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Zocdoc Clone

Feature Filled Doctor On-Demand App Development

Armed with the latest in application development technology, our Zocdoc clone strives to close the gap between patients and healthcare professionals. With mobile applications taking over business around us, it’s only natural that an industry as vital as healthcare is enabled to the fullest extent by what technology has to offer. Transform your ideas into a mobile app that makes it easy for a health seeker. Our expert developers have extensive experience in creating quality solutions for healthcare institutions around the globe. Our Zocdoc clone script helps doctors, clinics and hospital chains provide robust, hassle free services to their patients. Grow your healthcare business to the next level with this innovative doctor appointment booking app.

Zocdoc Clone Solutions
For The Varying Sections Of The Healthcare Industry


If you’re an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, this Zocdoc clone is a perfect opportunity for you to grow your enterprise. With industry projections indicating steady growth, there has never been a better time to invest in this fledgling sector.



We enable hospitals, clinics, and large hospital chains to improve their operational efficiency, standard of services and grow to the next level with our expertise in healthcare application development.



With our Zocdoc clone, bridge the gap between you and your patients with an innovative, hassle free app with latest features in the market. Built to be highly functional and easy to use, this is an offering that you don’t want to miss out on.

Innovative Solutions Provided By Our Doctor On-Demand App

Digital Prescriptions

Doctors and patients can digitally provide and access prescriptions respectively with complete security and privacy.

Virtual Consultations

The built-in VR (Virtual Reality) Assistance allows the doctor to visit patients virtually through the in-app camera solutions.

Effective Matching

Our Zocdoc clone effectively matches patients with doctors according to their requirements. Patients can search on the basis of doctor’s specialties, their localities, and more.

Electronic Health Records

Patients are allowed a safe and secure manner of preserving their health records electronically to be viewed by healthcare professionals and help in diagnosing.

Telemedicine Services

Eliminate the need for in-person doctor visits with the telemedicine features built in to our application. A safe way for doctors to diagnose and treat their patients remotely.

On-demand Booking

With comprehensive software that updates in real time, customers can view and book doctors depending on their availability easily.

How Zocdoc Clone Script Works?

The workflow of our doctor on demand app is streamlined and is very efficient.

Zocdoc clone app screen
Register / Create profile

Users and doctors are prompted to register in the app to create their own profile.

Zocdoc clone app screen
Doctor’s Availability

Doctors can set the times when they are available for consultations.

Zocdoc clone app screen
Users Information

Users are requested to fill out relevant information such as age, height, gender, weight, etc., which can be displayed to the doctor.

Zocdoc clone app screen
Search for doctors

Users can search for doctors in their locality or according to their specialities.

Zocdoc clone app screen
Doctor’s profile

Users can view the doctor’s profile for more information such as details on their career, achievements, etc.

Zocdoc clone app screen
Book an appointment

Once the users have chosen the doctor that meets their requirements, they can book an appointment in the allotted timings.

Zocdoc clone app screen
Virtual consultation

When it’s time for the appointment, patients can consult with their doctors through video conferencing.

Zocdoc clone app screen
Digital prescription

Post the consultation, the doctor can prescribe the necessary remedies digitally, in a secure and private manner.

Zocdoc clone app screen
Telemedicine services

Depending on the level of features available in your app, users can even order medicine in the app.

Zocdoc clone app screen

Payment is calculated based on the services rendered and users are provided with a multitude of ways to pay including cards, electronic payments, and more.

The Revenue Stream Of a Doctor On-Demand Application

Our Zocdoc clone allows the administrators of the app to earn revenue through multiple different ways.

Commission based

This is the most popular revenue model of a healthcare application. The admins are paid a fixed percentage of the consultation fee paid by users to the doctors. This can be decided by both the admins and the doctors.

Featured listing

Admins can also charge for a featured listing that gives priority to doctors who have availed this service. With numerous doctors competing for the business of the patients, the admins can provide a better incentive with the featured listing and doctors can see more patients.

In app advertisement

Although this might seem out of place for a healthcare app at first sight, In-app advertising is one of the most popular ways in which most applications in the market make their money. By providing a space for other businesses to advertise on your app, you can earn advertising revenue. Everything from healthcare products to services like consultations, therapies, and more can be advertised.

On-Demand Application

What Are The Features Of a Zocdoc Clone App?

We understand the needs of our customers and strive to meet those requirements in the best way possible.

Easy login

Once the registration process is complete, patients can login easily. A hassle free login process is a must in any successful application.

User profile

Patients can set up their user profile very easily, providing necessary information for the doctors for a better service.

