?

  • 1
    Increased Brand Awareness

    A hotel booking script can be a wonderful way for you to boost the visibility of your brand and increase brand awareness among the populace.

  • 2
    Additional Revenue channel

    Increasing the revenue channels of your business is an important part of being successful. In this digitized economy, an OYO clone script will pull in a lot more customers for your hotel.

  • 3
    Increased Credibility

    Research indicates that potential customers trust a hotel more if it has a stand-alone application. It brings a lot of credibility to your business.

  • 4
    Competitive Advantage

    Our Oyo clone script is loaded with innovative features that will help you stand out from the competition and attract new customers.

  • 5
    Automates Processes

    With a hotel booking script, you can increase the efficiency of your booking process. It eliminates the need for dedicated booking personnel and lets your workers focus their efforts elsewhere.

Our Models of Work

We understand that every business has its own unique needs and requirements. Our varying models reflect this understanding and aim to cater to the needs of your business.

OYO rooms clone

Merchant Model

The merchant model allows middlemen or merchants to list rooms through a partnership with different hotels. These are then listed in the app, and commission is collected on booking.

Aggregator Model

The aggregator model aggregates the list of rooms according to the preferences set by the customer and lists them on your app. The customers are redirected to the respective chosen platform, and you get commissions based on this service.

Dedicated Model

For hotels that want a stand-alone application, our dedicated model is the way to go. We streamline the booking process and make things super easy and simple for your customers. A proven way to increase bookings and efficiency!

Features of the OYO Clone

app like OYO
  • Users Dashboard

    Everything the admin needs to effectively manage the business in one easy-to-use panel. Loaded with all the necessary features.

  • Customer Management

    Admins can view a comprehensive list of customers and manage them however they see fit. They can be compiled and sorted in numerous ways.

  • Hotel Management

    Admins can view and manage the list of hotels and rooms that are under their supervision. Set rates, manage commissions, and more.

  • API Management

    Allows the admin to manage all the APIs that are integrated with the OYO clone script, such as advertisements and third-party tools.

  • Revenue Management

    Admins can view the entirety of their revenue along with relevant information such as ad revenue, booking charges, room commissions, and more.

  • Coupons and code

    Admins can list and enable coupons and codes as they see fit. Can be of use in boosting the booking rate by incentivizing customers.

  • Push Notifications

    Admins can keep in touch with hotels, vendors, customers, and more through push notifications. Send relevant information in an efficient way.

  • Advertising

    Admins can manage both internal and external advertisements. Ads are a great way to increase your revenue streams.

  • Newsletters and Blogs

    Grow a sense of community for the app with the use of newsletters and blogs. It is proven to increase user interactions.

 OYO clone application
hotel booking script
  • OTP Login

    Users can log in hassle-free with an OTP sent to their phone. Eliminates the need for cumbersome registration.

  • Sort by

    Users can view a list of hotels and rooms through innovative sorting options. They can sort by a variety of options.

  • E-wallet

    For those always on the move, an E-wallet helps store cash and payment details for quick usage.

  • Search Options

    Users can search for hotels using a variety of options, including the hotel name, location, list of amenities, and more.

  • Filters

    Users can further hone on their choice by filtering the search results by price range, ratings, accommodation type, and more.

  • Notification Alerts

    Users will be notified at every step of the way, from booking confirmation to arrival time with the help of push notifications.

  • GPS guidance

    Users will be guided to the location of the hotel through GPS location services. Tourists will find this feature especially helpful.

  • Reviews

    Users will be able to share their experience with any hotel or room they use in the form of ratings and reviews.

  • Special Request

    Users can request the hotel staff for special requests before their arrival. They will be accommodated as per the hotel’s policies.

  • Seamless Payments

    Customers get all popular payment options to choose from and pay securely at checkout, including credit, debit cards, and e-payment.

app like OYO room
hotel booking app
  • View Reservations

    Agents can view a list of reservations of all their registered rooms and properties.

  • E-Wallet

    Agents can set up a dedicated E-wallet to make payments more convenient. Can be set up with all the necessary information.

  • Booking Reports

    Agents can view daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports of all the bookings on their listed properties.

