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Digital Learning With Udemy Clone App Script

In today’s digitized world, application software has bridged the gap between service providers and consumers like never before. Of all the offerings that application can provide, education is certainly one of the most important and useful.

Especially at a time like this, as the COVID-19 pandemic ravages the world and has people around the world confined to their homes, the Udemy clone script provides a great alternative to traditional classroom learning.

For both the teachers trying to spread their knowledge and the students looking for a fun, digital way to learn valuable skills of all kinds, the Udemy clone script is the one-stop-shop for all their needs.

Breakdown of the
workflow of our Udemy clone app

  • Step 1

    Sign UpUsers can sign up to the Udemy clone with a simple and quick process.

    App Screen
  • Step 2

    Log InUsers can login with their credentials or social media logins at any time.

    App Screen
  • Step 3

    Explore CoursesUsers can search through the list of available courses in any area of their choosing.

    App Screen
  • Step 4

    Save For LaterUsers can save desired courses to be viewed at a later time.

    App Screen
  • Step 5

    View Course Ratings And ReviewsUsers can view the ratings and reviews provided by registered students before they choose the course.

    App Screen
  • Step 6

    Buy CourseUsers can buy any course and will be provided immediate access once payment has been verified.

    App Screen
  • Step 7

    PaymentUsers can finalize the purchase by successfully completing the payment through a variety of options like cards, internet payments and more.

    App Screen

Why Choose Us As Your Udemy Clone App Developer?

Here are some great reasons why you should choose our Udemy clone script.

Server Installation

We not only develop the application in its entirety but also install it in your server of choice. From inception to launch and beyond, we take care of everything. This is the all-in-one digital e-learning platform you’ve been looking for.

App Submission

With our years of experience in crafting world-class solutions that are highly successful, we will roll out your app in the best possible way post-development. We will submit your app in all the major platforms to ensure maximum reach.

Bug Support

An integral part of ensuring the success of an application is making sure that it stays running smoothly at all times. With a dedicated maintenance team, you can rest easy knowing that your application is in safe hands. We constantly monitor and fix any bug that might be present in the app to safeguard its functionality.

100% Source Code

We have exclusive, premier packages that include everything you want in an application solution. By choosing the relevant packages, you will be provided with the complete source code for the application, enabling you to scale and modify your app how you see fit.

Native iOS & Android Apps

Inclusivity is important to the success of any app. We ensure that you cater to both iOS and Android users and not lose out on any potential customers.

White Labeling

With our white labeling services, you can customize your Udemy clone app to truly make it your own. We will ensure that your logo and labeling is prominently displayed in all areas of the application.

What We Provide
In Udemy Clone Script?

  • Admin PanelWe equip the admin to handle the entirety of the operation from their standalone admin panel that’s complete with all the tools they need to run their enterprise in a streamlined, efficient manner.

  • Instructor PanelWe provide the teachers registered in the app with their own panel. They can post courses, review statistics, and interact with their students easily, all from the instructor panel in the application.

  • Learner PanelLearners registered in the application can view all their courses, manage them how they see fit as well as get useful analytics and data about their courses from this helpful panel. They will see ongoing courses, finished courses as well as recommended courses based on their interests.

  • Android AppFor Android users, we have a completely robust Android-compatible version of the Udemy clone. Since the majority of mobile users are Android users, this is a must-have in any application development process.

  • iOS AppOur iOS app for Udemy clone has all the great features provided in the Android version. With iOS compatibility, you can corner the market and ensure maximum reach when it comes to the number of users.

Stand-out Features Of Our Udemy Clone App

Intuitive Dashboard Admins can effectively run their enterprise with this intuitive dashboard with an efficient user interface built to make things easy.

Income Tracker Admins can view all the information related to their income from this feature. A detailed breakdown of the fees paid by students, the percentage paid out to teachers, and retained earnings will be displayed in an easy to understand way.

Promotional Offers Admins can manage all the promotional offers they offer from this part of the application. They can set offers on individual courses or bulk offers that apply to many different courses. They can give out promo codes and send out promotional material and a lot more.

Managing Tool With this highly helpful tool, the admin can manage all the courses, students, and teachers enrolled in the application. They can add, edit, or delete any of these from one easy to use feature.

Favorite Courses Users can make a list of their favorite courses and can get back to them at any time. They can also create curated lists of courses and categorize them as they see fit.

Search FiltersWe make searching for courses a breeze with our highly detailed search filter options. Users can find any course they’re looking for with a quick search option that offers many different filters.

Social Media IntegrationUsers can integrate their social media profiles with the Udemy clone app to make learning more fun and inclusive. They can recommend courses to friends, share their progress, and more with this useful tool.

