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The world has been in turmoil since the pandemic. People are experiencing behavioural changes in recent times. The first and foremost one is staying indoors and avoiding crowds. This shift has created a need for on-demand delivery services. If you are an entrepreneur who has already found this or is thinking about how correct it is now, then it is time you launch a business for yourself. The first and foremost step in launching an all-in-one on-demand delivery service business is to launch a robust app with a seamless performance.

Our Rappi clone is an all-in-one delivery app that can help you manage the delivery service for a number of different businesses. It is personalized for your business needs and designed exclusively to lure your customers. Above all, it is integrated with exciting features to keep your customers interactive—partner up with us to build a unique Rappi clone today. Call us to know more.

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Diverse Delivery Solutions
That Comes With Our Rappi Clone

Food Delivery

Relish the taste buds of your users with delicious cuisines with an exemplary food delivery app.

Grocery Delivery

Refill the groceries of your customers now and then and let them not be worried about finding stores and finding their groceries.

Pharmacy Delivery

Let your customers rest at home while you deliver them all the medicines they need with a user-friendly app.

Courier Delivery

Launch a streamlined courier service app that keeps your customers updated about the status of their parcels with live-tracking features.

E-Commerce Delivery

Build an ecommerce platform with a wide variety of products for your customers to choose from and get them delivered. We got you with an amazing ecommerce platform.

Alcohol Delivery

Kick in some excitement to your sober customers. Deliver all kinds of alcohol, from a cool beer to a hot whiskey, with an alluring app.

Meat/Seafood Delivery

Be the saviour of meat lovers; deliver them different varieties of meat in the exact cut they want it to be.

Flower Delivery

Blossom happiness into the lives of your customers by delivering beautiful flowers at their doorsteps with an amazing app.

Advanced Features Of Our Rappi Clone App

  • Branding Tool

    The app is created with a design that resonates with your brand ideology, your logo and the colour palettes in your logo.

  • Multilingual

    Welcome customers from all ethnicities into your app with a warm heart and make them feel comfortable with a multilingual feature.

  • Digital Wallet

    Provide an e-wallet for your customers so that they do not have to search for their card details or depend on P2P transaction apps to make a payment.

  • Social Signup

    Allow your customers to sign up to your on-demand delivery platform using their social media credentials so that they don’t have to remember a new password.

  • Re-Order

    Get your customers a reorder feature, so they don’t have to search for the product every single time they want to purchase it.

  • 100% Secure

    The Rappi clone app is embedded with features to encrypt every message and the transactions happening within the app.

How Does The Rappi Clone Script Work?



The customer signs up with the app using any of their contact information, email address, or social credentials.



The customer surfs around the app to find the exact product they need to purchase at the moment.


Add To Cart

The products to be ordered are added to the cart by the customer to cross-check their list.


Place the order

The customer places the order and checks out the cart.



The payment for the order is accomplished using any one of the multiple payment options available in the app.


Store Owner Notified

The store owner is notified of the order placed by the customer. They start packaging the products and make them ready for dispatch.


Delivery Person

The delivery person is sent a request they either accept or reject. If rejected, the order is assigned to the next nearby delivery person. The delivery person heads to the store to collect the parcel.



The delivery worker collects the parcel from the store and delivers it to the customer on time.

Salient Features Of Rappi Clone App

Sign Up The user gets on board with the app by feeding their email address, contact information, or any social credential.

ExploreExcite your users with a wide range of products and services on the explore page. Let them surf around and find out about the products they can use.

Advanced Search FilterNow, this is for the users who are looking for something specific. They are looking for specific products in a specific category and specific range. Why let them surf around cluelessly? The advanced filter option filters the search results to the products exactly they are looking for.

Favourite ListSome products on the platform may get your customers excited, but they may not need them at the moment; these products can be added to the favourite’s list and purchased later.

Add To CartNobody wants to check out each and every product they purchase. The add to cart functions like the real-time shopping cart; the customer keeps adding all the products they want to purchase and check them all out at the time of payment.

Order HistoryThis feature allows your users to be aware of all their past orders. This can also help them reorder the products instead of searching for them again.

Multiple Payment OptionsOffer your users more than one way to pay. Everyone out there already has a preferred payment method. Let’s not disappoint any customer. Instead, let’s hoard our app with options like credit/debit card payment, P2P transactions, e-wallet, net banking, and cash on delivery.

Ratings And Reviews Give your customers the voice to rate and write reviews about the products they purchased. This feature makes the platform more interactive.

RegistrationThe delivery person signs up using their contact information and then submits the required documents to the app. The admin later verifies these documents and brings them on board.

NavigationIt is not possible for the delivery workers to be aware of all the routes in the city. The navigation feature can help deliver the orders on time without any difficulty in finding the user’s place.

Accept/Reject OrderOffer the delivery workers the privilege to accept or reject the delivery request.