  • Commission Reports

    Agents can view daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports and breakdown of the commissions they’ve earned through their listings.

  • Notices and Offers

    Agents can post notices and list offers on specific listings to keep users notified and also as a form of incentive.

  • Agent Profile

    Agents can set up their stand-alone profiles with all the necessary information such as agency, name, contact information, and more.

  • Certification

    Agents can prominently display any relevant certification that they might have to add credibility to their profile.

 OYO clone script
online hotel booking app
  • Multi-Language

    Cater to customers from around the world with numerous language options. Users can use the app in the language of their choice.

  • Geo Location

    Integrate the New Version Google Map API Version, so users will be able to evaluate the distance from amenities and services on the Map.

  • Multi-payment options

    Our OYO clone script allows users to pay through a litany of different ways to maximize the chance of customer retention.

  • Membership packages

    Our hotel booking script allows admins and agents to create customized membership packages to bring in more customers.

  • Live Chat

    Get in touch with our support team at any time through the use of live chat options. Additional chat options for customers to get in touch with the hotel are also available.

room reservation script

Launch a successful hotel booking app with us!

Our streamlined process allows you to get into the market in the shortest time possible. Get in touch now and have an OYO clone script ready in no time!

  • Extensive Analysis We have a deep understanding of your business needs and cater to both you and your clients in an effective and efficient manner.

  • Payment IntegrationWe have an extensive array of payment gateway integrations that will maximize your chance of attracting and retaining new clients.

  • Notifications IntegrationFrom Push notifications to email updates and SMS alerts setup, we provide you with everything you need for effective communication both within and outside your organization.

  • Intuitive API IntegrationWe will seamlessly integrate third-party APIs into your OYO clone script to increase revenue streams and boost your business in any way you see fit.

OYO rooms like app
hotel booking app like OYO
  • Installation Have a server ready? We will install the OYO clone in the server of your choice and have it ready for booking!

  • Highly Regulated We follow the highest regulatory standards set by the governing authorities in the hotel and hospitality industry.

  • App Store SubmissionsWe are highly experienced in the most effective ways of submitting your hotel booking script in the relevant platforms for maximum exposure.

  • Support & MaintenanceWith our intimate knowledge of the industry, we can effectively address your concerns and fix any challenges that may arise.

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With the way the hotel and hospitality industry is trending at the moment, the traditional forms of booking hotel rooms are out the window. Ever since the successful introduction of the on-demand model of booking hotel rooms, customers prefer to book rooms to stay through the use of apps like the OYO clone. They are easy to use, eliminate cumbersome processes, and make booking a more streamlined and efficient experience. By investing in an OYO clone, you can be a part of this emerging trend and increase the viability of your business. Enrich your enterprise by partnering with us.
A hotel booking script like the OYO clone makes the process of booking a hotel room very easy and quick. For customers looking to book a hotel room, it makes life a whole lot easier by eliminating the need to call up the hotel receptionist and having a drawn-out conversation. It can provide them with all the necessary information while allowing them to more effectively search for a hotel room that fits their needs precisely.
At UberLikeApp, we aim to provide a high-quality service for our clients at a very affordable and reasonable price. We have numerous options and packages priced at the appropriate ranges for customers from all walks of life. The exact price of an OYO clone will ultimately be decided by the individual needs of our clients. Factors such as the amount of work done, the list of features implemented, the extent of resources allocated to the project as well any other project requirement dictates the price of the app. To get an accurate estimate, please get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to help you out.
Simply put, we are the best OYO clone developer that you will find in the market. Over the years, we have perfected the art of creating highly customized hotel booking scripts for clients from all over the world. We have worked with small startups, mid-size organizations, and some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry. As a well-known app developer in the field, we continuously strive to meet the highest standards and have a track record of launching successful applications. By partnering with us, you get a developer who has the necessary knowledge, drive, and experience to make your dream come true.
We pride ourselves on being an ‘all-in-one’ development company that specializes in numerous different services. We have experienced teams of professionals, including expert developers, marketing specialists, content writers, SEO optimization teams, business analysts, and support/ maintenance teams, among others. All of our services are priced very competitively and can be of great value to your business. Choose the appropriate package according to your needs and set yourself up for a lifetime of success.

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