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Postmates Clone App Development

The delivery business is now one of the pillars of the ever-growing on-demand market. With food and groceries being delivered to the customer’s doorstep, entrepreneurs are seeking to work their magic in the delivery industry with a feature-rich Postmates clone app. Our versatile on-demand delivery app like Postmates enables you to start multiple on-demand delivery services for food, grocery, and much more. Provide your customers a hassle-free goods delivery experience with the Postmates Clone script and watch your venture soar to new heights.

How Postmates clone app works?

  • STEP 01 : The customers browse for products such as food or groceries and choose the desired items as per their requirements.

  • STEP 02 : The customer will pay for the selected items through a number of payment options such as credit/debit cards, in-app wallet, and other options.

  • STEP 03 : The delivery request will be assigned to the nearest delivery partner in the restaurant’s or grocer’s vicinity.

  • STEP 04 : The tracking feature lets both customer and vendor track the ETA of the delivery executive.

  • STEP 05 : The customer receives the order from the delivery executive and posts review and rates the services rendered.


A score of well-designed features to be incorporated in the Postmates clone app.

  • Social Login

    Customers can sign-up or login using social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram in one-click, to save time from manually entering the details.

  • Schedule Appointment

    Customers can schedule delivery of food or groceries to their location as per their convenience. They can even cancel the order hassle-free.

  • Push Notifications

    This feature will send out instant alerts to notify the customers on booking status, status change and much more.

  • Payment Options

    Customers can pay for the services rendered with a wide range of payment options such as credit/debit cards, in-app wallets, and more.

  • Geolocation Services

    This feature allows the customer and delivery executive to find each other’s location using the in-built maps.

  • Search

    Customers can search for their favorite food items, cuisines or daily groceries via the powerful search feature.

  • Bill Estimation

    The app will automatically calculate and display the bill estimation for the service by including factors such as delivery fee, distance, etc.

  • Referrals

    Customers can refer the Postmates clone app to other customers and upon successful referral, the concerned amount will be credited to their in-app wallet.

  • Delivery Information

    This feature will assign the delivery request to the nearest available delivery executive to ensure that the customer receives the order on time.

  • Delivery Executive Status

    The delivery executive can switch between online and offline based on their available timings and they will receive delivery requests only when they are online.

  • Earnings

    This features compiles and displays the earnings of the delivery executive on a monthly or weekly basis.

  • Job History

    This feature shows the entire compilation of completed delivery orders, canceled orders, and upcoming orders to deliver.

  • In-App Navigation

    The delivery executive can navigate to the vendor and customer through the in-app maps and geolocation tracking.

  • Vendor Availability

    Vendors can go offline or online based on their availability. The vendors will receive the order requests only when they are online.

  • Delivery Dispatch

    This feature allows the vendors to assign the order to the nearest delivery executive as per their convenience.

  • Order Status

    The order status can be viewed and updated by the vendor at various checkpoints such as order confirmation, order pickup, delivery, etc.

  • Live Tracking

    The vendor can track the delivery executive’s current location in real-time through the in-built geolocation tracking.

  • Add Offers

    Vendors can provide a wide range of offers to loyal or new customers such as no delivery charges and much more.

  • Commission Tracking Report

    This feature contains the details of the commission earned by the vendor per day. The details can be viewed for maintaining and keeping track of the finances of the vendor.

  • Site Earnings

    The admin can view the commission and earnings along with detailed commissions of both delivery executives’ and vendors’.

  • Sub-Admin Moderators

    Admins can create sub-admins to manage the business by setting permissions and restricting access to modules.

  • Set Delivery Executive’s Range

    The admin can set the distance range of delivery executive to make dispatching easier and accept the delivery request of the customer within the specified vicinity.

  • Payment Gateway

    The admin panel is integrated with a secure payment system and contains a wide range of options such as credit/debit cards, in-app wallet, etc.

  • Vendors List

    The admin can view, edit, delete, or add vendors in the list complete with individual commission rates and delivery executives assigned to them.

  • Advanced Analytics

    The admin will be granted a bird’s eye view of both customers’ and delivery executives’ activities in their respective app. Admin can view the total number of requests, bookings, commissions earned, most visited locations, and much more.

Postmates Clone App Interfaces


The admin panel is designed to manage the ordering and delivery system without any hassles, and also process the customer request to the vendor and delivery executive.


Vendors can partner with your venture and each vendor can manage their own business independently through the web or mobile platform.

Delivery Official

The Delivery system is equipped with top of the line features that interact with both vendor and customer panel for streamlined and efficient delivery service.

Why Choose Us?

A wide range of services to choose from and here’s why.

24x7 Support

We are committed to support the apps and help you out in any way possible. Reach out to us over email, WhatsApp and Skype.

White-labeled App

The Postmates delivery services app will be completely white-labeled with your brand name, logo, and language of your choice. It will be designed according to your specifications and customization.

End-to-End Solution

Our Postmates clone app is a turnkey solution that is touted to be a venture in a package with unparalleled features needed to set up your enterprise.

Payment Gateway Integration

Apart from our default payment gateway, entrepreneurs can choose to integrate any number of local payment gateways of their choice.

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Yes, we do provide post development support for the stipulated time period mentioned in the agreement.
Our Postmates clone app is equipped to support multiple languages and can be changed to any language you desire.
The on-demand delivery app like Postmates can be developed for both mobile (Android and iOS) and web platform according to your specifications.
Yes, there is a separate app for the delivery executive through which they can enter the panel and access its features.
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