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Your One-Shot To Success Can Be A One-Stop Solution For All Services

Days are changing or it can be better put as days are evolving faster, technology is becoming impeccable and amazing. The need of customers keeps increasing but are they ready to roam around different markets to get everything they are looking for? The answer is probably a no. Every customer is looking for a place where they can find everything they need, so they don’t have to keep juggling between apps to get different services. This is why we need a super app.

Flatter your investors and lure your customers all with a single app that offers diverse services. A business model that can generate you revenue from diverse sources. Whatever angle you see, you see a win. Moreover, superapps are definitely the future. Imagine a splendid app with all services and products a customer requires. Wouldn’t it be like a platter with all the cuisines in the world arranged in front of you? Would you dream to leave the table? Of course not. So, stop thinking and launch a super app with diverse services and just watch thousands of users signing up to you in seconds.

Partner up with us and get your robust super app launched in a matter of few days and let your entrepreneurial dreams fly high.

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What Are The Various Services In Our Super App Solution?

62+ services and one single app.

Taxi Ride

Motor Ride

Car Rental

Bike Rental

Food Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Pharmacy Delivery

Alcohol Delivery

Parcel Delivery

Bouquet Delivery

Baby Sitting

House Cleaning

Fitness Trainer




Gardening Service

Car Wash

Pet Grooming


Doll Up Services

Dog Walkers

Security Guard

Pest Control

Pet Care


Truck Service

Massage Therapy

AC Repair

Vehicle Maintenance



Beauty Service

Carpenter and more

super app

Know Why You Should Launch A Super App Solution

We are in an era of smartphones. Every customer out there is carrying a smartphone along with them. This leads to the culture of relying on mobile apps for all needs. But then the memory constraints in mobile devices restricts users from downloading different apps for different services. This puts the need for a super app on the table. Another positive is the unbanked population. P2P transactions are the most preferred payment methods today by most of the users. It literally takes no more than ten seconds to transfer money from one account to another with P2P transactions.

Along with this, the coordination of diverse business in a single platform allows the business owner to have their hands on a vast range of user data giving you an upper hand to analyse and predict what the customers are looking for in the future. So, without delay, launch a super app today and reap the benefits for generations to come.

People Are Shunned From New Experiences, Kick The Dopamine In Them With A Super App Solution

What Do We Offer With Our Super App Development Solution?

User Android/iOS App

We develop an Android and iOS app according to your business requirements. Both the apps are built using native technologies making them compatible with all devices.

Admin Panel

A robust admin panel for you to manage all the services you offer in a single window. And also to analyse your user pattern and predict your future business proceedings.

Dispatcher Panel

The dispatcher panel allows the business owners to manage the dispatch of products or services they offer.

Billing Admin Panel

The billing panel helps the admin to generate receipts for the vendors, drivers, and service providers on a monthly basis.

Service Provider Panel

A web panel for the service providers to manage their orders, payments, and their other business proceedings.

Driver/ Delivery Person App

An Android/iOS app for the drivers and delivery person to navigate to the user’s location efficiently.

Store/Restaurant Web Panel

A web panel to ease management of inventory, orders, and dispatching for the store owners or restaurateurs.

Exemplary Features Of Our Stellar Super App Solution

Registration The user gets on board with the app by using any of their social credentials, email address, or contact number.

Surf For ServicesThe users can check out for the services they require from the endless list of services you offer them.

Geo-tagThe location of the user is geo-tagged so the service providers nearby their location are displayed to them.

Book Now/ Book LaterThe user can book for their services instantly or schedule a service later at a time of their convenience.

In-App Chat/CallThe in-app chat or call feature allows the user to contact the service provider or driver and convey their needs efficiently.

Order HistoryThe user can keep record of all their bookings or orders placed through the app. They can be revisited at any time in the future.

Multiple Payment OptionsThe super app stays super when it comes to payment too. The user is presented with multiple payment options like credit/debit card, net banking, P2P transactions, cash on delivery.

