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Get The Best Of On-Demand Pharmacy Delivery App Development

The on-demand industry has seen a meteoric rise in recent years stemming from the widespread adoption of smartphones and cheaper internet around the world. Entire industries have seen a huge shift in the way they carry out their business as a result of this. From taxis to grocery stores, numerous sectors have moved their business to the digital sphere.

The pharmaceutical industry is no exception. The past few years have seen an increased number of patrons choosing digital solutions for their medical needs. Whether that be telemedicine consultations or having medicine delivered straight to their house via an app, customers today prefer the ease and comfort that on-demand solutions provide.

The COVID-19 spread has only bolstered this trend. This Uber for pharmacy delivery app provides the safest, most convenient, and efficient solution for today’s pharmaceutical needs. Enable your customers and the growth of your pharmacy enterprise with this innovative solution.

What We Provide In Our Uber For Pharmacy Delivery App?

Our on-demand pharmacy delivery app comes with all the tools you need to establish yourself in this competitive market. This is an all-in-one solution that leaves no stones unturned. With this offering, you and your customers can carry out pharmaceutical transactions from anywhere, at any time, and across numerous devices with supreme ease and convenience. Here are some of the different things that our on-demand pharmacy delivery app comes with:

Uber For Pharmacy Delivery App
  • A Complete Website with a Branded Domain Name

  • iOS App for Customer

  • Android App for Customer

  • Web Panel for Customers

  • iOS App for the Delivery Personnel

  • Android App for the Delivery Personnel

  • Web Panel for the Delivery Personnel

  • iOS App for the Pharmacy

  • Android App for the Pharmacy

  • Web Panel for the Pharmacy

  • Web Panel for the Admin

  • iOS App for the Admin

  • Android App for the Admin

With these complete solutions, pharmacies can cater to their customers, delivery personnel can deliver seamlessly, admins can oversee operations and, most importantly, customers can get their medicines delivered from the comfort of their homes.

Pharmacy Delivery App Development

Why Invest in Pharmacy Delivery App Development?

Well, simply put, the future of the pharmaceutical industry lies in the digital frontier. With all the convincing and ease that on-demand application solutions provide, customers today are increasingly moving toward the digital mode of transaction. For you to be successful and continually grow your customer base and your business, this is an optimum time to invest in an on-demand delivery app.

Failing to do so can even negatively impact your business as your customers will use easier, alternative methods such as the competitors who have invested in such solutions. With our extensive experience in this field, you can prevent this by not only being a part of this shifting tide but be at the forefront of it.

Five Reasons Why Medicine Delivery Apps Are so Popular


Privacy At traditional pharmacies, customers often feel uncomfortable purchasing prescription and over-the-counter medicines in front of others. They enjoy the anonymity of online shopping.


Push NotificationsThe electronic pharmacy ordering system offers daily alerts, preventing people from running out of medication, and failing to refill their medications.


No TravelSince drugs are shipped to the doorstep, consumers are saving money by not heading to brick-and-mortar pharmacies. That is especially convenient for remote buyers.


Know Before You BuyCustomers can search and review both instructions for specific details on drugs.


Compare PricesCustomers can quickly find a more competitively priced generic to purchase online for their expensive prescription medicines.

Helpful Features Of Our Delivery App Development Solution

Login/ Register

Customers can quickly sign up and log in to the app with ease and convenience — a simple registration process with an even simpler login process.

Search Stores

Customers can search for pharmacies in their locality or a specific medical store by typing the name of the pharmacy.

Search Medicine

Customers can alternatively search directly for the medicine they want, and they’ll be automatically guided to the pharmacies that have them.

Upload Prescriptions

Customers can purchase over the counter medicines without a prescription. However, for those that need a doctor’s approval, they can upload their prescriptions digitally and avail the medicine.

Compare Prices

Customers can compare the price of medicine across various stores and choose one that fits their budget.

Filtering Options

Customers can filter out both stores and medicine via categories such as type of medicine, locality, proximity, and more.


