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Go with the Best Practo Clone App in Town!

We intend to provide apps with cutting-edge technology. This on-demand doctor appointment app solution will help you engage with the target audience and offer good quality healthcare services to them anytime. This app includes the following facilities:

  • Virtual ContactThe patients can contact the doctor via the video services available in the app. The virtual reality assistant will help them stay connected with each other when required.

  • Storing Medical RecordsThe medical history of the patient can be stored in the app in the form of health records. Users can create a profile and upload information digitally.

  • Effortless BookingsThe Practo clone app allows the users/patients to schedule appointments in a few seconds. Doctors can be chosen based on specialization, availability, and reviews.

  • Prescriptions are DigitizedOnce the patients consult the doctors, a digital prescription will be available in the app.The medical specialist will provide the prescription, and the patient can use it to purchase medicines.

  • Medical Services On-demandPost the launch of the healthcare app solution, the doctors or specialists do not have to travel to the patient’s place to visit them. Examining the patient and prescribing medicines can be done via the on-demand doctor app itself.

  • Matching Made EasierThe patients can find a medical specialist by applying various search filters available in the app. A suitable match is offered to the patient to satisfy them completely.

Build an Optimized Practo Clone App with the Best Developers

Any entrepreneur should hire the best app development company to develop an app like Practo. They should have ample experience in this field, and the app should help you attain instant success in the on-demand market. Before building an effective Practo clone app, there is an ocean of information that you need to know. Right from the market analysis to the launch and maintenance of the app, all the major phases should be given utmost importance while developing an app.

This on-demand healthcare services app is highly beneficial for the patients as well as the doctors. Patients can consult with any specialist in a few seconds, and the doctors can avoid travel, serve an increased number of patients, and more. They need not have an attractive clinic or hospital to serve the patients anymore. So, the doctor booking app developed by UberLikeApp is a boon for the doctors and the users.

Essential features of an app like Practo

In the Practo clone app, our developers have designed three dashboards based on the roles available. The user panel, doctor panel, and the web administrator panel, they differ in terms of options, filters, and workflow. Below-mentioned are the necessary features of each panel:

Log in to the App The app offers multiple choices to log in without much hassle.

Setting up a Profile The users can set up their profile by specifying basic details such as name, contact number, email ID, basic health condition, and more.

Book in a Single Tap If the doctor is available, then the patient can choose a time slot of their choice and confirm the appointment.

Live Location of the Doctor The patients will be given access to the live location of the doctors, in case they are coming over to visit the patient.

Mark the Favorite Users also have the facility to wishlist or mark their favorite specialist or doctor in the app. They can choose the same medical specialist during the next appointment, based on availability.

Upload DocumentsThe health records or the medical history of the patients can be uploaded to the app in a few seconds. The doctors can view them during the appointment if required.

Doctor’s VisitIn case of emergency situations, the patient/user can request the doctor to visit their place.

Multiple UsersUnder a single profile, the records of multiple family members or friends can be stored. The correct user has to be chosen before scheduling an appointment.

Finding a Doctor within a RadiusThe app will allow the users to set a search radius that will help them find a specialist within that radius.

DirectoryThe directory page will contain the list of doctors, their specialization, and the contact details. You can identify a doctor of your choice from this list.

Resolving QueriesDoctors will answer the questions posted by the patients in the app. This will help the patient resolve their query or concern quickly.

Pay in a Single TapPayments are made easier by including multiple secure payment gateways in the app.

FeedbackPatients/users can provide feedback or suggestions for the doctors they consulted in the review section.

Registration Doctors can register using their phone numbers, email IDs, or social media accounts.

Specialization Details After registration, the doctor has to enter information such as the area of specialization, license number, and more.

List of Appointments The upcoming appointments can be viewed and managed using the on-demand doctor app.

Reschedule Appointments In case the doctors are not available during the specified time, they can reschedule the appointment in a few seconds. The user will also be notified about this.

Accept/Reject RequestsThe appointment requests can be accepted or rejected by the doctor based on various factors.

In-app Prescriptions The doctors can provide patients with a digital prescription if required.

Access to Medical History The medical specialists can view the medical or treatment history of the patient via the doctor booking app.

Communication An in-app chat facility is available to enable the communication between the patients and the doctors.

Availability Status A slider is provided in the doctor’s panel to display the status of availability.

Login The administrator is provided with credentials to log in to the respective panel. The administrator is refrained from sharing it with anyone.

Booking and Patient Management The bookings or appointments can be altered or updated by the admin at any time. They can also manage patient data and transactions when required.

Sharing InformationUseful information on various health issues, precautions, fitness mantras, and more, can be shared by the administrator via the healthcare app.

Approve Doctors After checking a few documents uploaded by the medical specialist, the administrator will verify the same and grant approval.

Reports The in-app reports can be viewed by the administrator, and the development strategies will be structured accordingly.

Ad ManagementThe ads and banners that are to be displayed in the on-demand doctor booking app can be chosen by the administrator.

View Treatment History The treatment and the medicines prescribed by the doctor for the patients can be viewed by the admin.

Multiple Sub-Admins The administrator can create several sub-admin profiles and provide access to particular data alone.

Get to know the Latest Updates Instantly

The Practo clone app helps the patients avail medical services at any time they require. Integrating their accounts or personal information to the app will help them receive updates on offers, products, the new addition of doctors, and more.

Specify the Contact DetailsContact information such as email ID and phone number can be saved to the app, and the latest updates will reach the users instantly.

Social Media Account IntegrationAt the time of registration, the user or doctors can integrate their social media profile to the app. This will allow them to share any information with their friends and family efficiently.

Information on Offers Promo codes, discounts, and referral rewards will also reach the user via text message, push notification, or email.