Availability ToggleThe delivery workers can toggle between being online and offline effortlessly. This promotes a flexible work culture allowing more delivery workers to partner up with you.

Order DetailsA complete list of the order assigned to the delivery worker is presented to them so that they don’t miss collecting any products from the store.

Order HistoryA record of all the orders delivered by the delivery person and the amount earned on each order can be witnessed here.

RegistrationThe store owner registers their store with the app by submitting all records of their store and the type of products they sell.

Inventory ManagementThe products in the store available for customers to purchase are updated now and then by the store owner using this feature.

Order ManagementThe store owner can view and manage the order placed by the customers. They get the order ready for dispatch before the delivery person reaches their place.

Order HistoryA record of all orders dispatched from the store can be cross-checked here. The store owner can keep track of the sum they will be receiving from the app here.

Manage ProductsThe store owner uploads their product list with attractive pictures and alluring descriptions intimidating the users to purchase them.

Reply To ReviewsSpice up the app by allowing the store owners to write replies to the reviews posted by the customers. By this, customer engagement increases in the app.

User ManagementThe admin manages the user data efficiently using the admin panel. All the data is encrypted for security reasons.

Delivery Person ManagementThe admin overlooks the performance of the delivery workers in case of any shortcomings the admin can warn them.

Store ManagementThe admin overlooks all the reviews posted by users on the quality of the products sold by the store owners. If the store owner sells poor quality goods, the admin can take action.

Payout ManagementAll the payments to be transferred to the delivery workers and the store owners are managed by the admin.

Order ManagementEvery order can be overlooked by the admin; in case of any shortcoming, the admin can themself interfere and help the customer get their order delivered on time.

Analytics And Report DashboardA report of the current business proceedings, the predictions of the future sales at the current rate, and strategies to increase the sales can be showcased here.

Safety Features Of Rappi Clone

Contactless Delivery

The delivery workers can place the parcels at the doorstep of the customers and wait at a safe distance away from the door.

Cancel Cash On Delivery

Transaction of cash can lead to the spread of the virus, so promote online transactions over cash on delivery.

Temperature Check

The temperature of the delivery workers can be checked and updated in the app every day, so the customers feel safe.

Safety Badges

The store owners who follow all the safety guidelines can be rewarded with safety badges so the customers will know the shops to place orders.

Knowledge Banners

Post banners, blogs, or infographics that insight your customers with safety guidelines.

Benefits Of Rappi Clone App Development

Customer Friendly App

Today every customer prefers an app as it bestows convenience to find the products or services they require. An app like Rappi with exemplary features for users and a diverse variety of products can be a dream come true for your nice audience.

Business Opportunities

By launching an all-in-one delivery app like Rappi, you are enrolling yourself on a wide range of business opportunities as customers with different needs will be using your app.

Attract Investors

A business plan of an on-demand all-in-one delivery service is a definitive successful business with proper strategies. This success rate can aid you to attract investors effortlessly.

Expand Audience

Rappi clone script is a robust platform that offers scalability for you to include any kind of product in it for delivery. This diversity of products can lure customers of diverse needs into hopping in with your app.

Monetization Model Of Rappi Clone App


For every order a store gets via the app, a commission is deducted from the total value of the order. This is one of the major sources of revenue.

Delivery Charges

As an on-demand delivery app, your prime stream of revenue is the delivery charges you levy on customers for every delivery. It can be hiked at peak times and in unfavourable weather conditions.

Banner Ads

Allow the store owners to post banner ads in the app to witness a spike in their sales. And charge them a fee for the ads.

Third-Party Ads

Allow third-party businesses to post ads in your app to capitalize on your vast audience and charge them for it.

Why Choose Us?

Free Server Installation

In addition to developing an extraordinary app, we also install it on a server of your choice for free.

Free Deployment

Deploying the apps in the Android and iOS store can be tedious and confusing at times. We relieve you of the burden by doing it ourselves for free.

Free Support

You are obligated for free support throughout the development process when you partner up with us.

Native Apps

We build your apps using native technologies so that it is compatible with all devices.

100% Customization

We customize your app personally for your business needs and your niche audience with your business logo.

Scalability Factor

We build your app keeping your scalability needs, so you don’t have to worry about the scalability but focus on increasing your customer base.

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Rappi clone is an on-demand all-in-one delivery script that can be launched instantly with personalized features and design for your business.
We sign an NDA with you to ensure your business idea is safe with us and it is never leaving our doors.
Once we are on board, we offer you eternal support. Our support is free even after the deployment of the app for a specific time, and later it comes with a nominal price.
No. We never include any hidden charges. We quote you at first, and that is all we expect you to pay.
Of course not. Our solution is scalable, and there are no restrictions on the number of users. In case you want only a limited number of users, then we can do that for you.