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WhatsApp Clone: A Pragmatic Solution To Connect Millions Of Users Seamlessly

The world we live in is drastically shifting to online space as people stay away from their family and friends due to their work, studies, and other commitments. The need to connect and enrich their relationships is strengthened by the presence of instant messaging applications. They empower users to interact with their loved ones at any time, from anywhere.

Not only can the users connect over instant chats, but they can also communicate via voice or video chats. Another added advantage is that they can connect with many people concurrently, enabling group chats. In recent times, WhatsApp is dominating the market with its high-end functionality.

Launching an app like WhatsApp in your niche is sure to get your business reach heights in no time. At Uber Like App, we offer WhatsApp clone solutions pre-packed with robust features that allow hassle-free 1-on-1 or group interaction. Contact us to get started right away!

Crucial Features Of Our WhatsApp Clone

User account

Each user is provided with a dedicated user account where they can manage their personal information, including profile picture, user name, status, wallpaper, etc.

1-on-1 Chat

Our WhatsApp clone facilitates any two users to engage in conversations with one another privately through the instant messaging feature.

Voice calls

Users can connect with their contacts over distortion-free voice calls, establishing hassle-free communication.

Video calls

Connecting over video chats has become effortless with our WhatsApp clone. With a single tap, you can video chat with your friends and family members.

Sync contacts

The phone contacts of users are readily synced with the WhatsApp clone, letting users start a chat with other users in their connections promptly.

Share files/ media

Users can fleetly share files and media in various formats with other users on the platform. These files/ media can be images, audios, videos, contacts, documents, etc.

Share locations

Enable users to share their current location or live location with other users with this phenomenal feature. They can disable the location-sharing anytime they wish.

Upload status

Users can upload any number of photos or videos to their status that disappears after a specific time. Users can enable the status for everyone’s view or restrict it to only specific contacts.

WhatsApp clone

Create groups

Allow users to create groups by including any number of users from their contacts. The messages shared will be sent to all users. Also, they can group chat or group call with ease.

Mute group

Users can mute groups that send messages frequently. By muting, users will not be notified of the messages received, and they can choose to view them only during their leisure time.

Exit group

Users can exit a group they no longer wish to be a part of. Once they leave the group, they won’t receive messages or calls from it.

Push notifications

Users will be notified of the new messages, missed calls, and other updates promptly via the instant push notification feature.

Privacy settings

A security feature to safeguard user privacy. Users can choose contacts who should view profile information like profile image, status, etc.

Chat backup

Empower users to keep their messages, files, and other details backed up in their local drive or Google drive with this incredible option

Block/ Report user

Users can block other users with whom they do not want to chat or receive messages. Also, they can report users who share inappropriate content.

Invite contacts

An excellent feature that allows users to invite their contacts to be a part of the chat application by installing it on their phones. The invites can be sent with a download link via SMS or email.

WhatsApp like
Why Is Building A WhatsApp Clone App Beneficial?

“As of March 2020, WhatsApp has 2 Billion monthly active users.”

If you wish to be a part of the growing social network business, our WhatsApp clone is the ideal solution for you to succeed in the long run. It houses all crucial features and functionalities necessary to establish seamless connections.

Here are some points stressing its significance:

  • Cutting-edge The means of communication in our WhatsApp clone is distortion-free, offering stable connectivity.

  • Feature-laden Packed with all the vital features, it is undoubtedly a perfect option for users to connect with their loved ones.

  • Avant-garde Our solution is innovative and unique in its own way, captivating a user base of its own.

  • Contact-based Users can interact with anyone on their phone contact book who is registered with the WhatsApp clone.

  • Global reach The solution can be scaled on a global level; connecting users present worldwide.

  • Mobile-focused Being accessible on only mobile devices, users can access it from anywhere, thereby offering greater mobility.

How Can An Instant Messaging App Benefit Your Business?

Building an instant messaging application is proven to be beneficial not only for individuals to establish personal connections but also for businesses to interact with their customers and get work done in a jiffy.

chat app like WhatsApp
  • Time-efficient Interact with your team members or customers on the go from anywhere, anytime, helping you spend your time sensibly.

  • Cost-effectiveConnect with your customers or team members located across the globe over voice/ video calls without any distortion, saving money spent on international calls.