Customers can read in detail about the medicine they wish to purchase, including the ingredients, uses, and directions for safe usage.

Refill Prescriptions

Once ordered the first time, the prescriptions can be saved for future use, and customers can easily refill at a later date with the click of a button.

Track Order

Customers can track the order from the pharmacy to the store in real-time to ensure a speedy delivery.

Ratings / Feedback

Customers are prompted to rate the service provided and offer their feedback so the service can be continuously improved.

Delivery Route

Delivery personnel are provided with the customer’s location and guided to the same via highly detained GPS services.

Contact Customer

Delivery personnel can contact the customer at any time without the customer’s details being shared.

Push Notifications

Delivery personnel are provided with continuous push notifications to keep them informed, such as when delivery is incoming, when it is ready to be picked up, etc.

Accept / Reject Deliveries

Delivery personnel are notified about incoming deliveries, and they can choose to either accept or decline them.

Activity Status

Delivery personnel can update their status depending on how busy they are. If the status is shown as inactive, the delivery request is directed to others.


Delivery personnel can view detailed information about their current and past earnings through the options provided in their profile.

Manage Inventory

The pharmacist can update and manage their inventory in a streamlined manner to allow customers to view and order with ease.

Order Notifications

The pharmacist is notified via push notifications when there is a request for a new order.

View Prescriptions

The pharmacist can view the necessary prescriptions digitally and approve the order.

Manage Profile

The pharmacist can manage their profiles from one convenient location.

Offers And Discounts

The pharmacist can entice new customers with offers and discounts on products.

Customer Support

The pharmacist can quickly contact customer support to sort out any problems they’re facing with the app or a specific order.

Order Tracking

The pharmacist can track the order from their store to when it reaches the customer to ensure successful delivery.

Order History

The pharmacist can see the history of orders that have been fulfilled over the past day, week, month, year, etc.

Sales Information

The pharmacist can view all the information regarding the sales and deliveries from an informative dashboard provided to them.

Manage Inventory

Admin can manage all the inventory at their disposal by making them easy to find.

Manage Order Status

Admin can manage the status of every order that’s up for delivery.

Manage Customers

Admin can manage the customer profiles with the relevant information.

Payment And Offers

Add account details, create new discount offers, and view their performance.

Manage Offers & Discounts

Admin can entice customers with offers and discounts to grow their business.

Payment & Commissions

Admin can effectively manage the payments made out to store owners and delivery personnel.

Store Management

Admin can view and manage all the stores they are responsible for.

Informative Reports

Admin can view detailed reports generated on a regular basis to improve their processes.


Grow your business to greater heights by allowing users to shop in multiple languages.

Nearby Medical Store Locator

A helpful tool that locates the nearest store in the vicinity of the user.


We provide our customers with the ability to customize their apps to truly make it unique.

Talk To Consultant

When required, help patients book and contact consultants for better, accurate judgments.

Periodic Reminders

Get periodic reminders about medication timings, dosage, etc.

Alternative Medicine

Helps users find alternatives to medicine that are out of stock.

Benefits Of Our On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

Complete Customization

Our Uber for medicine delivery app is completely customizable and can be modified to feature your branding prominently. Avail the features you need and make the app truly unique.

Fast Turnaround Time

This whitelabel solution can be made in record-breaking time to ensure that you’re ready to launch sooner than later.

HIPAA Complaints

All our healthcare products and services are strictly compliant with the highest standards set by medical professionals and institutions.

Friendly UI/UX

A hallmark of any great application. This uber for pharmacy delivery app is simple to use with an aesthetic, visually appealing design.

Highly Scalable

We know how important scalability is to a growing business. We ensure application solutions that can grow along with your business.

Expert Support

With our extensive experience in the field of application development, we have the expertise to guide you on the path to success and extend our support every step of the way.


A List Of Our Robust Medical App Development Solutions

Inventory Management Software

With our Uber for pharmacy delivery software, you will be able to streamline processes like never before. Aided by a robust inventory management software, you can efficiently manage all your inventory from one convenient location.

