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Real Estate clone script

Establish A Stronghold In The Real Estate Industry
With Our Zillow Clone

Real estate is a sector that is popular for earning big bucks in a short period. Though it is a booming sector, its online transformation is still in the nascent stage, and there is space for upcoming businesses to establish a strong foothold in their respective niches. Emerging as an online market leader in this fledgling sector can drive your revenue growth tremendously.

With advanced search, detailed map navigation, and location finding, your app can undoubtedly captivate the audience of the real estate market. A few days into development and our ready-made real estate clone script will be up and running on all major platforms, allowing users and real estate agents to interact and avail/ offer services opportunely. Discover more about our cutting-edge solution!

We Fulfill The Requirements Of All Stakeholders
In The Real Estate Industry

Real estate is an ever-thriving segment that is known to bring in investments in millions. What if this remunerative vertical shifts to online space connecting potential buyers with appropriate real estate companies in an instant? The investments will manifold, leading to tremendous growth. Our real estate apps are built to serve precisely the same purpose, benefiting all stakeholders of the real estate business.

Real estate buyers

Our real estate solution for buyers is loaded with advanced technology like AR and VR, helping them take virtual real estate tours from anywhere, anytime. Other features like location navigation, quick search, etc., adds to the app’s hassle-free operations.

Real estate companies

We build an exclusive application for real estate sellers or companies who wish to rent or sell their properties. The app is packed with several advanced features, allowing them to connect with prospective buyers effortlessly.

Real estate aggregators

An innovative application that brings together all real estate sellers or agents in a specific niche or worldwide. All properties available for renting or selling are listed with their complete details, offering extensive options for real estate buyers.

How Does Our Zillow Clone Script Work?

We build separate apps for the real estate buyers and sellers, ensuring they function hassle-free



Quick login

A few taps are all it takes to register with the platform and set up their buyer profiles.


Discover properties

The advanced search and filter options let buyers explore the real estate listings with ease.


Confirm booking

Buyers can readily send booking requests after reviewing the property and get it verified by the real estate agents.


Online payments

The platform is infused with multiple payment options, allowing buyers to pay conveniently.






Agent login

Real estate agents can sign up instantly and register their profiles as agents.


List properties

Agents can list the real estate properties with their images and other required information.


Instant requests

Review the booking requests from buyers and approve or reject it accordingly.


Receive payments

After commission deduction, the payments are sent to the agents fleetly.

Exclusive Benefits Of Our Real Estate App Like Zillow

  • Increased visibility

    By listing your property on a real estate app, its visibility increases tremendously. Prospective buyers can readily find your properties if they deem fit.

  • Brand reach

    Features like referral programs help in boosting the user base of your business and offering deals and discounts are vital to increasing your business reach.

  • Time-efficient

    The advanced features like a virtual tour of the property listings allow potential buyers to get an overview of the real estate, right from where they are - saving them time significantly.

  • Real-time connections

    Our real estate app is a game-changer that empowers real estate agents and buyers to connect without any distortion, enriching their relationship.

  • Increased revenue

    A real estate app is proven to be a beneficial solution that brings in more sales, thereby generating more revenue for the long term.

Zillow Clone App Features

  • Quick registration

    Users can promptly sign up with the platform via the multiple sign-up options, making their onboarding effortless.

  • Instant search

    The platform includes an advanced search and filter option that enables users to find the real estate properties that suit their budget and requirements.

  • View property info

    The full detail of the properties like their built-up area, carpet area, pricing, 3D images/ videos, etc., are presented to give users a quick overview of the property.

  • View agent info

    Upon liking a property, users can view the details of the real estate agent who listed that specific property, including their contact information.

  • Route navigation

    The app includes an in-built map navigation system that provides users with the best-optimized route to reach the property in the shortest time.

  • Compare properties

    Users can compare various properties listed on a specific location to analyze their pricing, agent commission, property size, etc., helping them make informed choices.

  • Send requests

    Users who are interested in buying a real estate property can send buying requests to respective real estate agents and wait for their response.

  • Chat/ Call support

    Users can readily reach out to the real estate agents if they need any assistance or get their queries resolved in no time.

  • Secure payments

    Users can fleetly process payments for the properties they wish to buy via the payment option available in the real estate application.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    Users can rate the service of a real estate agent and share their feedback, helping other users make informed decisions.

  • Sign up

    Real estate agents can register with the Zillow clone and set up their agent accounts with necessary details and contact information.

  • Manage listings

    Agents can list real estate properties with their complete details for the reference of potential buyers. Edit or remove these properties anytime without any hindrance.

  • Add commission

    Agents can mention their commission in the property info so that users can refer to them quickly. They can edit their commission as they find feasible.

  • Instant alerts

    Agents are updated if users show interests in buying their properties or receive buying requests via instant push notifications.

  • View user info

    Agents can view the details of potential buyers who show interest in their properties, along with their contact details.

  • Buyer support

    Attend to user queries in real-time by staying in touch with them always via chat or call, ensuring they feel comfortable and valued.

  • View earnings

    Agents can keep track of their earnings from finalized deals on a weekly or monthly basis. A great way to keep a tab on their revenue!

