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Scale Up Your Grocery Delivery Business With A Tesco Like App

On-demand grocery delivery is one promising business opportunity of today’s world. People no longer have time to spend at markets bargaining for the price of groceries from one store to another. Offer them the best price, the best quality products, with a software that has an intuitive user interface and a seamless performance and many more that are all yours. Tesco clone script is one such solution that brings some exemplary features to the user’s table. An online marketplace for the customers to buy any kind of grocery that they may even miss out in a real market.

If you are an entrepreneur observing the need of on-demand businesses then grocery delivery should be your first choice as every customer needs to purchase groceries more often than any other product. Launch an app like the globally acclaimed Tesco app.

How Can Launching A Tesco Clone App
Benefit You Amid The Pandemic?

Tesco like app
  • Practices Social DistancingBy developing a grocery delivery app you are promoting the act of social distancing by allowing the customers to stay indoors and yet purchase every supply they want.

  • Streamlining The Supply ChainGrocery delivery apps like Tesco can help coordinate the supply chain and assist the business owners manage their inventory more efficiently.

  • Support Small BusinessesThe pandemic has hit businesses very badly. The most affected are the small businesses. By launching a grocery delivery marketplace you offer these small businesses a second chance to revive their business and make some real sales.

  • Boosts EconomyAs delivery of groceries are our only option to keep the business afloat, launching an app like Tesco can offer jobs to delivery workers, daily wagers, and more.

  • Instant DeliveryThe best thing about on-demand grocery delivery apps are they help manage orders and deliver them instantly to the customers effortlessly.

Salient Features Of A Tesco Clone App

On Boarding The users get onboard with the app using their email ID, contact number, or social credentials.

Geo-Tag Location The location of the user is tagged to get their orders delivered to their location in a short time.

Explore Let your users explore a whole new world of groceries for them to choose from for their order.

Advanced Filter Options Avail an advanced filter option for price range, type of grocery, and more, so the user gets the exact product they are looking for in the search result.

Grocery List The users can now create their own grocery list from the products they purchase often, so they do not have to search for the products every single time.

Reorder Option As a grocery marketplace the chances of ordering the same product over and over is high. Offer a reorder option to your users and make shopping groceries easy for them.

Real-Time Tracking The orders placed by the users can be tracked in real time. The live location of the delivery person can be tracked by the user once they have picked up the order.

Order History The user can revisit their previous orders any time. This can help them keep track of their grocery expenses.

Multiple Payment Options Offer your users multiple options to pay so they can choose their preferred payment method.

Rating And Review The customers can rate and write reviews on the product. This can increase the user engagement with the app.

Registration The delivery person registers with the app by submitting their IDs. The admin verifies the documents and brings them on board with the app.

Navigation The navigation feature aids the delivery workers to ride to the stores and the user’s place efficiently.

Accept/Reject Order The delivery workers have the privilege to either accept or reject the orders assigned to them. This allows them to work at their convenience.

Availability Status The delivery workers can toggle between being available and unavailable easily. This promotes a flexible work culture allowing more delivery workers to partner up with you. Hence faster delivery and user satisfaction.

Order History The orders delivered by the delivery worker will be recorded here. They can cross-check it whenever they want.

Payment History The delivery worker can keep track of all their payments. This motivates them to deliver more orders to earn more.

In-App Calls The delivery person can make calls to the user if they need to know any instructions to find the user’s place.

Rating And Review The delivery workers can also rate the customers and write reviews on the way they treated them.

Registration The store owners register their store with the app by uploading the required documents. The admin verifies these documents and then registers the shop with the app.

Manage Profile The store owner manages a profile with the location of the store and the products they sell in their store for user information.

Inventory Management The store owners can manage and update their stocks in the app every now and then.

Manage Orders The store owner views the order placed by the order and packs all the products ready for delivery before the delivery person stops by.

Write Reply To Reviews The store owners can write a reply to the reviews posted by the customers. This improves the trust factor of the customer.

Order History The store owner can keep track of all the orders dispatched from their store inclusive of the price. This helps them to keep track of their earnings too.

User Management The admin keeps record of all the users and their shopping pattern. They can use these data to target ads.

Delivery Person Management The admin keeps record of all the documents submitted by the delivery person for security reasons.

Store Management The admin keeps track of the quality of the products delivered by the store owners. If there are numerous bad reviews on the store, the admin can take action on the store.

Payment Management The payments to be made to the store owners and the delivery workers is managed by the admin efficiently.

Banner Ad Management The store owners can post ads in the platform, these ads are verified by the admin and posted in the marketplace.

Review Management The admin can view and manage the reviews written by the users, delivery workers, and the replies written by the store owners.