NotificationsThe user is notified of their upcoming delivery of orders, their scheduled rides as push notifications.

Ratings And ReviewsThe users can rate and write a review about their experience of the service provided to them.

ReferralsA small referral bonus can motivate your users to refer your app to many new users thereby building a vast user base.

RegistrationThe service providers registers themself with the app by providing details of the service they offer to the customers along with the certified documents.

Availability ToggleThe availability toggle button helps the service provider to toggle between online and offline in a matter of seconds. This improves work flexibility.

Accept/Reject RequestThe service provider can either accept or reject a request sent by the customer in accordance to their availability.

Set Service RadiusThe radius of the area of service can be set by themselves. This allows them to determine their limits themself.

Service HistoryA record of all the services accomplished by the service providers is documented here. They can cross reference it whenever they want to.

Earning HistoryThe earnings made by the service providers for every order they have accomplished can be checked here.

Manage ProfileThe service provider can view and manage their profile in a way that the customer feels the service provider authentic.

NavigationThe navigation feature helps the service provider or the delivery person to head to the user’s location without any hindrance.

Link Bank AccountsThe delivery person and the service provider have to link their bank accounts to the app so that all their earnings get deposited in the account effectively.

Reply To ReviewThe service providers can write replies to the reviews posted by the customers. This allows them to stay in touch with the customers.

Store ProfileThe store owners can create a profile for their store with pictures of it, the type of products they sell, the functioning hours of their store, and more other details.

Categorization Of ProductsThe store owners can categorize their products and list them accordingly so the user feels more comfortable to find the product they are looking for.

Manage OrdersThe orders placed by the customers are viewed and managed by the store owners using this feature.

Minimum Order ValueA minimum order value can be set by the store owners. This can avoid them from delivering products for a bare minimum value which may end up to be a loss.

Earnings ManagementThe store owners can keep track of their earnings from every order they deliver in a single window.

In-App CallsThe store owners can call the customers if there is any confusion in the order placed by them.

All-In-One DashboardThe admin can view and manage all ongoing orders and bookings made via the app in a single window.

User ManagementThe admin can keep a record of all the user data. In case of fake ids the admin can expel the account immediately.

Service Providers ManagementThe service providers will have to submit records that certify them as authentic service providers. These records are verified and validated by the admin.

Store ManagementThe stores onboarded with the app will have to submit data about the products they sell, their stocks, location, and more. The admin manages all this data using this window.

Commission ManagementThe admin determines the commission percentage to be deducted for the orders placed by the customers. The commission for the type of service provided may differ.

Analytics DashboardA dashboard that bestows the current business performance, the predicted future growth, and strategies to grow your business.

Premium Add-Ons That Can Make Your Super App Stand Out

  • Call Masking

    Make your users feel safe by allowing them to make calls with stores or service providers with their phone numbers masked.

  • KIOSK App

    Enhance the user interaction experience of your app with a KIOSK app installed with it.

  • Real-Time Currency

    Insight your customers with current currency exchange rates and thereby the exact value of the product in their currency.

  • Split Admin Roles

    A single admin managing a vast business like this can be tedious. Share the roles of the admin with sub-admins

  • Real-Time Tracking

    The users and the admin can track the location of the delivery person or the service provider in real time once the order is confirmed.

  • Business Analytics

    Insight yourself with the user behaviour pattern like the products that sell more, the preferred time of most users to place orders and more for better business decisions.

Witness A Spike On Your ROIs With An Exemplary Super App Solution Fulfilling All Your Customers Needs

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Insight Yourself On The Advantages Of Launching A Super App

  • A Loyal Customer Base
    One app with diverse services ranging from shopping for groceries to booking an appointment for a doctor. With an alluring user experience and a facile workflow your customers are going to stay loyal to you for a very long time.

  • Less Time Consumption
    By launching a super app you are saving the time of your customers as they can make all their bookings in a single app instead of having to switch between different apps.

