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Rapido Clone

Enable your customers with the latest mode of rideshare services in the market via this innovative Rapido clone. Bike taxis are all the rage in today’s taxi business due to their convenience, ease of use, and ability to zip through traffic. Become a part of this robust industry by getting in touch with us today.

Let’s build your own Rapido Clone Solution

On-demand bike taxi apps are the wave of the future. With the success of taxi services such as Uber and Ola, the industry has been clamoring for the next big thing in this robust sector. This opportunity has come in the form of bike taxi app development.

Ride sharing is not a new idea, but the advent of mobile app development combined with the ever-increasing availability of mobile phones to the common man, bike taxis have become a fan favorite among users. Bike cabs have been a popular phenomenon in numerous countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India and Cambodia.

With the arrival of the on-demand services enabled by mobile apps, bike taxi app development has seen a huge rise in popularity. Our Rapido clone app encapsulates the best of what the bike taxi world has to offer in a simple and affordable way.

Take the ride to success with our innovative Rapido clone script.

How Does the Rapido Clone Script Work?

  • 1
    Ride Request

    Passenger requests a ride using the Rapido clone app. The request is sent to all the drivers in the vicinity.

  • 2
    Ride Acceptance

    The driver accepts the request. Once done, the pick-up and drop location of the passenger is sent to the driver.

  • 3
    Pick up

    The driver reaches the passenger’s location and verifies their identity using a unique PIN. The ride then commences.

  • 4

    The passenger can track their route in real-time using the application, and the ride is deemed complete when the destination is reached.

  • 5

    The passenger is prompted with the fare details in the Rapido clone. They can pay either directly to the driver or pay through card/make a digital payment within the app.

  • 6

    As a follow-up, the passenger is prompted to rate their ride experience and leave any feedback they want to convey.

A Sleek User Interface That Will Attract Customers

The User Interface (UI) of an app is one of the most important aspects of mobile app development. It is the first thing that a user sees. The utility of your app does not matter if it is not able to grab the attention of the user and, more importantly, keep it. An attractive UI that is simple and effective to use goes a long way in making your application venture a successful one.

Our Rapido Clone app is built on the concept of beautiful design without compromising on reliable functionality.
Built with the future in mind, our solutions come with everything you need to thrive in a competitive market space.

Our list of offerings include:

  • Main Webpage

  • Android app for the passenger

  • iOS app for the passenger

  • Web panel for the passenger

  • Android app for the driver

  • iOS app for the driver

  • Web panel for the driver

  • Web panel for the company

  • Dispatch panel

  • Admin panel

What Do We 0ffer in Our Rapido Clone Script Package

An Easy-to-use Passenger App

Our Rapido Clone comes with an intuitive passenger application that is simple and easy to use with an attractive design that will have users coming back for more.

Simple Bookings

Book a bike taxi with just a few taps.

Bike Tracking

Users can track the location of the ride in real-time.

Seamless Payments

Users can pay through a variety of payment options for optimal comfort.

Rating and Feedback System

Users can rate the ride based on their experience and provide necessary feedback.

Trip History

Users can view and manage the complete history of their rides at any time.

Real-time Notifications

Users are notified in real-time with all the necessary details, increasing transparency.

Accurate Fare Estimates

Get an accurate estimate before your ride, giving you the power of choice.

Promotion Codes and Offers

Users can offers and discounts on rides using this helpful function.

Referral Rewards

Users can avail rewards of different types by referring their friends and family.

Driver Details

Users can contact the driver at any point through this in-app feature.

Cancel Booking

Users can cancel their ride at any time, and charges may be levied per ride policy.

Help and Support

Dedicated support staff can be accessed at any time by the user to address queries.


A Feature Filled Driver App

An all-inclusive driver application that lets drivers manage rides, passenger information, payments, ratings and more. With a detailed navigation tool to boot, this feature-filled app is a must.


Quick Registration

Drivers can sign-up with the necessary details in a simple and efficient manner.

Active/Idle Button

Drivers can toggle between active and idle to offer their services.

Ride Information

Drivers receive information regarding their rides through push notifications.

GPS Navigation

Drivers can view routes, avoid traffic and much more with this Google maps backed tool.

