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A Powerful Zoom Clone Script

In today’s digital world, it is highly imperative that every enterprise must have the ability to continue working remotely in an efficient and effective manner. This need has been exacerbated by the current COVID-19 outbreak that has rendered normal day-to-day operations of businesses around the world impossible. With authorities around the world enforcing a strict stay at home policy, it has become more important than ever to invest in an app like Zoom that allows users to continue the work from the safety of their homes.

UberLikeApp aims to provide you with a comprehensive Zoom clone application that has all the necessary features at a cost-effective price without losing out on quality. It is built with the latest technology and the needs of our customers in mind; this Zoom clone script is what every company needs for their telecommunications needs.

The Varied Services We Offer With our Zoom Clone

Our Zoom clone software is a comprehensive solution that gives you all the necessary tools you need to succeed.

Zoom Meetings

We offer real-time HD video conferencing capabilities that are unmatched by our competitors. With a lag-free interface, all you need is an internet connection to get started. Our Zoom clone allows instant sharing of content of different mediums, whether that be video, audio, text, multimedia, or more.

HD video conferencing
Zoom Webinars

Zoom Webinars

Our Zoom like app will easily organize webinars with a large number of participants. This is an outstanding educational venue for universities, companies, and others, with the capacity to accommodate up to one hundred members, with thousands of members sitting in on the session.

Conference Rooms

The Zoom clone script, a dedicated corporate program, offers powerful virtual conference rooms that can share several screens and allow users to maximize their true ability. Users will view real-time data, graphics, and everything they might need from a remote location.

conference rooms
Global Phone Services

Global phone services

Our Zoom clone script enables consumers to hold telephone communications of high quality from the far corners of the globe. This is a massive improvement for every company, with the potential to prepare for immediate consumer engagement.

Specialized Video Conference Platform building Capabilities

We are experienced in delivering first-class application development services. We have a team of expert developers, innovative designers, and experienced marketers who are highly equipped to create a successful video conferencing program such as this Zoom clone script. We have extensive knowledge about the industry and know all about creating apps like the Zoom clone for cloud meetings. We ensure excellence in every corner. These systems are designed using cutting-edge technology and enable you to be successful.

With this offering, our customers can carry out their work remotely without missing a beat.

Zoom like app

Advanced Features Of Our Zoom Clone

End-to-end encryption

Ensures a high level of security when it comes to transmitted/shared data of all formats.

Easily scalable

With the ability to implement features on the go, you can scale your business at any time.


Viewers can take notes on presentations, lectures, meetings, etc., with an inbuilt tool.

Report generation

A detailed report of the meeting is generated once the session is over, with helpful data to improve the efficiency of future meetings.

Set virtual backgrounds

Users can change the background of their videos when they attend meetings or webinars.

Q&A sessions

Users can get their queries clarified at a specified time set aside for Q&A by the moderator of the meeting.

Public polls

Hosts can create polls that can be voted on by the other users to gleam insightful data.

Flag For Attention

When users want to get the attention of the host, they can use this tool to do so without disrupting the meeting.

Work Remotely From Home With an App Like Zoom

In today’s technological world, employees are busier than ever. With fast-approaching deadlines, high priority projects, scheduled launches, etc., one needs to have the ability to bring information home with them and be able to access it remotely at a moment’s notice. Although no one wants to take their work home with them, sometimes, it is a necessity to do so.

This Zoom clone makes this process hassle-free. With the ability to connect with your co-workers from anywhere in the world, remotely share files, data metrics, reports, and get in touch with those you need when you need to, this innovative solution makes the task a lot easier and simpler to deal with. It is a streamlined solution for remote work needs and is a must for corporates around the world.

3 Reasons To Use Zoom Clone For Your Business

  • Connect with your staff in the most convenient and efficient way possible. Whether they’re on a different floor or a different country, the Zoom clone facilitates meetings like never before!
  • Work with over 250+ people at the same time. Have a major conference coming up? Need to do a PowerPoint presentation for your investors? The Zoom clone can help you do it with ease!
  • The Zoom clone is an all-in-solution that takes care of all your business needs. With options for live meetings, presentations, conference calls, instant messaging, and more, it can help your business immensely.

Who Can Benefit From Our Zoom Clone?


Our Zoom Clone script is a highly helpful tool that can be utilized by the health industry to close the gap between doctors and patients. In the event of a physical consultation not being possible, innovative features like teleconferencing can be of immense benefit.


Don’t let distance be a hindrance to your financial success. With a Zoom Clone, remote, secure financial data transfer has never been easier! Whether you’re a chartered accountant or finance firm, the Zoom Clone can help you get that much closer to your clients.

Information Technology

When it comes to the IT industry, the Zoom Clone is a one-stop solution that can cater to all the needs of an enterprise. Enable your employees to work remotely, come together on projects, solve problems, and more from anywhere, at any time.