  • Less Data Consumption
    Your customers do not have to download numerous apps on the devices, they download your super app and that's it, they have access to book any services they want.

  • Multiple Payment Options
    Put yourself upfront with multiple payment options so your user can go with the one they prefer. Not to forget the transaction commission which can add some considerable revenue to your pockets.

  • Data Is Power
    By launching a super app, you are signing up a vast audience to your platform who do all their shopping using your app. This user data can help you understand the user’s shopping behaviour and more. This amount of data can help you predict the needs of users and offer them it with utmost quality.

Work Module Of Our Super App


The user gets on board with the app in a fraction of seconds using any of their social media credentials.

select service
Select Service

The customer selects the service they require at the moment from the various services enlisted in the app

place booking
Place A Booking

Upon selecting the type of service, the customer places an order for the product they require or the on-demand service, it depends on the type of service they have selected. The payment for the order is made by the customer using any one of the payment methods.

notify the service provider
Notify The Service Provider

Once the customer has placed an order, the service provider is notified of it. And they start preparing and packaging the products for dispatch or get themselves ready to leave to the customer’s place for offering the service they are looking for.

delivery person notified
Delivery Person Notified

Simultaneously the delivery worker is also notified of the delivery and they head to the store to pick up the products.

offer the service
Offer The Service

The delivery person heads to the customer’s place and delivers the product. In case of a service like plumbing or electrical, the service provider provides the required service to the customer.

Unique Attributes And Features Of A Super App That Makes It A Queer

Deliver Anything And Everything

Surprise your customers with new and exciting features they’ve never been offered with in the past. They have been accustomed to a delivery person who delivers their food or groceries but what if they can hire a delivery person for themselves to deliver anything and everything. It will be fresh and an out of the box feature sweeping them off their shoes.

Just A Map Not A Google Map

Yes, you heard it right. It has always been a tough choice for startups and entrepreneurs to integrate a Google API map into their app. The pertinent reason is the cost to integrate a Google map is way too high for a startup who is seeking for the best service at a low price. We got you covered with a robust map feature but not the Google map. Although the choice is yours.

Booking The Old Way

We all know that not all your customers are going to be tech savvy who can find their around in a smartphone. Some may find it difficult, why leave them out? Offer them a chance to make their bookings by making a call while you can make the booking using your web panel. Your user base grows and your revenue soars high.

A Secure Shopping

The world is shaken with the pandemic. Safety and hygiene are the top-most priority now. Make your customers confident about shopping with you. Introduce various safety features like no-contact delivery, sanitised products, cancellation of cash on delivery, safety badges to stores and more.

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Why You Should Choose Us For Your Super App Development?

Native Apps

We build your app using the native technologies making your app compatible with all devices.

Free Server Installation

We offer to install your seamlessly performing super app to a server of your choice for free.

Free Deployment

Get your super app deployed on both Android and iOS platforms for free.

100% Customization

A total revamp of the clone script and rebranding it to an unique app for your business.

Non-Disclosure Policy

Your ideas never leave our doors considering the strict non-disclosure policy of ours.

Scalable Product

Scalability is never an option. Your business grows and your app is already compatible with the huge user base.

Technology We Handle


A super app is an ecosystem of services all enveloped into a single app. One login and the user opens their doorway to hundreds of services from taxi rides, grocery delivery to booking an appointment with a doctor.
The answer to this question cannot be given in exact numbers as it depends on various factors like the type of technology used, the number of services embedded in the app, the design you demand, and more. To get your quote simply give us a call and tell us your requirements, we will mail you the quote in a few minutes.
Again the answer cannot be given in solid numbers as it also depends on various factors as discussed in the cost of the app. One thing that’s sure is it takes way too less time than building an app from scratch.
As already stated, our non-disclosure policies are pretty strict so your unique ideas never leave our doors. You can be confident about it.