Supply Chain Management

With our Supply Chain Management software, you can streamline your processes, eliminate redundancies, and increase the operational efficiency of your enterprise.

Medical Web and App Development

With our extensive experience in the field of development, we can provide you with both a web panel and a standalone app that is compatible with multiple devices. Take care of your business, no matter where you are.

A List Of Our Robust Medical App Development Solutions

Sales and Distribution Software

With this highly helpful software tool, you can manage your sales and distribution in an effective manner. Keep track of your sales and distribution, review them periodically, and improve your business.

Medicines Delivery Mobile App

Enrich your pharmacy business with a user-friendly application that can help your customers order and receive medicine from the comfort of their homes.

Pharmaceutical CRM Software

Customer relationship management has never been more secure and easy to take care of. Our CRM software is HIPAA compliant and follows the highest regulatory standards, enabling you to cater to your customers in an efficient way.

How Does The Pharmacy Delivery App Work?

Step 1
Search Medicine Users can search for the medicine they require from a litany of stores at their disposal.
Step 2
Add To Cart Once the user finds the medicine they’re looking for, they can add it to the cart by simply clicking on the relevant option.
Step 3
Checkout / Payment Users can complete the order by initiating the payment process. They are provided with a variety of ways to pay for the order, such as credit/debit cards, net payments, UPI services, and cash on delivery.
Step 4
Delivery Once the payment has been verified, the delivery personnel are assigned to the task. The user can track the delivery from the store to their location.

Why Choose Us As Your Pharmacy Delivery App provider?

Server Installation

Once the pharmacy delivery app is ready to be launched, we will install it on your server free of cost. Your app will be live in no time at all.

App Submission

We will also publish your app in all the different stores and platforms available. From iOS Apps in the App Store to Android apps in the Play Store, we will take care of it all.

Bug Support

Launching is just part of the lifeline of an application solution. Post-launch, it needs periodic maintenance to ensure that it remains free of bugs and malfunctions. We provide these services at very nominal prices.

Complete Source Code

Based on the package you availed, you will be afforded with complete source code. 100% source code means the clients have all the privilege to edit and change the source code. You will have complete control over your app and can change it how you please.

White Labeling

We will feature your brand, color scheme, and logo at every available opportunity. This will increase your visibility and bring brand awareness to your app, allowing you to attract more customers.

Customer Support

By availing our customer support services, you will have a dedicated team of professionals who are ready to help you out with any queries or issues you might face. Our extensive experience in the field allows us to tackle all problems head-on.

App Screens

Pharmacy delivery app screen
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In the digitized world that we live in today, customers expect a great deal of ease and convenience when it comes to availing services. With a litany of goods and services sectors moving to the on-demand business model, it is important to keep up with this change to remain relevant and successful. This uber for pharmacy delivery app allows you to do just that at an affordable price without compromising on quality.
The pharmacy app development cost depends on your requirement and needs. It varies from customer to customer, as their requirements change. From a cost-effective solution with minimal features to a more expensive one bursting with cutting edge technology, we can do it all. To get an accurate pricing plan for your pharmacy delivery app, get in touch with our team.
The time of development can vary depending on the project. A simpler app can be done in a minimal time frame, while a more extensive application will take a bit longer. However, we pride ourselves in providing lightning-quick service and enabling our clients with readily integrable-solutions, so you can be sure that you’ll be set to go in no time at all. Get in touch with us, and we’ll give you an accurate timeline for your project.
With a pharmacy delivery app, you can earn considerable revenue by charging commissions from the partner pharmacy store based on the order placed through your platform. You can also earn by delivery fee or convenience charges. The other model can be to charge partner pharmacy stores for paid listings and sponsored ads to offer better reach.
We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all your software development needs. Not only do we offer you the best of development, but we also offer world-class marketing services, post-launch maintenance, and experienced customer service apart from numerous other services. When it comes to the application software development sphere, there’s simply nothing that we cannot do. Tell us what you need, and we can ensure that it is done in the best way possible.

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