Whether it’s facilitating internal discussions and meetings or staying in touch with the public through remote means, the Zoom Clone is not only helpful to private institutions but the government-run operations, as well!

Educational Institutions

If the COVID-19 lockdown was any indication, the Zoom Clone was a much-needed solution for educational institutions around the world. Empower remote learning capabilities with this forward-thinking offering.

What Does The Zoom Clone Script Package Include?

Our Zoom Clone is an all-inclusive offering that comes with all the tools you need to build a comprehensive solution that can take care of your every need.

Intuitive iOS App

A highly intuitive iOS Zoom Clone app for both users and admins that can be used on all Apple products seamlessly.

User-friendly Android App

An expertly crafted Android app for both admins and users built with the latest technologies in the Android market.

A highly accessible Web Application

Our Zoom Clone comes with an easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing Web Application for both users and admins with all the tools they need.

A featured filled Admin Dashboard

With our feature-filled admin dashboard, admins can oversee operations, get real-time updates, and modify the Zoom Clone in a way that best fits their needs.

Why Choose Us As Your Zoom Clone Developer?

Server Installation

Our job doesn’t end with the development of the application. We will also go above and beyond to install your Zoom clone in the allocated server. You can be up and running in no time at all.

App Submission

Our launching process is highly streamlined and ensures maximum reach. We will upload your apps in all the leading platforms, such as the iOS App store and the android apps Play Store. You will be able to cast a wide net and attract customers from around the globe.

Bug Support

Post-development, you will still need periodic assessments of the application to ensure that it’s running smoothly without any malfunctions and bug-free. We will ensure that this is done at a very nominal cost and have your app running smoothly at all times.

Fast turnaround time

Having your app launch ready as soon as possible is critical in cornering the market. We boast of the fastest turnaround time in the market and make sure your app is good to go in no time at all.

Technical Support

With an experienced technical support team on standby, you can get all your queries and concerns addressed with just a call. Reach out to us, and we will do the rest.

Branded White labeling

To help you grow the brand image of your fledgling enterprise, our whitelabel solutions offer numerous customization options that will help your app stand out from the rest and be truly unique.

Our Streamline Approach To The Perfect Launch

  • Requirement Analysis : We will hear all your ideas and get a clear picture of the app you’re trying to create.

  • Extensive Planning : Once we have an idea of your ideal Zoom clone, we will formulate a plan that can achieve it effectively in a short time.

  • Visual Design : The aesthetics of the app is very important in attracting customers. Will ensure a visually appealing application with great front design.

  • Backend Development : We will ensure our app works just as well as it looks. Our experienced developers will breathe life into your Zoom clone by implementing it with everything you seek.

  • Testing : We run your Zoom clone through a barrage of tests to test it for weak points and ensure its virility.

  • Publishing : Once we get the green light from you, it’s ‘go time!’ With our partnerships and extensive experience, we will ensure a launch that attracts lots of potential customers.

How much does an app like Zoom cost?

When it comes to the cost of the application, there are numerous factors that need to be considered. The price is set depending on your individual needs and can thus vary from customer to customer. We work with customers from all walks of life and have the ability to provide them with quality products no matter where they stand financially. From a minimal approach that is cost-effective to a feature-filled Zoom clone for the biggest names in the industry - we have done it all.

To get an accurate estimate of your very own Zoom clone, tell us your ideas, requirements, and what you’re looking for. Our team will put together an estimate for you that is highly reasonable and is sure to make you happy.


Zoom clone is a cloud-based all-in-one networking and telecommunication system providing video conferencing, messaging services, online meetings, webinars, and more. The Zoom Clone is a highly flexible, cost-effective solution that can be readily incorporated into your company. It offers all of the features at a fraction of the price of the original program.
With businesses increasingly switching to the remote-based work model, investing in a Zoom clone app will help you streamline your business practices and continue your operations efficiently from anywhere, at any time. This allows workers to remain in touch and to relay information at a breakneck pace. This is a perfect solution for today’s digitized world.
We, at UberLikeApp, believe user-friendliness is the number one priority of every application development process. Our UI ensures that your users can install and use the application in the most comfortable, easy, and effective manner possible. They can have the application set up and running in no time at all.
Development processes can differ from customer to customer depending on the level of functionality they are looking for and the features. We're proud to have a really fast turnaround time, and you can count on getting the app ready to launch sooner than later. To get a specific timeline estimate, please contact our team, and they'll be happy to help you out.
Yes! The Zoom clone script is highly customizable. We ensure that every product of ours is unique in its own right and consider your ideas when developing the app to build an app that is unique to your vision and sensibilities.
We have been creating quality solutions for our customers all around the world for quite some time now. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to build a robust application that can perform at a high level. With a dedicated team for development, marketing, maintenance, and support, you’d be hard-pressed to find a company that does all that we can.

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