  • Build relationshipsEngaging in conversations with team members has become effortless with the instant messaging option. Discuss any important issues, brainstorm, or share vital information in an instant with just a few taps.

  • Constant communication Get updates on projects from your team members periodically by keeping in touch with them via our WhatsApp clone. An ideal option to ensure the project is delivered within the deadline.

  • Customer support Increase your custom retention rate by connecting with your customers 24x7. Keep them updated on a new product line or resolve their queries, all with a few instant messages.

Ways To Earn Substantial Revenue From The WhatsApp Clone

  • Subscription feeAllows users to access your instant messaging platform by subscribing to it regularly. It is profitable only if your app has a massive user base. Since several chat app businesses offer their services for free, you need to offer something extra to benefit from this option.

  • Freemium modelEnable users to access the basic features of the platform for free and avail the premium features upon paying a specific fee. A great way to earn income, along with gaining a huge user base.

  • In-app purchasesOffer special/ customized stickers, filters, effects, wallpapers, etc., which users can avail for a price. With the right options, you can generate constant revenue from this revenue model.

  • Advertising Collect adverts fee from third-party businesses for displaying their products and services on your chat application. These fees can be calculated based on clicks, views, impressions, etc.

Why Choose Us?

As of late, there has been an upward trend in online shopping, driving businesses to jump on the bandwagon for high ROI in a short period. Join the thriving e-commerce business segment promptly with the right application onboard. Here are some pointers that stress the importance of e-commerce apps and how it can be beneficial upon foraying into this sector.

  • Customizable clone script Our WhatsApp clone script is highly modifiable, enabling you to make any alterations effortlessly to suit your business model and its objectives.

  • Native apps Based on your target market and its preferences, we build native Android and iOS applications for your business.

  • Domain expertise We have worked with small businesses to corporate conglomerates, helping us understand the nuances of the market in and out.

  • In-house team Our in-house development team includes business analysts, skilled designers, proficient developers, qualified QA engineers, and a dedicated project manager. They strive together to build a leading-edge chat app for your business.

  • Free server installation You choose the server you wish to install your instant messaging script, and we install it right away without charging a penny.

  • Free app launch support After the development of your full-fledged chat app, we deploy it on all major app platforms, allowing your users to avail it without delay.

  • Free app rejection support If your app gets rejected by the app platforms due to any regulatory reasons, we look into the issue, fix it, and resubmit the app promptly for its quick launch.

  • Free maintenance support Not only do we offer app development, but we also provide app maintenance support. It is free for a limited time.

Our WhatsApp Clone App Development Process

Requirement study

First and foremost, our team will scrutinize your business model and its requirements. We jot down the features and technical details, helping us understand your needs better.

UI Customization

Your chat app should be intuitive and easily accessible. Only then, it will captivate more users to your business. Our designers strive to ensure the same.

Back-end development

Our expert developers team analyze the market to confirm that the solution we develop keeps up with the emerging market trends. Thereby, we ensure your app never lags in any aspect.


The fully customized application is run through several stages of quality assurance checks to make sure it is devoid of all possible bugs, errors, and other discrepancies.


Once the testing phase is complete, we launch your instant messaging app on major app platforms to extend its seamless functionality.

app like WhatsApp

How Much Does The Development Of A WhatsApp Clone Cost?

The cost involved in developing a WhatsApp like chat app varies from project to project and is influenced by several factors, as listed below.

  • The feature set to integrate
  • The complexity of the app
  • Number of platforms to deploy
  • The development team size

Upon analyzing these parameters, we can arrive at a cost estimate to build a cutting-edge chat app. If you wish to plan your budget, connect with us and discuss your requirements. We will provide you with a free cost estimate fleetly.


Our WhatsApp clone is a ready-made instant messaging application that lets you join the thriving chat app business in the shortest possible time. Loaded with all crucial features, our app is sure to help you reach a large audience base in a short period.
We can’t give you an exact cost needed to build a WhatsApp like application. The development cost differs from project to project, influenced by various factors. If you wish to get a cost estimation, feel free to connect with us right away.
Our in-house development team includes expert business analysts, skilled designers, proficient developers, qualified testers, and a project manager. They work together to build a leading-edge instant messaging app for your business.
Yes. Once the free-of-charge maintenance support service is over, you can avail our paid services offered at an affordable price.
Connect with us over email - info@uberlikeapp.com or the chat option available on our website.

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