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Features Of Our Uber Clone

Native iOS Application

The iOS Apps are developed with the latest Technology of Native Swift Language using XCode

Native Android Application

The Android Apps are developed in the Native Java Language using Android Studio (Version 3.2) IDE.

Free server Installation

After buying our product, we take the sole responsibility to install our website scripts into your server. Our websites are 100% responsive, which is compatible with any tablet/mobile devices.

Free App submission

Our team will help you in uploading your application on both App Store and Play store and if an issue occurs, our team will guide you with proper guidance

Free bug support

We work hard to deploy a bug-free product and if you find any bugs we will fix it for free in the support period

Support for App rejections

We are very careful that our apps should not be rejected for technical reasons. We will help you if any such issue arises, and guide you with proper explanation

Source code

We will provide 100% customizable source code where you can customize as per your requirements

Global solution

Multi-language and multi-currency support ensures that our app can work in many countries across the globe.

End to end support

End-to-End Support by our taxi app developers team to ensure seamless deployment and launch.

Admin dashboard

Get a quick summary about the details of rides and also the performance of your application

Manage user and drivers

Admin can easily manage the details of users and drivers who have registered on the application.

Manage vehicles

Admin can add a number of cars and its details will be managed with a separate option.

Manage dispatcher

A separate panel will be allocated for a dispatcher for assigning ride requests.

Reporting and analytics

Admin can completely track the ride details and can export details for future reference.

Dispatcher panel

Dispatchers can manually assign requests for drivers.

City/Country settings

Admin can easily set the city and country option and can also set the pricing logic for the same

Track rides and drivers

Admin can view and track the real-time driver availability and current location on a map.

Fleet management

Admin panel offers secured login and admins can track the vehicles easily. The fleet owners can manage their vehicles and drivers using this panel.

Trip information

Drivers can view details about their past and upcoming trips.

Waiting time

If the user prefers to stop/shop during the ride, the user can inform the driver. The driver can mention it as waiting time and the charges will be added to the final invoice.


The total amount will be sent to the driver’s wallet. The taxes and commissions deducted, will be displayed as ‘negative value’ in wallet


The Transaction done with the admin will be displayed in the transaction page

Document management

Drivers should register on the application with the necessary documents. Drivers can edit or upload documents in the application.

Mobile number verification

The verification process is completed once the OTP is sent to his/her mobile number

Profile management

Users can manage their profile where they can edit details like name, email and mobile number with OTP verification.

Dispute management

Users and drivers can raise disputes to admin from their past trips where admin should address the dispute with the proper enquiry.

Lost item management

Users can raise lost item queries to admin and admin can view and duly resolve the dispute.

Car Rental

Users can rent an hourly ride where the ride can be calculated on an hourly basis. Admin can modify and configure the details when needed.


This feature helps the user make a long trip that can either be one way or round trip. The package and distance for trips can be stated in the admin panel

Alert on ride status and request

Both the user and the driver receive timely trip-related updates like ride status and promo details via push notifications, SMS, email and so on.

Multiple service type

Admin can add multiple service types in the admin panel. Users can choose any of the service types and pricing will be calculated in the final invoice.

Toll and parking charge

Drivers can manually enter Toll or Parking charges at the end of the ride. The toll or parking charge which is added will be reflected in the final invoice

Accept payment anywhere

Users can easily integrate a third party payment gateway and can make secure & seamless transactions.

Our Uber Clone App Add-On Features


A Handicap Accessibility feature will be advantageous for connecting drivers with differently-abled customers. With just a YES option in their taxi profiles, drivers can assist such riders in no time. This feature can be set as ON/OFF as per the policy of your taxi company


Build an Uber clone app that is pro-women. Expand your reach by letting women drivers register and accept rides only from female customers. As per your company's policy, you can always make this feature available for your users.


With geo-fencing, mark and restrict all unsafe and crime-prone areas on the map to avoid pickups and drops at such locations. Give freedom to cab drivers to choose the areas where they want to do their business.


Want to let your customers have hassle-free riding experience? The "add destination later" feature will allow riders to decide their drop-off location later during their ride. Give the option of changing the destination also if it is already set.


Make local currency transactions a seamless process for your users in countries across the world. Launch your app with a free of cost integration of the currency of your choice beside USD. With an additional currency feature, manage the rate of your base currency too.


Play around with the aesthetics of your app with a customizable colour theme option. Choose your name and company name easily ensuring that it is reflected everywhere including your taxi booking app and website. Get an amazing theme with suitable colours at the most affordable price.


Let your riders and drivers communicate with each other via calls without any hindrance, but ensure to mask their real contact numbers for enhanced security. With a random virtual number, hide the original numbers to maintain privacy.


Allow your riders to stop at any number of points during their trips. With the simple addition of pickup location and the multiple stopover locations, let them pause their trip whenever they want to and resume their ride.


Riders can select any driver they went on a trip with and select him or her as their favourite driver. Provide more comfort to your users by giving them the chance to enjoy their ride with the same driver.


Want your riders to enjoy their rides? Let them pause on their way and complete their tasks while drivers wait for them. From shopping at malls to eating at their special restaurants, ensure that your customers have the best ride of their life.


For families or people traveling with kids, this feature will let booking a ride with the special preference of a child's seat. Make the ride comfortable for your users with an Uber Clone having an option for 'Child Seat Preference'. Let your users get connected to such vehicles for a smooth ride.


Make the riding experience smooth for both your drivers and riders. With an additional toll fee feature, let your users get the calculated fee beforehand.

SEO Analytics

The admin panel will be integrated with settings for SEO functions. Our websites are well equipped and managed by our SEO analytics

Ride passes

Users will be issued ride passes that offer multiple rides at discounted rates. The pass rates can be configured and managed in the admin panel

Business rides

Users can set separate profiles for business travel and expense management, where the invoice will be sent to the organization

Split fare

Users can easily share costs with their friends/ colleagues for shared trips.

Flat pricing

Admin can set flat fare for popular routes like airport pick up and drops.

Driver preferred destination

Drivers can opt for a preferred direction trip where they would be more comfortable in picking rides; This can be done twice a day

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