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Comprehensive Paytm Clone App Development

With the widespread adoption of smartphones around the world, the usage of digital payment solutions like Paytm have seen a remarkable growth in recent years. The ease of use, the accessibility and convenience that payment solutions offer is highly attractive to users and hence, they are quickly becoming a fan favorite among consumers.

Our Paytm clone app is an industry favorite that is built to wow both users and entrepreneurs alike. With an array of features and functionalities that is unmatched by anything available in the market, this digital payment platform is exactly what you need!

7 Features You Must Have On Your Paytm App Clone

If you’re interested in launching a Mobile Payment Portal Like Paytm, these seven features are a must-have!

Easy Portability

Making life easy for your customers is a must for wallet platforms like Paytm. With its highly portable nature, the Paytm clone script ensures that transactions are a breeze.

Data Back-up

Any Mobile Payment Portal Like Paytm should be equipped with a robust data back-up feature that ensures that user data is not lost for any reason whatsoever.

Rewards and Bonuses

The best way to grow your business in 2021 is to let your customers do the job for you. With a customizable referral system, you can reward your loyal customers for spreading the word about your business.

Budgeting Options

This is a fan favorite among users. Having the ability to budget their finances within the Paytm clone will make your offering the standout choice.

No Contact Technology

As a commitment to the cutting edge technology at our disposal, we have equipped our Paytm clone with NFC and QR code features to make life easier for everyone involved.

Express P2P Transactions

Apart from paying at stores using the Paytm clone app, users can also send money to each other with a lightning quick P2P transaction process.

Easy Registration

Boost your conversation rate with an easy registration process that makes it super easy for customers to onboard with the app.

Paytm clone app

A Complete Payment App like Paytm
(End-to-End Solutions)

Integration of NFC (Near field communication)

With the integration of NFC or Near Field Communication, users can transact funds in the most quick and convenient manner possible.

Bluetooth/iBeacon Enabled

With the iBeacon and Bluetooth technology as part of our offering array, users have additional ways of transacting funds with ease and efficiency.

Customizable QR Codes

QR codes are one of the most popular aspects of any payment app like Paytm. With a customizable QR code registration, you can get your own unique code right away!

Streamline Payment App

The streamlined payment solution we offer allows you to tick the box in every imaginable way possible.

How Does an Online Payment App like Paytm Work?

Here is a quick breakdown of how our Paytm clone app works.

Registering with the app

The first thing the user has to do after downloading the application is to register with their bank details and other necessary information.

Fund Transfers

Once the account is created and verified, users can begin sending and receiving funds directly from their mobile phone.

Bill Payments and Recharges

Recharge platforms like Paytm allow users to set up automatic payments and recharges on a monthly basis.

Push Notifications and Offers

Users can set up push notifications and reminders for offers on the Paytm clone. Any new offer or discount will be sent directly to their number.


With the advantage provided by QR codes and NFC, users can pay for goods and services with the help of the Paytm clone. Digital payments have never been simpler.

Paytm Clone App Script Solutions - What We Offer

Android and iOS Mobile App

Get a completely functional Android and iOs mobile version of the app for users, merchants and admins.

Web App

Get a completely functional web app version of the app for users, merchants and admins.

Admin Dashboard

Get actionable insights into the workings of your organization, weak points, and more with a highly detailed admin dashboard. The dashboard provides the admin with a bird’s eye view of the entire organization.

100% Customization

We offer complete customization for all our products including the Paytm clone. App owners can tailor make the app as per the individual requirements of their franchise.

Numerous Payment Options

With the ability to facilitate payment solutions like credit card, debit card, online payments, and more, the Paytm clone is a comprehensive solution that can meet the needs of any organization.

App Like Paytm

Complete List Of Features Of Our Paytm Clone Script

  • Manage Users

    View and manage the registered users on the app.

  • Manage Agents

    View and manage the agents registered on the app. Add or reject agents, modify agent settings, view agent requests and more.

  • Manage Products

    View and manage the products and services registered by the agent on the app. Categorized under numerous categories.