Search for doctors

Users can search for doctors either based on their location or their speciality. Search functions are designed to be really simple and quick.

Appointment booking

Patients can book an appointment with the doctor of their choice within the provided time slots.

In-app chat

Patients can contact the doctor and converse with them through the use of in-app chat functions.

In-app payments

Patients can pay the doctors once they’re done with the consultation through a multitude of ways.

Schedule house-call

In cases of situations where a physical visit is needed, patients can schedule a visit from the doctor if they provide this service.


Patients are prompted to provide feedback and ratings based on the service provided.

Doctor profile

Doctors can set up their profile and customize it how they see fit.

Appointment status

Doctors can choose the timings when they are available for consultation.

Accept/reject booking

Doctors have the ability to accept or reject an appointment depending on their schedule.

In-app chat

Doctors can chat with the patients and other healthcare professionals at any time through in-app chat functions.

Digital prescription

Doctors can provide their users with a digital prescription that’s highly secure and confidential.

Social media integration

Doctors can integrate their social media account with the app to extend their reach and grow their business.

Set availability

Availability can be set as per convenience for the doctor

Treatment history

Doctors can view the entire treatment history of any user.

Secure login

Admins can login safely with their credentials to oversee the app.

Manage booking

Admins have the ability to manage bookings and edit them depending on the doctor’s requests.

Manage patients

Admins can see the entire list of patients and can edit them how they see fit.

Manage doctors

Admins can see the complete list of doctors and manage their profiles how they see fit.


Admins are provided detailed reports and other metrics to help them better understand the runnings of their business.

Manage ads

Admins have the ability to manage any ads/listings they wish to display.

Manage commissions

Admins can set the commission rate depending on the agreement between them and the doctors.

Innovative Features Of Our Doctor Appointment Booking App

Real-time notifications

Users can be alerted in real time through the use of push notifications. Details such as appointment reminders, discounts, deals, reminders, and more can be notified.


Admins and health providers are provided with extremely useful analytics that can help boost their operations.

Video calling

Patients can interact with their doctors and vice versa through video calling services. Very useful for consultation purposes.

HIPAA compliant

An important aspect of any healthcare app, our Zocdoc clone is highly HIPAA compliant, following the highest of regulatory standards.

Zocdoc Clone App

Exclusive Benefits Of Our Zocdoc Clone App

User friendly

We designed our Zocdoc clone to be extremely user friendly. With an intuitive user interface that is highly functional, your users will keep coming back for more.

Around the clock

The app is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Patients can log in anytime and avail the service at any time they need.

Data management

With our tie ups to major data providers around the world, we can provide you with the latest data in the industry, enabling you to make informed and accurate decisions.

Easy booking

Patients can easily book the appointments with only one or two taps on the screen.

Our Roadmap To a Perfect Zocdoc Clone App

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We understand that every customer has their own unique needs. We strive to understand these requirements at a deeper level by having an extensive talk with our customers.

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With our extensive experience in developing robust healthcare solutions, we will strategize a well thought plan that will meet the needs of the customer.

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UI Design

As the first part of the development process, we will craft a visually appealing, highly desirable User interface that is easy to navigate and will have your customers coming back for more.

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Back-end development

Simultaneously, we will ensure robust functionality in the back-end design of the application. The data storage solutions are developed with utmost care to meet every requirement.

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Analysis and deployment

Every stage of our app crafting is double checked by our expert testers. All our apps go through an extensive quality assurance process to ensure that they’re ready for launch!

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With the customers of today expecting swift, hassle free solutions for every problem in their life, every business has shifted their focus to a digital based approach to serving their customers. The healthcare industry is no exception to this. With many healthcare providers enabling their customers to consult digitally, it is imperative that your business follows suit to stay successful in this fast changing market.
A Zocdoc clone is a highly functional, and cost-effective solution that can be integrated into your existing business readily. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the traditional on-demand application, this is the way to go!
The development time of the Zocdoc clone depends to a large extent on the features you want included, on how extensive you want the app to be, and the elements to be implemented. To get an accurate estimate of the development time, get in touch with our team and tell us your requirements.
Absolutely! Our Zocdoc clone is made to be highly customizable to fit the ever changing needs of our customers. We will not only customize the app as you see fit, but also give you the codes so you can keep yourself updated and modify the app at any time.
With our extensive experience in this field, we have crafted robust healthcare solutions for some of the biggest names in the market. Not only are we proficient in development but we also have numerous other services that can boost your business including post-development services, maintenance, quality assurance, support services, marketing, and more.

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