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Streamline Food Delivery With The Talabat Clone Script

The on-demand model of work has completely revolutionized numerous business verticals around the world. Within the span of just a few years, mobile applications have altered the way we do business forever. There is no industry that best exemplifies this shift than the restaurant industry. Gone are the days when ordering food meant waiting with anxiety for the delivery person from the restaurant to show up. With the advent of food delivery apps like Talabat, people were able to order, track, and have their food delivered with extreme efficiency and simplicity.

If you’re thinking about getting into the highly profitable restaurant industry, there is no better way to do so than with your very own Talabat clone app. A cutting edge solution built with the latest technology available in the market, this tailor-made software is the big break you’ve been looking for.

How The Food Ordering System In The Talabat App Clone Works

With an app like Talabat, you can streamline your food delivery process and maximize the potential.

Customer places order

The customer can view and search from a list of restaurants for the dish that they would like to order. When they find what they like, they add the items to the cart and finish the ‘checkout’ process by completing the payment process.

Order is sent to the restaurant

When the order has been paid for (or the cash on delivery option is chosen), the order is sent to the restaurant for confirmation. The restaurant views the order and chooses to accept or reject it.

Order confirmation

When the restaurant confirms the order on their end, the customer is notified instantly on the ‘track delivery’ option of the Talabat clone.

Delivery personnel assigned

When the order has been placed, delivery personnel are assigned to the order. The delivery person is chosen according to the proximity of their location to the restaurant and the delivery address. They can choose to accept or reject the incoming delivery request.

Order is picked up

When the delivery person chooses to accept the delivery, they are guided to the restaurant through the in-app navigation. They pick up the order by providing the unique confirmation code sent to their smartphone.

Order is delivered

The delivery person picks up the order from the restaurant and is guided to the address specified by the customer. The customer can track the delivery at any time during this process. The delivery is carried out and confirmed by the customer. They can provide their feedback and rating for the service.

Maximize your business potential with a custom-made delivery solution
Our Talabat clone is waiting for you!

Features That Make Our Talabat Like App Stand Out

  • Quick Registration

    Users can get onboard the app in a matter of seconds with their credentials.

  • Easy To Use UI

    Using the Talabat clone is extremely easy and intuitive to attract customers.

  • Search Options

    With numerous search tools and filters, customers can find exactly what they want.

  • Live Tracking

    Users can track the order at any time during the delivery process.

  • Multi-payment Options

    Users have the ability to pay through a multitude of payment methods.

  • Pick-up Order Option

    Users can visit the restaurant and pick up their order if it is convenient for them.

  • Feedback

    Users can provide their feedback using ratings and reviews.

  • Promotional Offers

    Users are provided with promo codes and offers.

  • Profile Management

    Users can easily alter and manage their profiles and related details.

  • Customer Support

    Users can get in touch with customer support for any help they require.

  • Dashboard

    The dashboard alerts the restaurant of incoming and outgoing orders.

  • Profile Management

    Restaurant owners can manage their restaurant profile including name, phone number, hours of operation, etc.

  • Menu Management

    Restaurant owners can manage the menu and pricing details for their restaurant.

  • Payment Details

    Restaurant owners can track the revenue generated on the Talabat clone.

  • View Feedback

    Restaurant owners can get insight into their operations with the help of customer feedback.

  • Promo Offers

    Restaurant owners can create promotional offers to incentivize their customers.

  • Detailed Reports

    Get incredible insights into your restaurant with a periodic report generation.

  • Message Customer

    The restaurant owner can get in touch directly with the customer.

  • Help & Support

    Contact the support team to address any issues that you face.

  • Registration

    A delivery agent can register with the app by providing the necessary details.

  • Requests

    The delivery agent can view the incoming request and choose to fulfill them or not.

  • Order Information

    The delivery agent is provided with all the information regarding the order.

  • Availability Toggle

    The delivery agent can choose to toggle on/off their availability per their schedule.

  • Track Payments

    The delivery agent can view the revenue and payments generated on the app.

  • Profile Management

    The delivery agent can manage their profile and modify it any way they want.

  • Admin Dashboard

    The admin is provided with every detail they need in the easy to read dashboard.

  • Manage Restaurants

    Admins can view and manage all the restaurants listed on the Talabat clone.

  • Manage Menus

    Admins can view and manage all the listed menus for every restaurant.

  • Manage Customers

    Admins can view and manage the users registered with the app.

  • Manage Orders

    Admins can keep track of all past and current orders with this helpful tool.

  • Manage Payments

    Admins can manage the payments done on the Talabat clone with ease.

  • Manage Feedback

    Admins can view and manage the feedback provided by the customers.

  • Advertisements

    Admins can choose to host advertisements on the app for an extra revenue source.

  • Push Notifications

    Admins can quickly get in touch with restaurants, customers, and delivery people.

  • View Analytics

    Admins can gain rare insights into their business and customers with useful reports.

  • Web App

    Allow your customers to add from their PCs/laptops with the web app feature.