Real-Time Requests

Drivers are notified right away with ride quests and pick up details.

Start/End Ride

Drivers can mark the start and end of their ride for billing information.

Accept/Reject Rides

It allows drivers to accept or reject rides as they see fit.

Revenue Tracker

Drivers can keep a detailed tab on the revenue earned from rides.

Passenger Details

Drivers can contact the passenger at any time from the ride request to the drop-off.

Customer Ratings

Drivers can also rate the users on ride behavior and give feedback.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers can get useful stats, details of their performance and more in-depth.

Cancel Booking

Drivers can cancel the ride per their convenience.

A Detailed Admin Panel

Manage your bike taxi enterprise in the best way possible with all the information that you will need. With a dedicated dashboard that updates in real time, never fall behind.

Admin Dashboard

Get an in-depth look into the enterprise with detailed statistics and other useful info.

Manage Drivers

Add/remove drivers, view registration requests, review rides and much more.

Manage Fleet

Keep a detailed list of the bike fleet, their maintenance and upkeep. Add/remove bikes.

Manage Fares

Fix rate details such as base rates, distance rates, surges etc.

Manage Notifications

Manage the notifications sent to drivers and passengers, including SMS, email and alerts.

Manage Reviews

Manage all passengers from one convenient location - view trips, requests, queries and more.

Manage Passenger

View passenger and driver reviews, get a clearer idea of the state of the enterprise.


Advanced Features

Get ahead of the competition with these advanced, cutting-edge features.


Web bookings

Offering the ability to book on multiple platforms to attract new customers and keep existing ones.

Pick-up suggestions

Passengers are directed towards “quick pick up” points near them for an even smoother service.

In-app Chat

Boost up the experience by allowing passengers, drivers and other staff to converse via in-app chat options.

Ride Passes

Regular customers can be provided with passes on a multiple ride basis that offer discounted rates.

Third-party Integration

Compatible with third-party software and services to allow for a more enjoyable experience.

Key Benefits Of Our Rapido Clone Application

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White Label / Customizable

Grow brand awareness with this completely customizable white label solution.

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Ready To Deploy

Our Rapido clone app is ready to be deployed and integrated into your business at any time.

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Fast Turnaround Time

We focus on creating quality solutions within the stipulated time so you can get your bike taxi app ready at the earliest.

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Third-Party Integrations

Our Rapido clone app is designed to be readily integrated into other third-party software and applications.

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Dedicated Support

Our expert staff are always on call to answer your queries and address any concerns you might have.

Implementation & Launch

Our personalized approach to developing and launching software solutions ensures you’re equipped with a Rapido clone that is perfect for you.


Our team will carry out a pre-development analysis of your idea and come up with a plan that is in line with your needs.


Once the idea has been established, our design team will get started on a design that is both highly attractive and functional.

Payment Integration

Having your Rapido clone app ready to be integrated with multiple payment options is vital for a global conscious enterprise.

Analytics Integration

Get detailed analytical data with the ability to integrate with third-party analytics software. Boosts your understanding of the business.

Security Compliance

A barrage of tests is run on the Rapido clone to make sure that’s ready for the market. Any discrepancies or bugs are rectified.

App Store Implementation

Once the Rapido clone is ready to go, we will send it out for submissions in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Technologies that power our
Rapido Clone Script

We specialize in numerous current and next-gen technology to bring your dream bike taxi application to life.


The cost of development can vary greatly depending on the features you want and how extensive you want the application to be. Rest assured, no matter what your budget is, we have a solution that will meet your needs.
With the success that the bike taxi business has witnessed as of late, this is a better time than ever to invest. A clone app can save you a lot of money while providing the same functionality, a perfect choice for the budding entrepreneur.
Getting started is as simple as reaching out to our team. We will listen to your idea, come up with a plan and once you approve, we’ll get started on the development.
With extensive experience in application development and marketing, we have the know-how to take your business venture to new heights. Our Rapido clone app is built with the latest technology, loaded with numerous features and ready to be integrated into existing models right away.
Absolutely! All our software applications are made for both iOS and Android and are completely compatible with both platforms.