Effective Workflow of an On-demand Doctor Booking App

This doctor-patient communication platform has a fixed workflow that will help the patients avail the service effortlessly. Various features and filters are included in the app to make the procedure easier.

Patient App Workflow

  • The users download the app and register with it. They specify their contact information and their medical history.

  • They search for medical specialists based on reviews, ratings, experience, and more, they choose a suitable doctor.

  • The date and time of the doctor's appointment are to be entered by the user in the next stage. A medical practitioner has to confirm the appointment now.

  • After confirmation, the doctor and the patient use the in-app video call service to communicate with each other.

  • After availing the desired medical service, the patient has to pay for it using any one of the secure gateways available in the app.

  • The patient now rates the doctor and gives their feedback in the respective section of the app.

Doctor App Workflow:

  • The medical practitioner has to register with the app and specify few information about their area of specialization.

  • They have to update their license number and upload other documents needed. The administrator will verify and approve them.

  • The medical specialist will accept or reject a request from the patient based on their availability, specialization, and more.

  • They can upload a digital prescription for the patients in the app. Access to the medical history of the user will also be provided.

  • On serving a request, they will receive the payment after the commission has been cut off.

Perquisites of an On-demand Practo Clone App for your Business

It is an obvious fact that this doctor's appointment scheduling app is beneficial for the patients and the doctor. A few of their perks are listed here:

Benefits for the Patients:

  • Less Time-ConsumingThe patients do not have to travel to a clinic and wait for their turn to consult the doctor. With this Practo clone app, the users can consult the doctor in no time.

  • All Specializations at One PlaceMedical practitioners who offer different specializations can be spotted in this app. The patients do not have to visit a multi-specialty hospital for consulting different doctors.

  • Cost-Friendly ConsultationsWith this doctor booking app, the patients can pay a nominal consultation fee. It will also save them the money spent on transportation.

  • Scheduling Lab TestsIf the doctor advises any tests to be done, then the patient can make use of the lab test scheduling facility to book a technician. They will reach your destination and perform the necessary tests.

  • Medicine DeliveryThe patients can also order medicines via the app, and the delivery agent will deliver it to the correct destination.

Benefits for the Doctor:

  • Increased Online PresenceThe medical practitioners can elevate their online presence with the help of this Practo clone app. They will reach many users in a short period.

  • Self-MarketingMarketing does not have to be a separate phase now. The on-demand doctor booking app will be a marketing tool.

  • Provide Service 24x7In a clinic, a medical specialist can offer service for a few fixed hours only. Whereas with an app, they can provide consultations throughout the day.

  • Work FlexibilityThe working hours can be based on availability, and the workplace can be the doctor’s choice. They do not have to own a clinic or rent a place to provide consultation.

Why will an On-demand Doctor Booking App like Practo be the Best Choice?

There are several factors that make the doctor booking app the right choice to offer healthcare services to users. A few influencing factors include:

  • Easy OperationThe app is highly user-friendly and easy to navigate through. The options can be found effortlessly, and various search filters are available to find the right doctor.

  • Effortless Scheduling and Quality Service Doctor appointments can be scheduled quickly with the Practo clone app. The patients will receive the best healthcare services from the best medical specialists.

  • Customized ServicePatients/users can now avail personalized medical services by a doctor who specializes in that particular category of healthcare service.

  • Choose the DoctorThe user can consult a doctor of their choice after carefully analyzing the specialization, reviews, and more.

  • ConfidentialityThe app is highly secure and will not give access to the user’s personal or banking information to anyone.

Benefits of an App like Practo for the Healthcare Service Business Owners

The Practo clone app we provide is:


The on-demand doctor appointment scheduling app can be personalized according to the business needs of the client.

Completely Whitelabeled

The app like Practo, is a whitelabeled app solution. You can specify your brand name and logo in the app.

Build your Server

The app we build for you can be deployed on your own server, or we can deploy it on our server as well.

Integration of Payment Gateways

Various secure payment gateways will be integrated into the app by our team of skilled developers.

Scalable Solution

The Practo clone app can be enhanced in accordance with the varying business needs.

Robust App

Advanced technologies and tools are used in designing and developing the app. It will be error-free.

Support After Launch

Technical guidance will be provided after the launch of the app. Users and doctors can lean towards this app to resolve all their health-related queries.

Reach a Larger Crowd

With the help of the doctor booking app, you can reach more users within a short span.

Phases involved in the Practo Clone App Development Process

Like every other app, the Practo clone app also has to undergo certain crucial design and implementation phases, after which, it will be up and running successfully.

  • Frame RequirementsIn the initial stage, the client should set a few business needs and explain it clearly to the experts available at our firm. The business experts will also suggest a few ideas.

  • Market Scenario and AnalyticsIn-depth research is carried out to get a detailed overview of the on-demand market scenario. Analytical tools will also be used to obtain accurate healthcare service market analytics.

  • Design and PrototypeThe app layout is then designed, and a prototype will be developed. After proper approval, the development process will be initiated.

  • Implementation and IntegrationThe app development process takes place in the next stage. The latest tools and frameworks are used to build an optimized app.

  • Security AuditThe app should comply with all the security standards. Hence, a security audit should be carried out.

  • App TestingThe fully developed app is now checked for performance, speed, bugs, and more. The app should complete each of the tests successfully.

  • Practo Clone App Launch and MaintenanceThe on-demand doctor booking app is then launched on the Play Store and App Store successfully. Support and maintenance are provided after the launch also.

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Since this is a readymade solution, the development time will be significantly less when compared to an app developed from scratch. The clone app can be developed and customized completely in a few days.
Our apps are always built with the most advanced frameworks. Yes, the client can also suggest tools and technologies of their choice that they wish to use in the development of the app.
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