  • Push Notifications

    Provide real time offers, notifications to users and agents and more with the push notifications functionality.

  • Robust CMS

    The Customer Management System makes it easy for agents to manage and learn more about their customers.

  • System Management

    An easy and intuitive way to manage the entire ecosystem of the Paytm clone app. Admin manages all the aspects of Digital wallet scripts.

  • Detailed Reports

    View extremely detailed reports broken down into daily/weekly/monthly or yearly basis for the benefit of the admin.

  • Advertisement Management

    View and manage the advertisements listed on the Paytm clone app. Get detailed information about the revenue generated.

  • Detailed History

    View and manage the entirety of the transactions carried out with the Paytm clone app. Can be categorized into sub categories.

  • Easy Registration

    Users can register with Paytm clone in a matter of seconds with the required credentials like email-Id, name and phone number.

  • Bank Account Authentication

    The process of authenticating the bank account is made extremely easy and quick. Users can get their bank details registered in a jiffy!

  • Add Funds

    Users can add funds into their Paytm clone app quickly and easily. With a tap of a button, send money from your bank account to the Paytm clone account.

  • Account Status

    Users can view their bank account status at any time. Details such as the account balance, transactions history and more are available.

  • Cash Transfers

    With the Paytm clone app, users can transfer cash between their accounts or to any other user in a quick and streamlined manner.

  • Booking Services

    Carry out flight/hotel/movie booking and more with supreme ease and convenience. The Paytm clone makes booking a simple task.

  • Bill Payments

    Users can automate bill payments with the Payment clone. Set up the billing system on a periodic basis and it will be carried out in a timely manner.

  • Request/Accept Payments

    Users can request payments from other users, accept payments from friends and relatives with the tap of a button on the Paytm clone.

  • Deal Alerts

    The Paytm clone is on the constant lookout for deals that might be of interest to users. They are notified instantly of the same via push notifications.

  • View History

    Users can view the entirety of their transaction history on the Paytm clone. It can be broken down into a periodic timeline.

  • Ratings and Feedback

    With the help of ratings and feedback, the user can provide their thoughts on the experience that the Paytm clone offers.

  • Referrals

    Users can invite their friends and family to join the Patym clone with their unique referral code. They get a bonus for every successful referral.

  • Customer Support

    Users can get in touch with the customer care team to get the help that they need at any time from anywhere.

  • Account Logs

    Agents can generate detailed reports of all the customer logs on the Paytm clone app.

  • Recharges and Bills

    Agents can view the information regarding the automated recharges and bills done.

  • Cancellation Reports

    Any time any recharge or billing is cancelled by the customer, the agent is notified in real time. They can also view the cancellation reports for more details.

  • Profile Customization

    Agents can create a unique profile that showcases their individuality to attract potential customers to do business with them.

  • Referral Report Generation

    Any successful referrals carried out by the user is automatically alerted to the agent. They can view detailed information about the same.

  • Booking Reports

    The agent can view the bookings of services and goods done on the Paytm clone by the customer.

  • Deposit Wallet

    Agents can create a deposit wallet with details such as agency name, payment options and more.

  • Discounts and Offers

    Agents can incentivize customers to use their service or purchase products from them by providing discounts and offers.

  • Back Up Facility

    We are experts in developing an auto-backup digital wallet software that helps users to recover their settings for future references and essential details.

  • Robust Protection

    PCI Compliance to protect your mobile app from bugs and risks for a well-secured mobile payment program.

  • Real time Push Notifications

    To alert your users of the in-wallet discounts and deals, you can make use of real-time push alerts.

  • Supreme Portability

    A highly portable digital payment software that allows users to add money and make online/offline payments with ease.

  • Fully Secure Transactions

    Get this password protected secure software with digital signatures that provides an additional layer of security to keep your money secure.

  • Helpful Categorization

    To personalize the look and usability, organise your cards by categorizing them and arranging them according to various categories.