Responsive User InterfaceWe ensure that all our applications are easy to use with an intuitive user interface that is pleasing to look at visually while still providing great functionality.

Unique Features Of Our Udemy Clone App

  • Multiple Revenue Streams Teachers and admins can earn through multiple revenue streams such as subscription fees, course fees, advertisement revenue and more.

  • Sell Courses Easily Udemy clone allows teachers to sell courses in a simple and structured manner with capabilities to support many different formats such as pdf, video, audio and more, in their area of expertise.

  • Secure Payment Gateways We provide numerous payment options that are secure and enable students to pay and receive confirmation instantly.

  • Effective Admin Dashboard The admin is equipped with a highly effective admin dashboard that has all the tools required to run a successful educational portal.

  • Easy to Install and Highly Compatible Available in all different operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, etc. this e-learning program is readily accessible and highly sensitive. The installation process is quick and easy.

  • Detailed Tutor Dashboard Tutor app provides features such as screen sharing, whiteboard, video conferencing, etc. It is designed to provide a highly quality service for students to learn.

Extensive Features of the Udemy Clone

Course Reminder A highly helpful tool that reminds the user of the courses they must complete for the day. Students can set reminders at any point of the day and repeat them daily, weekly, or monthly as per their convenience.

Course Discussion Students can discuss the courses with other students who are enrolled in the course. This creates an inclusive community feel about the course.

Social Login Users can log in through other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google account.

Completion Certificate Users are provided with a certificate of completion at the end of the course. Not only does this act as an incentive for completing a course but it also helps them get recognition for their skill among potential employers and universities.

Referral Links Students can refer courses to their friends and family by sending them referral links. They will be provided with extra benefits for successful referrals in the form of discounts on courses and other incentives.

Multiple Payment Gateways Students can pay for a course through a variety of ways including credit and debit cards, e-payment, and payment portals such as PayPal.

Udemy clone script

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Udemy app clone

Our Online Tutoring models offer

  • Customized ModulesLearners can benefit hugely from customized learning modules. From students to employees, this offering can be modified to your needs.

  • Great DesignWith a fluid design and highly interactive user interface, the Udemy clone is easy to ease with a sleek look and attractive aesthetics.

  • Advertisement ManagementAdministrators are gifted with the ability to manage advertisements and grow their Udemy clone to new heights. We provide key words proven to drive traffic with our advanced packages.

Why do organizations prefer our
Udemy clone for employee-oriented courses?
  • Our Udemy clone provides a great, streamlined option for learning new skills and updating existing ones.

  • Employees can stay up to date with the changes in the market to stay relevant.

  • Employees are provided with structured courses with feedback to help them learn new skills.

  • Companies can provide a structured training module for their employees, helping them grow their efficiency.

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Our Development Process
  • Requirement Analysis We will sit down with you to get a complete picture of your dream application and what you seek from it.

  • Forging a Plan Once we have a good idea of your requirements, our team will draw up a plan that ensures a streamlined approach to development.

  • Visual Design The visual aesthetics of the app can immediately grab or lose the attention of potential users. We will craft a Udemy clone that is pleasing to the eye.

  • Robust Backend Your app must perform better than it looks. We ensure that this happens with our effective back-end development processes.

  • Quality Analysis The Udemy clone, like every other application of ours, goes through an extensive testing phase to check for discrepancies and shortcomings.

  • App Submission Once the application has been duly processed, our effective launch process ensures it reaches the maximum number of users.

Technology We Handle


In today's digitized world, where on-demand, digital services are being offered by every sector in the market, education is more accessible than ever before. With users around the world hungry to attain new skills and the world being more competitive than ever, the Udemy clone provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalize on this demand with an intuitive solution built with the latest technology in the market.
The price of an Udemy clone app can vary depending on the individual requirements of the user. Factors such as the time spent on development, the amount of customization, the number of features included, etc., dictate the price of the application. We provide quality solutions at various price points to meet the budget restraints of our customers. Get in touch with our team to get an accurate estimate of the price.
Extremely customizable. We will craft the app exactly how you want it. Just tell us your idea, and it can be done. Not only will we customize the app per your request, but depending on the plan you choose, we will provide you with the source code to let you modify the app at any point in the future.
Yes! We ensure that all our application solutions are highly scalable and can be modified to match the growth of your business. By choosing a plan that provides you with the source code along with the app, you can scale your app with ease at any time.
We pride ourselves in our ability to provide an extensive range of services, from development to marketing, and more. Get in touch with our team to know more about the other services we provided. They are all priced very competitively and hard to be matched by our competitors.

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