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Signal clone app

Signal Clone Script - Cutting-edge Messenger App

Social media applications are more popular than ever before. With the availability of cheaper smartphones around the world and the increasing penetration of the internet, there is a growing demand for social media apps across all age groups and socio-economic sectors.

From the young to the old, everyone is using social media applications nowadays. This trend is set to grow even further in the coming years. There has never been a better time to kickstart your own social media in the form of a secure messenger app like Signal.

Standout Features Of The Signal Clone App

  • End-to-end security

    Our Signal clone enjoys complete security from prying eyes with end-to-end encryption. The privacy and integrity of data are ensured at all times.

  • Unsend Messages

    A unique feature of the app, users can unsend or ‘take-back’ messages that are sent out by mistake within 60 seconds.

  • Delivery Status

    Users can know the status of the messages they’ve sent out at every step of the way from their phone to the recipients.

  • Fingerprint Lock

    To protect the privacy of user messages, the Signal clone offers users the ability to lock the app with a fingerprint lock that only they can access.

  • Disable Screenshots

    When this option is chosen, the app restricts screenshots taken inside the app. It can be toggled on and off.

  • Note To Self

    With this highly useful tool, users can keep track of their thoughts in an extremely private and secure manner.

  • Cloud Storage

    All the data pertaining to the user is stored in the cloud, ensuring that it never gets lost or tampered with.

  • Availability

    Users can toggle on and off their availability in the app at any time by updating their status.

  • Privacy Settings

    Users can modify the privacy settings on the app and modify it according to their comfort level.

  • Anti-Spam

    With a specially designed layer of security against spam messages, users are spared the annoyance of messages they have no interest in.

  • Admin Dashboard

    A space dedicated to the admin to oversee the operation of the Signal clone from top to bottom.

  • Analytical Insights

    The Signal clone self-generates periodic reports that offer in-depth analysis of the entirety of the app, helping them make decisions.

  • Push Notifications

    Admins can get in touch with their users at any time to inform them of updates or bug fixes via push notifications.

  • Updates

    The admin can set up updates for a specified date and time and roll them out in a phased manner.

  • Data-Backup

    With the cloud storage facility, the admin can save valuable backup data periodically to ensure the smooth running of the app.

  • Login with Social media
    QR Code

    With a specifically designed QR code that is personalized to each user, they can connect with each other with ease.

  • Historical Data

    Users can get insights into their usage of the app with a data-backed approach. They can get information such as hours used per day, most frequently contacted members, and more.

  • Read Receipt

    Users can choose to toggle on the read receipt in the Signal clone, letting them know when their message has been delivered and read.

  • No Storage Keyboard

    Taking privacy to new heights, the Signal clone offers users the ability to go ‘incognito’ with their keyboard strokes.

  • Favorite Chat

    Users can mark chats as their ‘favorite’ for easier access in the future. The list of favorites is compiled and displayed separately.

Streamline Your Business With Signal Messenger App Development

  • 100% Customization The Signal clone app we deliver is completely customizable and can be modified to fit the needs of any business. Tell us exactly what you are looking for and we’ll make sure it gets done in the best possible way.

  • Full White-labelling The Signal Clone is a white-label solution that can be altered and branded to feature your business in a prominent way. Everything from your logo, color scheme, and more can be added to let your identity shine through.

  • Intuitive UI/UX Design The first thing users notice about any app is its design and user interface. We ensure to equip your Signal clone app with the most current sensibilities, design elements, and aesthetics. The interface is designed to be highly intuitive and easy to navigate.

  • One-time Payments When it comes to working with us, there are no hidden costs. With a straightforward one-time payment that covers everything from top to bottom, you get everything that you need in a comprehensive messenger app solution.

  • Various Comm Channels The Signal clone allows users to communicate with each other in a myriad of ways including text, emoji, video calls, audio calls, and more. With this multi-pronged approach, you can ensure that you tick all the boxes of what one looks for in a messaging platform.

  • Cloud-Storage The security and reliability of the data storage is a high priority for not only the users but our developers. We ensure that there is never a risk of data threat or lost information with a cloud-focused storage feature.

  • Team of Experts With over 150+ expert team members across the globe, we are an all-in-one developer who can help you at every step of the way. Whether it be the outward-facing design or the nitty-gritty under the hood, you can rest easy, knowing that your product is in the safest of hands.

  • Successful Launch The most crucial part of any product is its launch. With a tried and tested process that has been tampered and tinkered with over the years, we have perfected the art of rolling out an app that ensures maximum impact from day one.

Key Advantages of an Instant Messaging App like Signal

Streamlined Communication

With an app like Signal, users have a streamlined way to communicate with their friends and family in a highly secure manner.

Fast-Tracked Business Relations

For any business or organization, the Signal clone app makes the process of communicating across verticals extremely efficient and simple. Employees can share valuable information, be in direct contact with each other, and more with a few taps on their smartphones.

Organized Processes

Even when one is out of the office, an encrypted messaging app will ease their tasks management and help you keep track of job progress. Furthermore, you can also use your app to quickly delegate essential tasks to team members and get them completed by the specified deadline.

Secure Messaging

The highlight of our Signal clone is its ability to facilitate extremely secure messaging. Users never have to worry about data breaches or compromised security with this encrypted messaging app.

Enjoy Security Like None Other With Our Signal Like App

With security as our #1 priority, our Signal clone app was built from the ground up with numerous security features.

End-to-end Encryption

With the completely secure end-to-end encryption as part of our architecture, user messages are fully secure from prying eyes. Never worry about messages ending up in the wrong hands.

AES Encryption

With a specifically generated key for every user, the entirety of the app is covered with AES-256 standard encryption to prevent hacking and other external threats.

Multi-Layered Authentication

With the ability to be set-up with a multi-layered authentication protocol, including 2FA authentication, the identity of the user is verified multiple times for added security.

How Much Does Signal Like App Development Cost?

At Uberlikeapp, we are committed to creating world-quality applications at an affordable price point that is unmatched by our competitors. The cost of the app is the main concern for many of our clients opting for Signal like app development.

With that being said, the exact price of the app is dictated by the tailored needs of the project at hand and tends to vary. Factors such as the duration of the development process, the personnel involved in the development, the extent of customization to be done, the branding/logo, the intricacies of the design, and more, dictate the final pricing of the app.

Get in touch with our experts for an in-depth analysis of the same based on your individual needs and requirements.

Signal like app

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The Signal Clone app is an end-to-end encrypted instant messaging service that enables users to get in touch with each other in real-time. This offering by ULA is a clone app rendition of the famous Signal messaging service.
Very much so. When done right, a messaging service app like Signal can enjoy tremendous success. With an airtight data policy that puts security and privacy at the forefront, the Signal clone app is a hot commodity in today’s digital real-estate.
Absolutely. We will customize the app per your unique requirements. Just tell us what you want and we’ll take care of the rest.
Our sure-fire marketing services can be availed at an extremely competitive price and we recommend that you avail them to boost the chance of success for your business.
Yes, we can. Our design team can create an aesthetically pleasing logo for your business based on your inputs.
No. However, we do offer post-launch maintenance and support as a separate service. It will ensure that your app is up and running without any issues at all times.

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