  • Digital Receipt Generation

    For any purchase, create and send a digital receipt to the email, in-app or phone number.

  • Rewards Program

    By providing incentive rewards, bonus points, loyalty marks and cash redemption opportunities, you can keep your users engaged.

  • Referrals

    Offer award points to your users for each successful referral. You will extend the client base this way.

Why Launch a Paytm eCommerce Payment App Clone?

With the popularity of mobile applications through the roof, many users are increasingly towards mobile wallet apps like Paytm for their daily payment solutions. Whether it be paying for groceries, booking a plane ticket or setting up a recurring payment, people are using payment solutions like Paytm more than ever. This presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs like you to get into the market with your own digital payment solution.

Cashless Transactions

Economies around the world are going cashless in this digital era. The Paytm clone allows you to capitalize on this fact.

Wallet Integration

The app can be incorporated with banks with ease. This helps you to earn income by being sponsored by big global banking institutions.

Higher Returns

The Paytm clone makes it easier for users to streamline their banking activities, allowing them to earn higher returns on transactions and investments.

Growing Government support

Even government offices and services have begun using digital payment solutions.

International Reach

With a global reach that extends beyond borders, users can use the Paytm clone as a comprehensive payment solution.

E-commerce Made Easy

With the ability to pay bills, book services and goods, the rise of e-commerce is a wonderful opportunity for solutions like the Patym clone and its owners.

Why Choose us as your Paytm Clone App Developer?

Streamlined Development

With the assistance of our services, you can build your payment app easily with no coding knowledge. Our platform for app development is intuitive, giving you a streamlined development offering.

Instant Notifications

The most critical contact mechanism used by apps is push alerts, which are a perfect user experience. Sending push updates to the whole user base of your Paytm Clone is super easy and can be achieved with only a single tap.

100% Transparency

Our development process ensures a completely transparent nature. We will update you at every step of the development process and you will know exactly what is happening at all times.

Around the clock support

Our support team is always ready to answer your calls and address any questions or queries that you may have. Get in touch with us at any point of time.

Detailed Reports

We integrate analytics into your app that lets you get insightful insights into the usage of applications and the actions of in-app users. These observations will allow app owners to optimize the app user experience and improve interaction.

Latest Tech

Along with a full in-house skill set, extensive knowledge of the leading technology means that all consumers get the best support.

Intuitive Interface

With clear and visually pleasing features, our solutions are extremely user-friendly and allow users to conveniently navigate the application.

Robust Security

Our products comply with the highest quality standards and allow you and your consumers to make transactions with a sense of security.

How Can You Make Money with the Paytm Clone?


With the Paytm clone, the main revenue income source is the commissions earned from the varying services you can offer. Commissions are charged for the Paytm clone marketplace, bill payments, Wallet storage, recharges, and more. The commission charges can be set by the admin according to their specifications.



Third party advertisements on the Paytm clone are another great way for app owners to bolster their revenue. Fees for advertising can be set by app owners based on numerous factors such as duration of the ad shown, placement of the ads, the frequency of display and more.

Premium Subscriptions

Premium subscriptions are a recurring revenue stream for app owners. With monthly and yearly subscriptions available, app owners can make certain features of the app only available the premium version to incentive users to subscribe.



The Paytm clone is a digital payment solution that enables users to store, send, and receive money from their smartphone. Integrated with their bank account, the Paytm clone offers a more streamlined way of transacting money and doing business.
The hard way? Know coding and build the app from the ground up. The easy way? Get in touch with our experts and tell them what you want and they’ll do the job for you!
The cost of development is dependent on the project’s requirements: the features implemented, the time it takes to develop the app, the extent of customization, the personnel assigned to the project, etc. To get an accurate estimate of the cost, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to provide you one.
Yes it is. The Paytm clone is white-label, meaning it can be modified to fit any payment services that you wish to cater to.
We do! Our expert marketing services can be availed at an unbeatable price.
Yes we will. For an additional cost, you can ensure the success of your platform with our post-launch maintenance and support services.

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