  • In-app chat

    Enable your customer to get in touch with you via instant messaging.

  • Third-Party APIs

    Easy integrations with any existing or new third party APIs.

  • Rewards Program

    Customized rewards and loyalty programs to build a fan following.

  • Order Scheduling

    Give your customers the ability to order days in advance with a scheduled order feature.

Optimize your growth with a tailor-made food delivery solution.

Ensure Safety Of Clients And Staff With Advanced COVID Safe Measures

Contact-Free Delivery

Users can choose to have the food delivered without any contact with the delivery person.

Take Away Option

Customers can choose to pick up the order from the restaurant by themselves to minimize contact.

Safety Badges

Provide a visible badge of safety with this must-have tool.

Disabling COD

With cash being a carrier of the virus, eliminating cash on delivery option, for the time being, is a good idea.

Instant Alerts

In the event of a positive case, alert everyone the delivery agent has come in contact with.

Awareness Campaigns

Periodically updated articles, posts, and more providing critical information to keep users safe.

Temperature Checks

Provide the latest temperature check carried out on the delivery agent for further reassurance for the customer.

Containment Zones

Alert your delivery people of the containment zones in their locality to keep them safe.

Mask Verification

Require your delivery personnel to verify that they are wearing a mask with a selfie.

How Can You Attain Success With a Food Delivery Script

Talabat Clone App

Plan Ahead

Let our seasoned experts formulate a foolproof plan for your restaurant delivery business.

UI/UX Design

Get a highly attractive front-end with an intuitive interface that your customers will love.

Customize The App

Avail of a food delivery app like Talabat that is tailored to your individual needs.

Grow With Marketing

Our marketing team will empower you with their diverse knowledge and experience.

Powered By AI

Get extremely helpful insights into your operation with the power of our AI.

Investor Pitch

Ready to take the next step? Let us create a pitch that investors can’t turn down!

How Can You Benefit From The Best Talabat Like App Development?

Improved profit margin

Watch your profit margin grow by manifolds in quick time with our result-driven development services.

Increased Brand Visibility

Brand visibility is key to the success of any operation. With our white-labeling features, we will ensure that your branding stands out.

Optimize Your Process

Increase the efficiency of your operations in no time with our tired and proven methodology for the best food delivery app in the market.

Around the clock support

Get help when you need it, no matter where you are. Our ongoing support can be a saving grace in a sticky situation.

Advanced Metrics

Get never before seen insights into your restaurant business with our highly detailed analytical reports.

Build Loyalty

Inspire loyalty among your customers with highly customizable loyalty programs and promotional offers.

Talabat like App

Revenue Model Of The Talabat Clone

Delivery Charges

The main source of revenue in the Talabat clone comes from the delivery charges levied on each delivery carried out. This delivery charge is determined by the time of day, distance, amount of food, etc.

Delivery Charges


Apart from the delivery charges, each order is also subject to a commission paid out to the app owner. The commission rate can be charged based on the total bill amount. The restaurant is charged for facilitating the order between the user and the restaurant.


Showcase third party advertisements on the Talabat clone for an additional revenue source. The size of the advertisement, duration, and frequency are all factors that go into deciding the charge levied on advertising.


Our Effective Talabat Clone App Development Process

Terms and conditions

We will sit down with you to gather the requirements of the project, create a proposal, and come up with the terms and conditions of the project. When we reach an understanding, the project kicks off in earnest.

Design and Development

Our team will work with you to create a food delivery script that ticks off all the right boxes. From the design elements prominent in the front end to the features and functionality of the back-end, we will craft everything to perfection.

Testing and Launch

Post-development, we will test the functionality of the app from top to bottom, ensure there are no bugs or shortcomings, and prep it for the launch.

Support and Maintenance

Once you, the client, have approved the app, we will roll it out with much fanfare for a successful launch. We will do the periodic maintenance of the app and provide support services that ensure that it is running smoothly.

How Much Does The Talabat Clone App Development Cost?

There are many factors that go into deciding the price of the Talabat clone. Factors such as the duration of the development process, the extent of customization to be done on the app, the features, and technology implemented into the app, the personnel involved, and a lot more dictate the final price of the app.

As a developer that crates highly tailored solutions that are built for the needs of a specific business, we will be better able to give you an estimate once we learn your business requirements. Get in touch with our team to get a quote based on your needs and expectations.

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The Talabat clone is a highly customizable on-demand food-delivery script that helps restaurants streamline their delivery process. Enable your customers to order from the comfort of their homes.
Yes! The Talabat clone is completely white-label and can be customized per your needs.
The duration of development is dependent on the project at hand. Get in touch with us to get an accurate timeline.
Yes, we can. The app is completely customizable. Tell us what you want to change and we’ll do it for you.
Yes. Our marketing team will help you market the app for a very affordable price.
Our robust support services can be availed at a nominal price.
Absolutely. Any third party API can be easily integrated into the Talabat clone.

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