  • Promote listings

    Agents can boost the visibility of their properties by featuring them in premium listings. For this, they can subscribe to the ad packages according to their needs.

  • Intuitive dashboard

    The admin can manage all the activities of the real estate application on the go with the assistance of the powerful admin dashboard.

  • Manage properties

    The admin can view and manage the properties listed by the real estate agents, along with their complete information.

  • Manage users and agents

    The admin can manage the profiles of users and agents registered with the platform and ensure they abide by the regulations of the platform.

  • Manage ads

    The admin can manage the promotion of property listings to increase their visibility among their prospective buyers, thereby increasing the sales.

  • Track revenue

    The admin can deduct the commission and forward the earnings to respective real estate agents. The overall revenue generated is presented in one convenient location.

  • Insightful reports

    The admin is presented with data-driven analytical reports periodically to help them analyze their app’s performance and reach.

Ideal Revenue Streams To Include In A Real Estate App Like Zillow

Freemium model
Allow users to access the basic functionalities of your real estate app for free. However, let them avail the premium features for a price. For instance, enable users to access your app without ads or access the mortgage calculator for a certain charge.
Commission-based model
Earn commission for every successful selling of properties through your real estate application. You can either charge a fixed fee or collect a percentage of the property pricing as commission.
Listings promotions
Collect a certain amount as promotional fees from real estate agents or companies to feature their property listings on top of the search results of users. By doing so, the visibility and reach of these listings will be significantly enhanced.
Promote third-party businesses on your platform by displaying the adverts of their products or services by charging an ad fee. These ad fees can be based on various parameters such as clicks, impressions, and more.

How Are Mobile Apps Boosting The Growth And Sales Of The Real Estate Industry?

According to a report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global real estate market is predicted to generate an income of USD 4,263 billion by 2025. The increasing urbanization has been seen as the reason behind the rising demand for real estate spaces for retail and commercial purposes. This growth is further boosted by the emergence of mobile apps, empowering users to find suitable real estates right from their personal assistant devices - smartphones, tablets, etc.

Launching an ideal real estate application can help your business build an online platform where prospective buyers can readily interact with real estate agents or companies, creating tremendous business opportunities.

Advanced options like virtual tours offer enhanced user experience, bringing in a massive user base for your business. Also, apps like Zillow ensure the entire process is transparent, building trust among users.

Zillow clone app

Why Choose Our Real Estate App Development?

  • Ready-madeThe apps we offer are ready-made solutions pre-packed with all vital features and functionalities that can be instantly customized. Quick deployment is assured!

  • Scale globallyOur Zillow clone can be integrated with multilingual and multi-currency support, allowing you to level up your business on a global scale.

  • SEO friendly solutionWe apprehend the importance of SEO in brand visibility and reach, driving us to build a top-notch real estate app solution that is SEO-optimized to rank on top of search results.

  • Buyer-Agent shiftUsers can readily shift between the buyer and agent profile with the advanced toggling button infused with the application.

  • Dedicated teamAs you get on board with our business, we will form a team that includes UI designers, developers, business analysts, QA engineers, and a project manager, striving to build a high-end application.

  • Free server installationOur team installs the real estate clone script in the server of your choice without charging a single penny.

  • Free app submissionThe fully functional Android app and iOS app are submitted for quick launch on Google Play Store and iOS App Store, respectively.

  • Free app rejection supportBy any means, the submitted app gets rejected by the app stores; we will fix the issue and resubmit the app immediately free of charge.

  • Free technical supportWe offer technical assistance post the app launch free of cost for a limited time to ensure your app is up and running smoothly.

How Much Does The Zillow Clone App Development Cost?

App like Zillow

As of late, real estate applications like Zillow are gaining immense popularity among the buyers as it saves them time and money to a great extent. Building a real estate app specifically for your business or an aggregator marketplace is proven to be profitable, driving you to gain a massive advantage. The first factor you should consider before diving into the real estate app development is its cost. Like every other app development, the cost to build a top-notch real estate app is influenced by several parameters such as:

  • The complexity of the app
  • The platforms to deploy - Android, iOS, or both
  • The feature set and third-party APIs
  • The technology stack deployed
  • The development team size

At Uber Like App, we analyze all these factors and arrive at an exact cost estimate for every project individually. If you wish to get an estimate, feel free to connect with us. We will provide you with the cost needed to build a robust real estate app right away!


A Zillow clone script is a ready-made real estate app script that helps businesses take a plunge into the profitable online real estate market in the shortest time possible. It is pre-laden with all crucial features, similar to the Zillow app. If you wish to join the lucrative online real estate market, our Zillow clone is your ideal option.
Our Zillow clone is a pragmatic solution that lets several users avail the real estate service concurrently. It functions hassle-free with zero downtime.
Definitely. Real estate apps like Zillow are witnessing a significant rise in their sales and revenue due to the rising demand for online real estate services. Entering this segment is sure to earn you a considerable ROI.
Yes. Assisting our clients end-to-end has been our priority ever since our inception. Hence, we help our clients in developing their real estate business idea into a full-fledged business model. All at an unbeatable price!
Reach out to us over email - [email protected] or the chat option available on our website. We will be on standby to provide you with the best possible assistance!