Advanced Features Of Tesco Clone Solution

Business Model

GPS Tracking

The GPS tracking system can bestow a personalised experience for the user. They can be recommended with the top grocery stores and other offers through the place they are travelling.

Business Model

User Behaviour

Each and every user has their own shopping pattern and mostly used groceries. Keep track of each user's orders and target them with ads or notifications to reorder the groceries over a time.

Business Model

Number Masking

Most users don’t feel safe to make a call to a delivery worker as their personal number is shared with a stranger. The number masking feature can make them feel secure to make calls and tell their needs to the delivery person.

Business Model


Groceries are one commodity that is prone to be re-ordered once in a month or more often. The reordering feature will help save time for your users.

Business Model

CRM Integration

Centralize your business and streamline the communication between you and your customers. This can improve customer satisfaction and user retention.

Business Model

Visual Search

If the user is not sure about the name of the product they can simply take a picture of it using the app and they will be presented with the product to place orders.

Business Model


Recommend your customers with products they may be interested to purchase, this can help increase sales in a large spectrum.

Benefits Of Launching A Grocery Delivery App Like Tesco


Building an app for your grocery delivery person acts as a branding tool of authentication and credibility in today’s world.

Personalized Discounts

Reward your customers with personalized discount or cashback offers exclusively for them. This improves user retention and user loyalty.

Order Tracking

The customer is never left clueless about where their order is or when they can expect the delivery. They are kept updated with the status of the delivery every now and then.

Efficient Inventory Management

The store owners can manage their inventory using the store panel. This allows them to be aware of the commodities to be refilled so that they don’t miss any order.

Shopping Made Easy

Your customers do not have to worry about which is the best grocery store in their neighbourhood or where it is or how to reach out to it. They can surf through your app and find the best deals from the best grocery stores above all they get it delivered at their home.

Consumer Behaviour

By launching an app you get access to data of users and their shopping habits. You can be updated about every new good that the customers are searching for and enlist it in your marketplace sooner.

Why Choose Us?

To succeed in any business, it is pivotal to know the stakeholders involved in the business ecosystem. Only then can you come up with solutions tailored to their expectations.

  • Free Server Installation

    After developing a robust Tesco clone app for you we install it in a server of your choice for free.

  • Free Deployment

    Deployment of apps in Android and iOS stores may turn out to be tedious at times. You do not have to worry about it, we deploy the app in the store for free.

  • Free Support

    On partnering up with us you are also signing up for free support throughout the journey of building the app.

  • Native Technology

    We use native technologies to build your app so that they are compatible with all devices.

  • 100% Customization

    It is your app and it must be unique from the already existing ones and for that we can customize it in such a way that it attracts your niche and also makes a brand statement.

  • Non-Disclosure Policy

    We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you to secure your business ideas and never let it leave our doors.

grocery supermarket app

Revenue Model Of Tesco Clone App


Deduct a commission amount from every order placed by the user. It can account to be the pertinent source of revenue.

Delivery Charges

As a grocery delivery app you are doing your customers a favour by delivering their groceries at their doorstep. Make sure you charge for it.

Banner Ads

Allow store owners to post attractive banner ads in your app with exciting offers to lure more customers and charge them for it.

Third-Party Ads

Allow third party businesses to post ads in your app to capitalize on your vast audience for a reasonable fee.

grocery delivery app

Our Tesco Clone App Development Process

Requirement Analysis

The requirements of your business and your target audience are analysed in order to build an app that best-fits your needs.


A road map is structured to build your app with all the astounding features and seamless performance in a short time.


Our design team works on a design that reiterates your business ideology, resonates the color patterns in your logo, is unique, and is also pleasing to your users.

Back-End Development

Our expertised on-demand app developers build a robust app with seamless performance and exciting features.


The testing team runs numerous tests on every stage of the development process to ensure a bug-free app.


Once all the tests are run and all bugs are resolved the app is deployed in the Android and iOS platforms.

The Cost Of Developing An App Like Tesco

The answer to this question cannot be given in exact numbers as it depends on various factors
like the type of technology used, the number of services embedded in the app, the design you
demand, and more. To get your quote simply give us a call and tell us your requirements,
we will mail you the quote in a few minutes.

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Yes, of course, are you dreaming of growing big? Then getting into the digital world is the right choice. Launch an app exclusively for your grocery store and expand your customer base instantly.
We sign an NDA with you to ensure your business idea is safe with us and it is never leaving our doors.
Once we are on board we offer you eternal support. Our support is free even after the deployment of the app for a specific time and later it comes with a nominal price.
No. We never include any hidden charges. We quote you at first and that is all we expect you to pay.
Of course not. Our solution is scalable, and there are no restrictions on the number of users. In case you want only a limited number of users, then we can do that for you.

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